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  1. You are dead right it really is blatantly obvious That Da Nang is a superior place to visit and live. The cleanliness of the city compared to anywhere in PI is what got us. Unfortunately we only spent a few days there and spent most of our time in this area at Hoi An...........nice but too small and touristic for us. The food was incredibly good if you into asian food in Da Nang.........but I am not going to give up my 13 Quota visa in a S.E Asian PI country and go and live there for good. For sure I would never be granted another visa like that. If we can arrange it we will try 7 months here in the little village and 5 months renting in Da Nang. I just had a $ucken guts full of roosters, barking sick rabies dogs and shit heads blasting their crap boom boom boom from cars to the wee hours of the morning. Not such a great place at the moment.
  2. As my partner and I are really thinking of having a place of our own in Da Nang Vietnam. I was not aware a foreigner can now own land in Vietnam. Maybe Paul or Kenny can set some light on this being in that neck of the woods. I would have to see this law in legal writing if that is the case. The article below does state "foreigners and overseas Vietnamese owing residential property" Number of foreigners owning residential properties rises DA NANG Today Published: April 18, 2017 According to a spokesperson for the Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, the city has seen a significant increase in the number of foreigners and overseas Vietnamese owning residential property since the new Law on Residential Housing officially took effect on 1 July 2015. Last year, a total of 24 foreigners and overseas Vietnamese were granted land and house ownership certificates by the municipal authorities. In the first 3 months of this year alone, 9 foreigners or overseas Vietnamese bought land lots, beach villas and apartments in the city. Most of them were from the USA.
  3. Thanks guys I will add it to my long shopping list for my next trip too Cebu
  4. Can you buy Self Raising flour and Vanilla Extract because you can't get it here?????????????
  5. I have to agree regarding the Stanford Hill View Hotel we stayed there and its was a nice clean hotel........walking distance to the night markets.............Opposite the Hotel is an Irish bar which sells pints of Guinness from the keg my favorite
  6. I highly recommend a Rav4............Its a good size vehicle for me and my partner as she drives as well. Not so heavy on the fuel also.
  7. Absolutely Brilliant............that's what a forum is all about
  8. I bought my lastest car in Cebu.........Rav 4 from a car yard in Mandaue. They advertised their cars online. They had all the paper work done as well as the Deed of Sale and they had the vehicle transferred into my name done with the LTO later. I caught the early Cereres liner to Cebu with 75% of the asking price in a Managers Cheque. Then I tried to beat them down to as close as I could to that amount..........the balance I paid in cash. Had no problems what so ever all good.........That was 4 years ago. But it took 3 to 4 months shopping around for the right one to pop up.............This was a Gaisano family member vehicle it had only done 39,700 kms. It had all the bells and whistles done like tinted windows etc. I asked why are they selling its looks brand new. The dealer said "they always sell their cars just before they reach 40,000 km as that's when the vehicle is due to its 1st full Toyota service". what did they trade in for........the latest Rav4 with all the bells and whistles. Since then I have done 3,000 km in 4 years
  9. The better half here informed us there are reports they are heading down to Dumaguete. whether its true or not I don't know. I will probable have a beer at home tonight.
  10. Its on the radio here in Dgte the police are advising all visitors staying at the resorts in Siquijor Island to stay inside the resorts and the resort managers to increase security and patrols. Looks like something is up
  11. Lee this was only land no house and not even fenced but surveyed to correct maker pegs. My Atty told me do nothing to the lot until the case is over........I don't see any difference to property settlement in my old western country. If I married a white honky (heaven forbid) back there and she was a housewife while I am looking after putting a roof over our heads and putting food on the table she gets 50% of the property settlement in a divorce. I don't know the laws of Europe or the Americas but the property settlements of my two countries are similar except land ownership
  12. Boy oh Boy I am not going back thru the archives to find a post I posted years ago. I won a court case against my ex wife here in the Hall of Justice. YES I won the case over a parcel of land. Basically I had all the receipts stating that I paid for the land out of my own funds, no joint account, she was not working or contributing to funds towards the purchase of the land that was put into her name. So the Judge here said to the court in her final statement. .........You have proven without doubt you provided 100% of the monies to purchase the land. And then the lady Judge stated Mr XXXXXXX you were married at the time you are entitled to 50 % conjugal monies used to purchased the land............not the value of the land as of today. That is the same as most countries around the world. Except in Aus the wife gets 60% the man 40% generally. As she did not have that sort of money hanging out of her back pocket the Judge told us and our Attorney's to meet in her Chambers. Where we worked out a deal she signed a new Deed of Sale into a New Filipino's citizen name and the Judge asked if If we could trust this Filipino this time and the Judge signed off on the case. The land is now Titled in my current partner's name as I mentioned earlier in this thread. That's where we reside now.............So if you are married you don't own the land but you do under the Law here own 50% of the monies used to purchase the land. If a foreigner says if your marriage fails here you loose everything Bull Shit......but it took 2.5 years in Court time.
  13. My partner has the Title of the land that we or she owns in her name ( She has granted me a 25 yr lease on the land with another 25yrs if needed ) and I have the ownership of buildings with Occupancy certificates and Tax Declaration in my name. I also have a undated Deed of Sale drawn up selling the buildings back to her before I turn 67 The aussie chaps will know why
  14. It mightn't mean much to you guy's living in Cebu and elsewhere, but if you are visiting or looking around the site on holidays the streets have mostly been converted to one way direction. And it does seem to be working. But it will take a while for it to sink in as I am still getting caught turning into a one way street the wrong way. The main problem I have there is no parking areas as of yet. The large trucks only ply the roads at night now and it will be much more relief when the business with bodegas in the city have 2 years to buy land move outside the city limit.............I don't know what to do to fix Cebu traffic..............boy that is hell driving there unfortunately. The little village is improving The new city traffic experiment is working well! One may call Dumaguete as “one-way city” but the people and motorists alike are appreciative of the new traffic scheme because it appears to be working. Vehicle flow is now smooth. Traffic is still there but being caught in a jam is presently a rare occurrence. At the duration of this traffic experiment, there may be lots of one-way streets but traffic is flowing smoothly. Nobody is crossing your line and it covers all types of vehicles alike —- no discrimination — except of course the big cargo vans which are to ply the road at night only. One way streets are for every car, van, bus, tricycle, and motorbike. One thing, Mr Mayor, please tell your City Engineer to clear the road from construction materials after 5pm. Better yet, ask your job orders to do road repairs and construction work from 9pm to 5am only. We expect there will be minor adjustments and fine tuning, but, none the less, traffic flow has greatly improved. Major thanks to our City Council committees and the traffic management office. Lest our enforcers forget, we still have to open new frontiers in the nearby barangays. We have to look ten to twenty years ahead which means that the diversion roads, as such, must now be six lanes at the very least. All shoulder roads must now be expanded. We look for ten-meter wide roads from the center. Look at Kabankalan! -Sponsored- We also laud the highway patrol team for apprehending hundreds of noisy motorcycles. Now the streets of Dumaguete are getting the feel of the lost tranquility except for some mischievous violators who simply want to get away and play games with our authorities. Their days are now numbered. Soon, noisy mufflers will be a thing of the past. Sponsor
  15. I don't know about this new train line. I took the train from Berlin in 1992 to Moscow. departing Alexanderplatz station Berlin. Passed thru Warsaw Poland. We we crossed the border into Russia we had to change to a different gauge line. Nobody is allowed off the train the doors are locked and a military guard stands by the door. Check passports and it took 4 hours I think................every carriage is unhooked and moved into this huge shed the carriage is lifted in the air about 1-5 meters and the boogie is remove and the new gauge boogie is moved into place. All this takes place while you are in the carriage. When we arrive in Moscow what a shock to me, I was travelling alone not with a tourist guided tour. Scared shit yes. I had a lonely planet book stayed a week in Moscow and then booked a ticket on the Transsiberian train to Irkutsk Siberia. Went to lake baikal world's largest freshwater lake. And there is a factor at one end of the lake polluting the water. The train goes thru 800 stations and stops at 100 of them which you can get off at various cities to Vladivostok. I changed at Irkutsk to the Trans-Mongolia passed tru Ulan bator amazing city then stopped at the border with China 6 hours this time kicked off the train and the military goes thru the carriage and your belongings. Once we got going we passed thru no man's land about 10 km then told us we could go to the dinning carriage. Thank god chinese food noodles, rice, stir fried vegetables etc. I didn't eat on the Trans-Siberian, for 4 days I didn't eat I went to the dining car looked at the menu when I asked number 5 or number 11 or number 25 on the menu card was told no sir don;t have what do you have........" language beef " what the f$$k is that...............tongue beef in this big greasy pot with potatoes. When I left Moscow I bought German rye dark bread and I had my trustee jar of vegemite and some mars bars. If a Qantas plane had landed in the plains of Siberia.............stick it up your ass I am out of here. It was an adventure. There is only 1 line back then and in bad condition. You could hear along the carriages in front of you bang bang as the height of the rail did not or were not level some so the carriage smashed into the on coming rail and you would get thrown into the bunk wall........with vodka washing down the carriage isl . Does it take tourist this one did I here it is quite good these days but for me never again