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  1. Davao City to issue guidelines for tourists, businessmen Saturday, May 27, 2017 By KARINA V. CANEDO DAVAO City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is set to release next week separate guidelines to be followed by tourists and businesses in the city within the period of implementation of the Mindanao-wide martial law. Duterte-Carpio said she discussed the issuances to the office in charge of City Tourism office and the city is set to release next week. "Last night we are talking about the 30 things that tourists do in Davao City and the 30 things that business to do in Davao City," she said. Hours after the declaration of martial law, Duterte-Carpio issued 30 guidelines for Dabawenyos in the implementation of Martial Law in Mindanao. As to the effect of the martial law to businesses, Duterte-Carpio said that they could not check the effect yet because the implementation is in its fourth day on Friday, May 26. She added that the tourists are still welcome in the city and they will make sure that they will craft guidelines that can be followed by the tourists. Duterte-Carpio said the cancellation of flights to Davao City is also something that is beyond their control. "Ang pag-declare sa (The declaration of) martial law was a call of our president, what he thinks is needed right now in Mindanao. What we need to do is lessen the impact of the situation sa atoang (to our) tourism and business sectors)," she said. (KVC) Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/local-news/2017/05/27/davao-city-issue-guidelines-tourists-businessmen-544188 Follow us: @sunstaronline on Twitter | SunStar Philippines on Facebook
  2. I am going to post anything relevant that comes up here in Davao . Davao is very important in the scheme of things since President Duterte ruled here for a very long time. During that time he learned to coexist with the NPA- something which is no longer happening. Davao City gears up vs CPP-NPA Saturday, May 27, 2017 By KARINA V. CANEDO DAVAO City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said the city is preparing for its army troops after the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) called its armed wing, New People’s Army (NPA), to conduct more offensives as their way of denouncing the martial law. Duterte-Carpio said the preparations for the possible offensives were discussed during the City Peace and Order Council meeting on Friday, May 26. “Nangandam ang duha ka battalion, 3rd IB (Infantry Battalion) and 16th IB sa kaning ilang threats sa atoang security diri sa siyudad sa Davao (Two battalions, 3rd IB and 16th IB, is now preparing with these security threats in the city),” she said. Duterte-Carpio recently reacted to the accusation of the CPP-NPA that the city arbitrarily arrested 300 people. Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/local-news/2017/05/27/davao-city-gears-vs-cpp-npa-544189 Follow us: @sunstaronline on Twitter | SunStar Philippines on Facebook
  3. I am posting 2 photos of life last night in the Philippines. One is what the world believes the situation was like . One is what my reality was.
  4. No crime recorded in Davao after martial law declaration Thursday, May 25, 2017 By KARINA V. CANEDO THE Davao City Police Office (DCPO) recorded zero crime rate in the city on Thursday, May 25, a day after the declaration of martial law in Mindanao on Tuesday evening. DCPO spokesperson Teresita Gaspan, in an interview after the I-Speak media forum, said they received zero crime reports from all police stations within the city as of 8 a.m. Thursday. “Negative (from Police Station 1 up to Police Station 12, we have not recorded any incidents until now (Thursday morning),” she said. She said having such record is a good external motivation since it is indicator that many people followed the law. “Peaceful bisan ang dalan (Even the roads are peaceful),” she said. Gaspan added that police operations like Oplan Double Barrel and Oplan Galugad are in place. “We also have round-the-clock inspections in many areas within the city. We also conduct thorough inspections to the motorists,” she said. A “hold and secure” method was enforced in the city since Wednesday dawn, May 24. Through this order, a much stricter checkpoint operations were conducted in many areas within Davao city. Meanwhile, Police Regional Office in Davao Region Director Manuel Gaerlan said he is hopeful that the trend will continue. Public Safety and Security Command Center chief Benito De Leon mentioned in the same media forum that the declaration of the martial law is a welcome development contrary to the claims of "abuses" that can be done to civilians, it makes the area more secure. De Leon said that citizens can immediately report any abuses done to them.Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/local-news/2017/05/26/no-crime-recorded-davao-after-martial-law-declaration-543974Follow us: @sunstaronline on Twitter | SunStar Philippines on Facebook
  5. Well I'm not losing any sleep over anything happening right now . You highlighted the word " wanted" and also that I said " never seen them" but then seemingly ignored those words . Is it your contention that there are in fact WANTED terrorists walking around Davao- and that I HAVE SEEN THEM ? Because that is what I said that I havent seen . I went out for supper downtown tonight. That is about a 30 minute drive through the city for me. Number of panicked people I saw ? None. Number of people i saw looking for shelter? None. Number of road blocks I saw ? None. Number of army people I saw? None. But, as is always the case, the Marco Polo Hotel is the most heavily guarded place in Davao . More than the international airport, more than the government buildings, more than the court house. Nobody gets into the Marco Polo without a body search [ and not one of those cursory things like in the malls], a full car search, a full body metal detection , and a dog in attendance. I half expected to hear the snap of a rubber glove !! hehe
  6. wrong end !
  7. My pants are not down and my buckle and belt are not off and my fly is not undone. RFulmer Surfacing PC Faggotts since 97
  8. Well i was out driving around yesterday and also today. And will go out tonight also . I have not seen one scared local, have not heard of one scared local , and there is no notice on any media re scared locals. I have not heard of a single person seeking refuge. Mayor Duterte yesterday warned people to not congregate or go to crowded places- today she rescinded that warning. When we were driving around yesterday I did remark to my wife that there was much less traffic than usual .
  9. I live in Mindanao. I am not the slightest bit concerned at this time. I have never seen a wanted terrorist roaming around. They tend not to last too long here in Davao City . Yes- I am aware that Abu Sayaf targeted and captured a couple of Canadians an hour from my house that they eventually beheaded. And yes- twice people that owed me money here have threatened my life . But I have been to Detroit and I would rather face the risks here than in a lot of Detroit . Am I in Dreamland ? I dont think so .
  10. You have presented just enough information to allow for a large amount of replies on many areas. Perhaps it would be best to keep it simple and look at common issues that might be suspect in your car. Do you have any "Idiot Lights", dash lights like the little red battery lamp lit? Any sort of dash alarm lamps lit? These are clues as to what might be at fault and are important for identifying problems on the car. 1. The battery cables and their condition should be carefully inspected and corrosion at the terminals could cause this problem. If corrosion is not evident, there may be a loose connection at one of the cable ends. This problem has all the scent of a "Loose Ground" and power to all the systems would be affected. I would carefully inspect the ground cable where it is connected to the motor block. Perhaps the cable is flexed when the motor and transmission engage, the motor motion may be causing the primary ground connection to make and break. You might try starting the car and jiggling the ground wire to see if you can duplicate the failure. Visual inspection of the cables at both ends should be a "First Step" in verifying you have good connections. Stay clear of the radiator fan should it power up while you are near it. 2. If one of your harnesses has a short in it, one of your fuses should have blown and a visual inspection of them would be in order. If one of the wires in the harnesses is "Open" and you are losing power or ground, your life just got complicated. 3. You might try opening the "Power Distribution" box in the engine area, the one on the driver's side wheel well and removing and replacing the fusible links and relays, one at at a time and plugging them back in. This action may help in ensuring a good electrical contact by scuffing the pins. Just a thought here. The possibilities are endless, however, if you are lucky and keep it simple, you may locate your intermittent power drop. If you have a volt-ohm meter, you might measure the voltage at the battery with the motor off and then monitor it while running to see if it is stable or fluctuates. If your charging system is working properly, you should see roughly 14 +/- .5 volts at the battery. You might have lost the alternator, that is why you should check the voltage across the battery. You might go to another source and get a "Second Opinion" on this too. Best of luck chasing this one. http://www.hyundai-forums.com/sm-2001-2006-santa-fe/312537-charging-system.html
  11. When i look at the top of this page where is an ad for sending load
  12. Velez: What Lola's story tells us about ourselves Tuesday, May 23, 2017 By TYRONE VELEZ FIL-CHOY INCREDIBLE how a deceased Filipino-American journalist's memoir of how his family kept a yaya as a "modern slave" for 50 years stirred a social media storm of praises, accusations, and reflections. The article, "My Family's Slave", written by the late Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Alex Tizon, tells the story of his family's caretaker Eudocia Tomas Polido or Lola, who at age 18 was sent to Alex's family as a gift and joined them in migrating to Seattle. Told from Alex's perspective, his view of Lola changed from innocence as a child to a bitter awareness later on that his family kept Lola like a slave for not paying for her labor and being reprimanded for the slightest mistakes. Lola later aged and lived past Alex's parents, and Alex took over as Lola's "master". He tried to make amends by telling her to stop doing house chores but Lola continued to do so. He gives her a chance to go back to her hometown in Tarlac, but Lola still flies back. Lola is pictured as someone who has learned to live and accept a life of pain and servitude with the Tizons until her death. On the first read, I was pained by the story of Lola. The words and memories make you feel such. How Lola slept in a pile of laundry, how Lola lost her teeth without seeing a dentist, how Lola gets scolded but still prepares the food for the family. Memoirs like this open the deep scars of a family secret and guilt. But what makes Alex's story a debatable one is how such "slave-like" conditions exist. Those who rage against Alex cry for blood, especially Western readers who are appalled by the word "slave" on the title. It is not enough, though, that defenders of Alex's story say there is a cultural difference between the East and the West. That the condition of Lola exists in a migrant Filipino family's life tells of problems not just about the writer's family, but also of society in America and in the Philippines in how they look at caretakers and the Filipino family. Yayas, or caretakers, have been part of the Filipino family, instilled in the Spanish colonization and such feudal remnant of servitude and class continues during the US colonization up to today's age of globalization. And in today's reality of migration, most Filipinos end up working as caretakers in other countries. Theirs is a story of pain for leaving their own families to serve others. Theirs is a story of hope that their sacrifice will uplift their families out of poverty. But there is no happy ending for all. At worse, some OFWs working as caretakers end up coming home in a casket. Plantation workers also work like slaves to make oligarchs rich. Such realities are often not seen, or if we do, it is seen as a reality that is okay. But Alex's story of Lola opens our eyes to see that this is a troubled reality. Alex's story may be filled with gaps as friends and fellow columnists pointed out. How he romanticizes seeing the beauty in the rural village of Lola's in Tarlac, but not see the feudal poverty typical in the rural areas. One wonders how Alex's ability as a journalist failed to draw insight on the deeper social dynamics of migrant families burdened with work and the problems of migrant workers. But maybe we expect much from a memoir. In the end, we have to appreciate Alex's words for the truth. It makes us weep, it makes us talk and feel that there is a need to unshackle the many forms of slavery existing in our midst. (tyvelez@gmail.com)Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/opinion/2017/05/23/velez-what-lolas-story-tells-us-about-ourselves-543487Follow us: @sunstaronline on Twitter | SunStar Philippines on Facebook
  13. Making politically motivated comments when under martial law might not be the best time
  14. Do you make them climb all the way down the rope or just to the pool ? [ I assume you dont make them climb back up the rope ? ]
  15. Secret !!!!