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  1. Pleased the trip went OK for you. 1500 piso, and the drop off at your destination is a good price. I have not taken the Ocean Jet Poro, Cebu, Poro, as most times I take the pick up. So that has to be via Consuelo, Danao. That is a big problem with Jomalia, not being able to book a ticket, I have had problems several times. Although the wife has been able to get us onboard many times when they have been full, I don't know if anyone was kicked off for our place onboard, but the PCC were there every time. The Jomalia company owns Mangodlong resort so they always have preference on the ferry. They also run a few bus sevices Tudella, San Fran, Consuelo, Danao, Cebu City. I have no idea how or where to get tickets or the price for that trip, nor does the wife. But they also have preference on the ferry. I have to say, Jomalia is a very poorly run company, we have had several scary trips with them, and it is always a problem to find out if they are running, if there are places onboard etc, very much a lottery with them. The big problem is they have the monopoly here. I have seen another small roro ferry at Poro, its been there for some time now. I dont know if that will be starting up a regular run soon, its not Super Shuttle, although there is a poster stating they will be running from there sometime soon. I tend to think that Jomalia have shut out any other company from Danao and Consuelo. Anyway, hpoe you enjoyed your stay on Camotes Islands.
  2. You should be able to get a tricycle or multicab package outside the gate at Poro. Be aware lots of roadworks from Poro to San Fran across the causway, much of the road has been ripped up and with the rain it is a quagmire, I would recommend the multicab for the trip if its raining or has been recently.
  3. Here on Pacijan Camotes in the Santiago area, apparently only 2 persons handed themselves in several months ago, questions were asked etc, and the local police went around knocking on doors. A few weeks after that the wife was in Santiago and said that there were local police and Cebu police and a huge crowd all being registered. Just the other day, the local police arrived around our area and picked up specific persons and took them off to San Fran. The wife was told that the Barangay Captain has a comprehensive list of persons, supposedly involved in drugs one way or the other. I was quite surprised that a number of persons that we know are on the list. They certainly are working to get things done here. I also heard that the 4 police chiefs on the islands have been relieved of their posts and replaced supposedly because they had done little to clean the place up.
  4. Here on Camotes, we have been using rain water exclusivly since July this year. Showers, washing, laundry, cooking, drinking etc etc. I do settle it through 5 200 litre drums, then transfer to a 300 litre drum to settle further before pumping up to a 1500 litre tank for general use. I dose each batch with chlorine at the rate of 5ml per 100 litres, also I use ground Moringa seed to clarify and help sterilise each batch. We have had no illness or any other health problems. I dont drink it unless it has been boiled and has tea or coffee in it, but I do brush my teeth using it staight from the tank. The lad I have living here running our tricycle, and doing odd jobs around the place, drinks it all the time and says its the best water. He has not had any health problems at all. I have a 36sqmt roof area for collection, that I do keep clean, it is painted with white roof paint and is not subject to any over hanging trees etc. I clean the bottom of the tanks about every 3 to 6 months, depending on how much sediment is building up.
  5. As far as I know, the Oceanjet ferry to Poro is only doing two return runs daily now, the early one and the late one. The middle one has apparently been dropped for the time being.
  6. I have been on Camotes for some time now. I use Globe tattoo for my internet and globe cellphone. Internet is not the best anywhere on the islands, cellphone coverage similar. Recently, the power supply has improved somewhat, only blacking out a few times a week, previously, power was going off up to ten times a day. Water supply is a big problem in many areas here, we have not had water for more than a year now. When I cant collect rainwater I have to drive several miles to fill up containers with water from a private deepwell. As was mentioned, not much happens here, mostly quiet and peaceful, except of course for the kareoke, cockerells and barking dogs. The roads are a bit of a mess right now as road repairs have been ongoing for the last year, worst is from Conseulo to San Fran and from halfway across the causway to Poro town. Beware of punctures. There are a few places to stay, I have never stayed in any of them but have visited some for meals. The main ones are, Mangodlong, Santiago beach and garden resort, my little island hotel. I heard a new one recently opened at esparanza, not heard anything else about it though. There is one ATM on the islands at Poro, it is always a bit of a lottery as it is often offline, broken or has no money. Having said all that, Camotes is a pleasant place and well worth a visit.
  7. That is exactly how it all started here in Santiago on Camotes, a few weeks of that, then nothing. No warnings, no heads up, no information. When asked if it will be back on, "Don't know sir".That was over 6 months ago. They have said they want to dig a resovoir, no works have started anywhere, and it begs the question, "OK, and where is the water going to come from to fill this resovoir"? I will not be holding my breath, as I realy don't expect anything to be happening here for at least a year or 3. I am the same age as you river rat, and this, along with the 5 / 6 blackouts every day is begining to P*** me off.
  8. Here in Santiago on Camotes Islands, we have not had water since September last year! No one has any idea if it will ever be sorted out. We have to drive several miles to fill up 30 litre containers, To add insult to injury, the power here goes off 4 or 5 times a day sometimes for several hours, so if we arrive to fill up and the power goes off a long wait has to be endured, P.I.T.A
  9. Nangulo, Many thanks for the information, I did think that was the case, however, after reading a lot on the BI web site, I was confused due to conflicting statements, and nothing to say definitively what the requirements are for the Balikbayan Privilege.
  10. Good day all. I am at present in Philippines on the Balikbayan Privilege, I arrived in March 2015. I know I have to renew this as it is valid for 1 year. I have arranged return flights for my wife and I to Hong Kong on the Balikbayan Privilege anniversary, with a 3 day stay in Hong Kong. I have spent hours looking through the BI web site trying to establish the requirements, I have to say I am now somewhat confused. Does anyone know if I am required to apply for and ACR-I, and do I need to get an ECC. I have to say that I have completed all the necessary paperwork for an ACR-I and 13 (A) visa, however, as I have many airmiles, I managed to get 2 Business Class return flights Cebu to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific for 60,000 miles and £30, I just felt, it would be an easier option to do this than the 13(a) visa and ACR-I, Also nice for the wife and I to have a short break in Hong Kong and to see the wife's sister who is working there. Any assistance or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  11. I only have 6 x 200 litre drums that fill from the house roof, I also have several 200 litre drums placed in various places to collect from some of the other building roofs. It is very rarely that we get any of these full to the top, so I dont think at this stage greater capacity would increase quantity by much. I am planning to build another largish extension to this extension (demolish and replace the old house) that would give me a much larger collection area.(8m x 12m). Like you, I think I am becoming somewhat paranoid about the water supply, so, I have thought about including/building a very large concrete tank under the new extension when it is built, say 6m x 10m x 2m. That would have the capacity to hold 120 cubic metres, whether we would get enough rain to fill it is anyones guess.
  12. Here in Santiago on Camotes, we have not had water in the pipes for months, back in September it was on for a couple of hours one night, flow was minimal, only managed to get about 100/150 litres. We have to drive 36 kilometres round trip to our other place to collect water, sometimes we can find someone enroute who is selling water, normally 2 to 3 peso to fill up a 25 litre drum, I have 35 drums in the pick up, the flow is very low so this can take 3 or 4 hours just to fill the drums.On top of that it usually takes 2 hours travel time round trip, then when we get back I have to tranfer the water to the tank, so the whole water run game can end up consuming 8 hours of the day. What a pain in the a**e. We do collect rain water, however, as Fordtech noted, there has been very little rain here, so that has not been a great help. On the other hand, the electicity supply has improved hugely, some days we dont get a black out now! Previously, 3 to 5 times a day, sometimes up to 10 blackouts a day, every single day.
  13. Thanks for a very informative thread Bill. I just wanted to add something to the power/transmision side. You mention that largely the bancas here use truck transmisions, that is very true. However, the problems with this application of a truck transmision is that these transmisions are not designed to take the liniar thrust generated by the propeller pushing the boat forward, they do a thrust bearing but this is in no way man enough take heavy long run thrust coming from the prop shaft. In my experience, the gear box heats up very quickly, on a longer run, you must stop and allow things to cool down. Inevitably, the gearbox fails due to the basic thust bearing failing, which, in turn causes significant damage to the gear train and gearbox. This is obviously more of a problem for the higher powered boats. I had a 60 foot banca for several years. It had a 120hp engine coupled to a truck transmision, if I was going on a longer run I had to slow down and sometimes even stop for a while to allow things to cool down in the gearbox, eventually the gearbox failed having to be replaced. Sadly, I no longer have the boat due to extensive damage from Yolanda. I hope this info is of some use to anyone who may have or is considering buying a boat with such a set up.
  14. A few years ago I had all my teeth removed, replaced with titanium implants and ceramic dentures.I have a total of 17 implants. This I had done in Thailand for a total cost of around £14,000 at the exchange rates at that time. I was still working at that time so was traveling all the time back and forth, I was living in Thailand at that time. It took in total about one year to complete. I have to say, it was a very painful year and a struggle to maintain work commitments as well as undergo dental treatment, however, I do not regret getting the work done. I have lifetime dental care with the dentist who carried out the work, free of charge. This does pose a problem right now as I have moved permanently to Philippines. I have made a few inquiries about implant care here in Cebu, but have not yet found a dentist who would do it. Maybe a holiday once a year in Thailand is on the cards.