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  1. as a fan whom never missed a episode i would hope it ends in 2018. It starts up again in october and will then pause in dec and start again in feb 2018. By then ricks tv son will be about 6 feet tall and have a beard. Feck Fear TWD.
  2. Keeping up with the Joneses was terrible I'd rather watch Gilligan's Island reruns. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  3. jerry jones is fricking with romo , he wont cut him loose yet knowing that they arnt gonna keep him but he doesnt want the Texans to grab him because then there will be a power struggle in texas over whom the fans will pay attention to. A team that now has the fan favorite romo in the texans or a 2nd year qb who may flop with the cowboys. Jerry dont want to lose ticket sales to the texans if they do good and cowboys suck.
  4. i file a state also as i have many investments and still use my fathers usa mailing address.
  5. just did taxes yesterday on turbo tax, been using them since 2010. Did state and federal, cost me $91.00. I have stocks and bonds, i am not selling or doing trading just recieve dividends and interest payments which put me into the Premier turbotax category.
  6. I never pet any cats, never again.From personal experience back in the 90s in the usa las vegas i petted an indoor outdoor cat and it scratched me. No big deal untill 2 days later my lymphatic vein got infected and swelled up like a red trail it went from my foot to the inside of my groin and froze my ability to bend my leg as if my vein tured into ice. After getting antibiotics pills and shots in ass in wont go away and i was unable to work. Drs did mri, ultrasound thinking blood clot and still no solution. Finally did a super duper blood test and sent me to a blood doctor whom deals in complex dieseases, he was an older 60ish chineese man and he looked at my leg and then looked into a small handheld book and says awwww you have worm and i says what and he says you have a cat and i say yeah roomate does and he says you have cat scratch fever and cats have nasty disease stuff on their nails and you got infected. 2 week later i was healed by taking his special pills..
  7. where are the guards gonna smoke?
  8. i do believe in taking viatims such as i take c and d and folic acid. I also know that your tendons and muscles will retract in all parts of your body if you dont use them, stretch them, get the blood flowing to them. The worst thing is these people whom slouch over all day looking at their facebook with rounded shoulders and neck down which is just plain bad as natural position for shoulders is pulled back and shoulders down. I seen so many lazy ass panays whom just lay down or bury their face in there phone living the good life. When i was dating i asked the girls i they would like to go for a walk but all said lets just take a jeep, WTF hahaha.
  9. i didnt know you were giving it 2 months to decide weather to stay or not. I would give it more like 6 months to a year. I personally dont like the place and tired of all the dog shit on the sidewalks and cockroaches on the store shelves and on and on. Shadow will be hearing from me hopefully this year or early next year as i am planning my financials and exit stradgety now on bringing the wife back to the usa, she deserves better and a chance to see the usa in a camper as that is my plan to do alot of traveling. Good luck on whatever you decide.
  10. get off of facebook, get the phone removed from your ear, get your ass of the couch and do some exercise other than walking say swimming, yoga, stretch out your muscles that have all retracted over non-use. Everyone thinks there is a magic pill for laziness.
  11. cockroaches are never gone they are in hiding somewhere else just within reach. Anthony Bourdaine on his tv show says he absolutely thinks msg is good for the foods he eats and doesnt mind it as others protest it. It adds the flavor alot of foods are missing he says.
  12. do you have an exit plan for say medical emergencies.
  13. i suggest watching the reality show Alaska Bush People because they are very real and live off the land.
  14. Judge Judy is not a real judge she is an arbitrator on the show that's all. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk