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  1. No mate you don't have to go back they will courier the new one in 3 weeks ..........they just want to make sure it really is who it is really is.
  2. This is the full price of a renewal the overseas lodgment $103 is included in the 14,023 peso. I haven't been back to Australia in 12 years now. I don't qualify for the old age pension for another 8 years. I can't see any way out of not going to Manila urrrrrrrrrrr Passports (Total Fee - already includes the overseas surcharge listed below) 10 year validity passport (for persons aged 18 and over) 380.00 14,023.00
  3. My Aussie passport expires February next year 2018...........I have just been on their Embassy website and it states that all applications for a passport or renewals must have a face to face interview in Manila. PASSPORTS If your passport had been lost/stolen, please call the Consular Section on +632 7578100 or send an email to consular.manila@dfat.gov.au Appointments are required for all Passport Applications. All passport applications/renewals will require a face to face interview with the applicant (16 years and over), with the exception of minors (below 16). A parent or a person with parental responsibility must lodge on behalf of minors. For children ages 16 and 17, the child and at least one parent are required to attend the interview. All passport applications/renewals lodged overseas will be charged an additional ‘Overseas Application Fee’ of $103.00 for adults (including senior citizens) and $52.00 for minors (below 18). Since when did they change from sending your old passport to the Embassy via courier service????????????? That's what I did last time So airfares to Manila and return..............say 6.000 peso Taxi 750 peso Application fee 14,023 peso Hotel one night food and beer 4,000 peso So to renew its going to cost around 25K to have one shit night in Manila just to get a new passport. Please tell me I have got it all wrong..............
  4. I agree any landing you walk away from is a good landing
  5. Book me in for this option
  6. Your right on Monsoon that is exactly what I did way over a decade ago was to apply and be granted a Quota visa. All in all it cost at the time not much over 100,000 php back in 2006 including medical, airfares and accommodation in Manila. Some guys here in Dgte say I was mad paying that amount of money. Yeah really...........I pay 310 php per year and not much over 5,000 php every 5 years. So who is laughing now. I am not married. If I had stayed as a tourist my visa payments would be about 22,000 php per year. The last I heard the asking price for a Quota visa was 250,000 or about 10 years paying the tourist visa. This doesn't apply to married guys who on balikbayan visas. The best visa going around at the time.........Imagine trying to buy a permanent resident visa in Western country.............your would be shown the front door
  7. I forgot to mention if you are on this SRRV and you unfortunately pass away here in the Philippines like my neighbor did it will take you over 11 months to gather all the paper work required to release the $20,000 US from the PRA.
  8. More Chinese retire in the Philippines Wednesday, June 14, 2017 By JEANDIE O. GALOLO Ads by Kiosked Home. Many Chinese now consider the Philippines as their retirement home ,according to the Philippine Retirement Agency. (SunStar File) CHINESE nationals topped the Philippine Retirement Agency’s (PRA) list of foreign retirees in the Philippines. The agency’s data show that there are 17,768 Chinese retirees in the country from 1985 to October 2016, accounting for 34 percent of the total foreign retirees. Within the 31-year period, 49,711 foreign retirees registered with the PRA. After Chinese nationals from mainland China, Koreans followed with 10,384 retirees (21 percent); Taiwanese with 4,524 (nine percent); Indian retirees, 3,991 (eight percent) and Japanese retirees with 3,442 (seven percent). For 30 years now, PRA registered a total of 49,711 foreign retirees, according to PRA Cebu officer-in-charge Elma Corbeta. Americans, Chinese from Hong Kong, British, Germans, and Australians made it to PRA’s top 10 retirees. ‘Best place to retire’ According to Corbeta, PRA classifies principal retirees as those 35 years old and above who are legal residents of foreign countries. Forty percent of foreign retirees in the Philippines are 50 to 64 years old. “The Philippines is now becoming a top global retirement destination. In 2017, it became 19th among the world’s best places to retire, according to International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index,” said Corbeta. PRA-registered retirees can live and stay in the Philippines through the Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV). The government offers four SRRV options to foreign retirees, namely the SRRV Smile where visaholders are required to maintain their visa deposit of $20,000 in any of the PRA-designated banks; and SRRV Classic with options to use their visa deposit to purchase condominium units or use for long-term lease of house and lot. There is also the SRRV Courtesy for balikbayan Filipinos and foreign nationals who have served in the Philippines as diplomats, ambassadors, officers/staff of international organizations, with lower visa deposit of $1,500. For ailing principal retirees, PRA offers SRRV Human Touch. Under this option, the retiree only needs to have a visa deposit of $10,000, a monthly pension of at least $1,500 and a health insurance policy.Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/business/2017/06/14/more-chinese-retire-philippines-547456
  9. Yes my partner here is spewing as her account shows 0 at the moment and so does all of her friends in Manila.
  10. My Filipina partner her name is Sheila...........its its quite come as a Filipina first name. When I introduce her to other aussies most say fair dinkum is that your real name.
  11. I would be trying every Dim Sum House in Hong Kong before I went back to tucking into BALUT GINAMOS & BULAD
  12. On 9 May 2017 the US Embassy in Manila issued a security alert advising that it has received credible information that terrorist groups may be planning to conduct kidnapping operations targeting foreign nationals in the areas of Palawan Province, Philippines, to include Puerto Princesa City, and the areas surrounding Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. Avoid large crowds and gatherings and remain vigilant. The level of this advice has not changed. We continue to advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in the Philippines overall. Higher levels apply in some parts of the country. For a full text of the revised advice, please refer to: smartraveller.gov.au For more information, please read the full travel advice/bulletin on the Smartraveller website You have received this message from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade because you registered your travel plans and contact details with Smartraveller. To receive email notifications every time the travel advice for this country is updated,subscribe at smartraveller.gov.au.
  13. Yep I got it wrong.................the sales agent for Marina Spatial Township has informed me the under ground parking is 700,000 php not 750,000 and you can only buy one per unit. And don't shoot the messenger.........if that's what they are flogging well that's what it is. I couldn't give a rats ass I'm not buying
  14. It sure is Headshot it will be time to sell up when its finished and head to the hills for some peace and quiet at last when I am in my final years.