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  1. BE READY TO DIE!’ | Sacked Maasin cops may be deployed to Marawi – ‘Bato’ BY RESEL JOY TIANERO http://www.panaynews.net/be-ready-to-die-sacked-maasin-cops-may-be-deployed-to-marawi-bato/ Saturday, June 24, 2017 Share this:
  2. https://www.dentaldepartures.com/dentists/philippines/crowns/
  3. i fired my financial advisor 4 years ago as he treated my dads money as a way for him to make commissions. My dad is 84 and does not know shit about stocks, annuities..........then my dad brought me to meet this guy and i hooked up with his firm and after a few years it went to shit as we started having conflicts of interest on what he was doing with my dads money by sticking him in a 10 year variabe annuity and couldnt explain how it resets the caps and does it pay out the dividends it makes and we had a blowout at the restaurant we were meeting at. The advisor was about 60yrs old and was shaking uncontrollably as i had him so upset. After my dads other investments expired with him dad pulled his money out from his firm and i did the same. I now use vanguard and i am my own broker, no more lies from brokers mouth, no more 4% fees to get into certain fund groups. I do my own research and am doing just fine without brokers help. I am making money on dividends and the funds have also increased and am aware i will lose principle when the market goes bad but i am in for the long haul and it will be my wifes when i die for her to manage it. I dont look at it or watch it, its there and i dont even want to know how its doing as its diversified and doing as the market does as long as the dividends show up in my bank i am satisified. Vanguard is so easy to set up, connecting your bank or banks to it to supply funds is the only part that takes time which is around 5 days for the bank to verify itself with vanguard. If you dont know a thing about the market vanguard probably isnt for you as some knowledge is needed to read the prospectus and understand how it pays out dividends and such. Fees are very cheap and listed per fund.
  4. well sh/t, thanks for the update.
  5. can shadow or someone with more knowledge about this article please elaborate, thankyou. http://tv-bbc.com/ky-philippines-favored-in-trumps-immigration-war-as-he-approves-30-days-visa-free-travel-policy/
  6. calf cramps, hammys are super painfull. Back in my gold mining days in the sierras in california after a hike up into the mountains in super hot weather back packing mining gear I had to ration my water.That night at or should say 2 AM in the morning in my cabin i rented both legs in the calf cramped and it was so painfull i rolled out of bed onto the floor and tried to straighten my legs and couldnt and i couldnt get up off the floor and laid there withering in pain for 20 minutes. After it subsided the leg muscles were sore for days. To make matters worse after the trip when i got back to san francisco i realized i now had a bad case of poison oak from hiking through the brush. The things i did for gold, never got rich but lots of great memories good and bad.
  7. sulfer soap will dry out your crotch and that may lead to more problems. The skin surrounding your scrotom is very thin and sensative, it is some of the thinnest skin on your body and it needs to retain moisture to stay healthy. I had jock itch so i thought but after going to a dermatoligest in the usa i find out it was psorisas. Clobestonal proportionate 0.2% i think it was would clear up the symtems but you should use it for 2 weeks and lay off it as it thins the skin by drawing the blood vessels to the surface and can cause unrepairable damage. I also bought some soap that was to dry out the skin and was told by Dr to never use that soap, that you want to keep your groin moisturized as drying it out may cause itching and make it worse. I finally got rid of my psoriases by using a 0.1% steroid gel and now that its gone i was left with a red groin with skin chaffing so i now take Aloe lotion and rub it into my groin in the morning after shower and same at nite and redness gone and smooth as silk. One other thing, i quit shaving my scrotum as the hairs would grow back the stubble would rub like sand paper on my groin and caused problems also tight underwear surrounding my srcotum when walking caused chaffing so i took a scissors and modified my wears by trimming the sides so no more tight rubbing and still have enough material to hold my scrotom and dipstick in place.
  8. You must be very confused after reading all these Solutions best thing for you to do is don't experiment and waste all kinds of pesos go to a certified dermatologist and have her tell you what you need to start off with. Stay away from the dermatologist that have their own storefronts is they will try to sell you expensive creams, go to the hospital and see the dermatologist that works there. You might have psoriasis which is common in the groin area and tough to get rid of anywhere on the body. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  9. the closer points to me are the worst, i have specific areas i use in south america which are much faster and i have pure vpn and using it for over 12 months.
  10. glad everything worked out for you with the ph doctor, getting the tendon sewn back onto the bone is a long recovery.
  11. what kind of shoulder procedure did you have?
  12. what you posted, from what i read and what my 3 surgeons told me.If you really want to learn all about the complicated shoulder joint you need to spend alot of time on research and watch youtube videos and listen to surgeons giving speaches to classes with pics he shows of real tears taken with a scope during surgery. Alot of members on here probably dont know why their shoulders hurt and think its a huge muscle holding the arm in place where in fact its 4 muscles with attached tendons keeping it in place. You may have a spur whch is rubbing on your supraspinatus tendon whenever you lift your shoulder, a damaged bursa it can be so many things even bursitas aka arthritas. Swimming is great for exercise but very bad on shouders so i have backed way off on my swimming to prevent further damage.
  13. there are 4 rotator cuff tendons that hold your shoulder into the glenoid aka socket. Tears of the tendon do not heal, they stay torn, unless its torn in half or off the bone then surgery is needed to sew it back on. Every living person in the world age 50 and older has some type of cuff tear. Rest is required to let the swelling go down also a cortisone shot can be applied but the dr better know exactly where to place it or it is useless. After a period of rest you need to go to therapy and lern how to strengthen the surrounding muscles to keep your shoulder in place. A torn labrum can be a SLAP tear, aka [surerior labrum anterior posterior] which is when the bicepts tendon which is connected to the top of labrum pulls the labrum cartlidge away from the bone, to fix this the dr will cut the bicepts tendon and let it retract into the arm, this is done only if rehab cant fix the problem or pain is really bad. A bankhardt lesion tear is on the backside of labrum,again with age a high percentage of people have these tears but can live with them if treated properly with therapy and rest. An AC joint which is the easiest to fix with surgery is your collar bone end rubbing against your shoulder blade which has a bone that comes up to form a joint that often wears out the cartlidge between them and the dr will remove some bone from each end and then scar tissue forms to replce the cartlidge. When you get an mri, unless they do a separate contrast dye injection which is done in another room where they inject dye with a big fricken needle right into the joint whie watching it on a live x-ray the dye make its way into your labrum you will not get a good mri picture of all that is wrong with your shoulder as a torn labrum and slap tear are very hard to detect with just a plain mri with no contrast injection. The contrast injection cost damn near as much as the mri in the usa. I know a bit about shoulders as i have had 3 shoulder surgeries, 1 on my left and 2 on my right and all that i explained above i have gone through but for the SLAP tear i decide to try rehab for my tear as i didnt want to lose any strength in my bicepts and have my bicepts atrophy. I am doing fine with my slap tear and workout with strength training to make surrounding muscles stronger whih is working for me. On another note i wouldnt let a ph dr repair my shoulder and i wouldnt even trust the radiooligist whom reads the mri to have read it properly.
  14. I first moved to the ph in 2009, after living in florida, las vegas and san francisco. I had mold problems in san fran from all the cool weather days and rainy weather and then the one wall which probably leaked on the insde would mold along with the shower as the air in san fran is so cool.. Las vegas never had mold due to desert enviroment and florida i dont remember seeing mold but sure it was around maybe behind the walls. When i got to the ph and stayed in a long stay hotel that had no window to the outside world my spare leather wallet got moldy,the closet doors were moldy, my hand washed shirts were moldy and i got sick from what i guess was the mold so i moved out right away. I now live with the windows open blowing in warm air and dont use air con during the day.
  15. to each his own, i dont plan on living there but i will believe what most whom live there are saying and not just a 2 week tourist. When i read all about the ph on what a shithole it was i felt that it best i make my own judgement and the posters were correct in yes the ph is a shithole and yes i live in this shithole to be with my wife and will be working with shadow later in the year to start process of getting wife visa for usa and then go live in titusville fl.