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  1. It mightn't mean much to you guy's living in Cebu and elsewhere, but if you are visiting or looking around the site on holidays the streets have mostly been converted to one way direction. And it does seem to be working. But it will take a while for it to sink in as I am still getting caught turning into a one way street the wrong way. The main problem I have there is no parking areas as of yet. The large trucks only ply the roads at night now and it will be much more relief when the business with bodegas in the city have 2 years to buy land move outside the city limit.............I don't know what to do to fix Cebu traffic..............boy that is hell driving there unfortunately. The little village is improving The new city traffic experiment is working well! One may call Dumaguete as “one-way city” but the people and motorists alike are appreciative of the new traffic scheme because it appears to be working. Vehicle flow is now smooth. Traffic is still there but being caught in a jam is presently a rare occurrence. At the duration of this traffic experiment, there may be lots of one-way streets but traffic is flowing smoothly. Nobody is crossing your line and it covers all types of vehicles alike —- no discrimination — except of course the big cargo vans which are to ply the road at night only. One way streets are for every car, van, bus, tricycle, and motorbike. One thing, Mr Mayor, please tell your City Engineer to clear the road from construction materials after 5pm. Better yet, ask your job orders to do road repairs and construction work from 9pm to 5am only. We expect there will be minor adjustments and fine tuning, but, none the less, traffic flow has greatly improved. Major thanks to our City Council committees and the traffic management office. Lest our enforcers forget, we still have to open new frontiers in the nearby barangays. We have to look ten to twenty years ahead which means that the diversion roads, as such, must now be six lanes at the very least. All shoulder roads must now be expanded. We look for ten-meter wide roads from the center. Look at Kabankalan! -Sponsored- We also laud the highway patrol team for apprehending hundreds of noisy motorcycles. Now the streets of Dumaguete are getting the feel of the lost tranquility except for some mischievous violators who simply want to get away and play games with our authorities. Their days are now numbered. Soon, noisy mufflers will be a thing of the past. Sponsor
  2. I don't know about this new train line. I took the train from Berlin in 1992 to Moscow. departing Alexanderplatz station Berlin. Passed thru Warsaw Poland. We we crossed the border into Russia we had to change to a different gauge line. Nobody is allowed off the train the doors are locked and a military guard stands by the door. Check passports and it took 4 hours I think................every carriage is unhooked and moved into this huge shed the carriage is lifted in the air about 1-5 meters and the boogie is remove and the new gauge boogie is moved into place. All this takes place while you are in the carriage. When we arrive in Moscow what a shock to me, I was travelling alone not with a tourist guided tour. Scared shit yes. I had a lonely planet book stayed a week in Moscow and then booked a ticket on the Transsiberian train to Irkutsk Siberia. Went to lake baikal world's largest freshwater lake. And there is a factor at one end of the lake polluting the water. The train goes thru 800 stations and stops at 100 of them which you can get off at various cities to Vladivostok. I changed at Irkutsk to the Trans-Mongolia passed tru Ulan bator amazing city then stopped at the border with China 6 hours this time kicked off the train and the military goes thru the carriage and your belongings. Once we got going we passed thru no man's land about 10 km then told us we could go to the dinning carriage. Thank god chinese food noodles, rice, stir fried vegetables etc. I didn't eat on the Trans-Siberian, for 4 days I didn't eat I went to the dining car looked at the menu when I asked number 5 or number 11 or number 25 on the menu card was told no sir don;t have what do you have........" language beef " what the f$$k is that...............tongue beef in this big greasy pot with potatoes. When I left Moscow I bought German rye dark bread and I had my trustee jar of vegemite and some mars bars. If a Qantas plane had landed in the plains of Siberia.............stick it up your ass I am out of here. It was an adventure. There is only 1 line back then and in bad condition. You could hear along the carriages in front of you bang bang as the height of the rail did not or were not level some so the carriage smashed into the on coming rail and you would get thrown into the bunk wall........with vodka washing down the carriage isl . Does it take tourist this one did I here it is quite good these days but for me never again
  3. Now that's how I am going to get to Manila on my next trip Amazing
  4. Dangers of riding Jeepneys 3 die, 36 hurt in Kalinga jeepney crash 1 SHARES Share it! Published March 12, 2017, 12:05 AM By Aaron B. Recuenco Three people died while at least 36 others were injured when the passenger jeepney they were riding in crashed into a big rock along the road in Tabuk City, Kalinga, yesterday morning. Chief Inspector Carlonla Lacuata, spokesman of the Cordillera Administrative Region police, said the passengers sustained either fatal or serious injuries when the vehicle overturned after the crash. She said the driver of the vehicle was identified as a certain Ramos Mayao-Mayao. “Reportedly, he was driving along a descending road when the accident occurred,” said Lacuata, adding that the incident occurred at around 10 a.m. in Sitio Makakabbet in Barangay Kudal. “Some of the passengers were pinned when the jeepney overturned,” she added. Lacauta said the driver of the jeepney told the investigators that he lost control of the steering wheel, which led to the accident. The regional police, however, could not yet provide the names of the victims. But Lacuata said at least 36 passengers were taken to the nearby hospital. The driver is now under the custody of the police and is set to be slapped with criminal charges. Road accidents are common in the Philippines with police records showed an average of 1,200 deaths every year. The usual causes of the accident are bad overtaking, overspeeding, and mechanical failure. In the provinces, scenarios of overloaded public utility vehicles are common. Tags: 3 die 36 hurt in Kalinga jeepney crash, Aaron B. Recuenco, crash, Manila Bulletin, mb.com.ph, passenger jeepney, Tabuk City Kalinga
  5. Yeah we do the same thing Paul.................but its too a new maid. The boss puts a 500 peso note into my shorts pocket and tosses it in the washing basket..........when the shorts come back we check the pockets. If she gives us the 500 note back she's hired and keeps the note...............if she doesn't the boss has a little chat girl to girl chat.............next
  6. Lee its not going to effect me.........I give up smoking 14 Nov 2015 cold turkey. I just woke up and told my partner I am no going to have a cigarette anymore and that was that. I still cough in the mornings but according to the Quakes that is your lungs still sweep them clean of all the tar damage and it will occur for up to 2 years after stopping. But I can tell you one thing when I have to go up 3 to 4 levels of a building using the stairs boy I just fly up them and don't have to be put on oxygen when I get to the top. I do think its a good thing how the police this is another question tho
  7. Unfortunately a good American friend of mine died here in Dgte October 2015. He did have a will drawn up.........thank god and made me the executor to his will. It is a long process and we complete all the details last October 2016 one week short of a year. He died of cancer to the liver and in a lot of pain as your can not get pain relief in the Silliman Hospital here like we can in the west. I knew the anesthesiologist here and persuade the Good Doc to prescribe strong dosages of Morphine so he could die with some dignity. With just a saline drip and basically no food he fought it out for 3 weeks. The hospital, the banks, and attorneys will except his finger prints while he is still alive to pay the hospital bill, close bank accounts, transfer the cars in to other persons name etc Correct get as many true copies of his death certificate as you can. If the persons wishes is to be cremated cost 45,000 php and the body must be cremated within 24 hours otherwise the body must be embalmed first. Ashes sent to Miami International Airport for pick up cost 35,000 the container must be wood, stone or metal. You must advertise his death 3 times in the local newspaper. I notified the American Embassy. You must obtain probate from the court here and supply a infantry to the Judge where all the assets went too As the assets ran up to 1.3 million US dollars. And all was left to his helper and wife. He had no children siblings or wife. The Judge here made me testify before him under oath why he left over 60 million pesos to this couple.............Long story. but all good. He had nearly 2 million in the states.retired sea captain. Now the biggest problem was getting all the paperwork required for the Philippine Retirement Authority in Makati Manila SRRVisa because he had 20,000 US dollars locked up in their BDO account in Manila. And the worst thing is I had to go to Manila in person to claim that deposited money. Quit claim forms passport.probate from the court death certificate etc etc etc. I took the 7 am flight out of Dgte and the 3 pm flight home here. The best place in Manila is the departure area of the airport terminal. If you do take on somebodies executor to their will don't think as a big chore..........be honored take your time you are doing a great friend last wishes. I hope this helps anybody doing the same thing. Its a great place
  8. Happy New Year every one from crowded Dumaguete
  9. This was sent to us from the Aussie Embassy Consular Manila <consular.manila@dfat.gov.au> Today at 13:42 To , Greatplace Message body On 3 November, the US Government warned that terrorists are planning to conduct kidnappings in areas frequented by foreigners on the southern part of Cebu Island, specifically the areas around Dalaguete and Santander (including Sumilon Island). The level of advice has not changed. We continue to advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in the Philippines overall. Higher levels apply in some parts of the country. For a full text of the revised advice, please refer to: http://www.smartraveller.gov.au For more information, please read the full travel advice/bulletin on the Smartraveller website You have received this message from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade because you registered your travel plans and contact details with Smartraveller. To receive email notifications every time the travel advice for this country is updated,subscribe at smartraveller.gov.au. Website: smartraveller.gov.au Facebook: facebook.com/smartraveller.gov.au Twitter: twitter.com/smartraveller
  10. Try Matiao trucking door to door
  11. If this guy is found guilty he is in big shit 69 cases Monday, September 12, 2016 By ALWEN SALIRING Peter Gerard Scully during his arraignment last year at the Regional Trial Court Branch 37, Cagayan de Oro City. (SunStar File Photo) THE counsel of accused Australian pedophile Peter Gerard Scully said they have not received a copy from the Department of Justice (DOJ) indicting his client for 69 criminal cases but said his client is "ready and waiting" for the trial to begin. Lawyer Adonis Gumahad learned that Scully has been charged for 8 counts of qualified trafficking in persons, 2 counts of rape by sexual intercourse, 6 counts of rape by sexual assault, 9 counts of child abuse, 25 counts of photo and video voyeurism, 4 counts of child p*ornography, 5 counts of syndicated child p*ornography, and 5 counts of indecent and obscene shows and publications. “The DOJ has to furnish us with the official copy before we can assess our next legal action,” Gumahad said. Gumahad, however, said that Scully became his client only this year that he could not elaborate the status of the case handled by the DOJ. "During that time pag file and pag-process sa DOJ dili ako ang naghawid, 2016 na ko naghawid sa kaso and I don't know kung naka-file ang kanhi abogado ni Scully og counter before," Gumahad said. Gumahad is currently handling Scully's cases specifically on trafficking in persons and the 6 counts of rape by sexual assault filed by two minors in the city. Gumahad said the first presentation of the prosecution's witnesses is initially scheduled on September 20. The DOJ is expected to file the charges to courts in the areas where the crime had been committed. "DOJ Manila man nag handle they will file it sa mga korte kung asa na-commit ang crime mostly ana nga mga kaso is sa CDO (Cagayan de Oro) ang area except atong sa Surigao nga namatay ang biktima." A native of Melbourne, Australia, Scully arrived in the Philippines in 2011 where he sets up a cybersex trade, filming minors from impoverished families. Authorities arrested Scully in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon by virtue of six arrest warrants issued by a local Regional Trial Court in February 2015 in connection to the sexual and physical abuse allegedly committed in Apovel Subdivision in Barangay Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City. Scully has been detained at the Cagayan de Oro City Jail since 2015.
  12. Yeah I know what you mean............all the shit and crap in Cebu and the Clean fresh air and water in Dumaguete and little pollution. You finally got something right for once about bloody time
  13. They never learn (The Freeman) - June 13, 2016 - 12:00am CEBU, Philippines - Three Singaporean nationals who were arrested in Cebu South Bus Terminal earlier this month in company with a minor not related to them are now facing criminal charges before the trial court. The Cebu City Prosecutor's Office found sufficient ground to charge Tham Keng Wun, 53, Tan Lai Huat, 58, and Lim Choo Yeong, 54, for violation of Section 10(b) of Republic Act 7610 or the Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act." The law punishes anyone who keeps or has in his company a minor in any public or private place, hotel, motel, beer joint, discotheque, cabaret, pension house, sauna or massage parlor, beach and/or other tourist resort or similar places. If found guilty, the perpetrator may face 12 years of imprisonment and a fine of not less than P50,000. The law is not applicable to cases where the minor is related to the person within the fourth degree of consanguinity or affinity "or any bond recognized by law, local custom and tradition or acts in the performance of a social, moral or legal duty." The three foreigners were onboard a Ceres bus when they were arrested by the police. The arrest came on the heels of the report of the Department of Justice's Inter-Agency Council Against Human Trafficking personnel. The personnel (name withheld for security) was conducting a roving around the South Bus terminal when he noticed three girls who were busy choosing sunglasses at a store inside the terminal, one of whom, he said, appeared to be minor. The girls were accompanied by two foreigners. When the personnel asked the minor for her age, it was her 21-year-old companion who answered that she was already 19. Amid conversation, one of the foreigners suddenly grabbed the minor and immediately proceeded to the bus bound for Bato via Barili. Initial investigation confirmed that one of the girls was indeed minor. During the interview with the Department of Social Welfare and Development Office Crisis Intervention Unit, it was found out that the minor is a victim of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. The foreigners are now currently detained. — Michael Vencynth H. Braga/NSA - See more at: http://beta.philstar.com/freeman/cebu-news/2016/06/13/1592797/3-singaporeans-caught-with-minor-charged-in-court#sthash.5b9LIO4B.dpuf
  14. If you have to level the floors as you go by mixing 1 bag of cement to 2 bags of adhesive.............it also brings down the cost. I have never had a problem with the tiles lifting