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  1. My wife is doing sort of the same thing. She has a Bachelor's degree from a Philippine college and needs to get one of these analysis companies to certify which (if any) courses are transferable to the US. The Philippine college has to send the transcripts directly to them. The local state college gave us a list of 20 companies that do this. SpanTran is one. If you don't mind me asking, how did you decide on them and were they ok?
  2. When I used to jog every day I was running at a track in Marikina where they played the Philippine Anthem every day at 8am. I always stopped and stood respectfully while most of the Filipinos went about their everyday routine of jogging, talking, etc. I believe in showing respect to their flag and anthem. But when they stop everything at 12 noon to pray "Our Father" over the loudspeaker I keep about my business.
  3. Just watched "The Limehouse Golem", murder mystery set in 19th century London. Liked it; good acting, especially Nighy.
  4. Pizza in Cebu

    Hot dogs on pizza, good lord. What's next, pineapple? I lived in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn for about 10 years so I know the real thing but I was ok with Yellow Cab.
  5. Small town outside Cebu

    I was thinking he could put down in the middle of Fuente Cir and haul a$$ across the street to CHH. Be an interesting trip if you survived.
  6. Small town outside Cebu

    I had a bad experience with every single dept there when our child had a UTI in 2013. It was night, I was tired and stressed and I transposed the month/day birth date on the admission form. There was no instruction for format and the way I had it is also widely accepted. The next day they told me (very gravely) they couldn't process any insurance claim because the date was wrong. I told them to change it and they said it was "already in the system". To change it I needed to provide the original BC, a sworn and notarized affidavit attesting to the true date, and I need to submit a letter to the Medical Director explaining the mistake. I've never been so po'ed in my life. Aside from that it was a clusterf$%^ from the ER to night nurses. They were so short we couldn't get any help at all. During the day they seemed to be ok. The food was the best I've ever seen in any hospital, I give them high marks for that. I was there a few other times for dr visits but that was the only admission. We all have different experiences.
  7. Small town outside Cebu

    If it's a French guy it has to be the guy who was looking to rent our house when we left, maybe did, idk. He said he worked for a "helicopter flying company", I can't imagine there are many foreigners doing that down there. I don't think any of the hospitals in Cebu have helipads though, do they?
  8. Small town outside Cebu

    I’m not very familiar with the area north of Cebu City but I lived in Argao (2 hours or so south) for 5 years so have a good understanding of south. From Cebu City thru Carcar it’s all pretty much 3rd world urban sprawl. I wouldn’t consider living anywhere there, including Carcar. Once you get south of Carcar it’s a different world, things are slower and much less traffic. When I was looking for a “permanent” place to live I looked at Carcar, quickly gave that up, and kept looking south past Sibogna to Argao. Someone else mentioned Dalaguete, that’s similar. Past that there isn’t much until you get to the Oslob Whale shark thing. For shopping Carcar has 3 supermarkets (as of a year ago), not great but adequate. The highway connecting Cebu City and Carcar is a mess, the road-widening project was halted due to endless debates over trees and I don’t know current status but it seems it will go on forever. If you have a serious medical emergency down there you are in deep shit. I don’t consider South Gen in north Naga a good hospital at all and it was, give or take, an hour & 20 min from Argao, maybe a little faster with screaming lights and sirens but not much. You’re better off going the extra 30 min or so to one of the hospitals mentioned in CC. But if it’s serious enough you probably won’t make it anyway. There is (or was) a pretty good private clinic, Pantinople, in Argao run by a Filipino Dr who worked in Europe for a long time. She’s good but it’s not always open. She was talking about giving it up last I was there over a year ago. I wouldn’t take a dog to the public hospital there.
  9. What are the hours of the USA consulate in Cebu?

    Looks like things have gone way downhill since John left. Too bad.
  10. Try reading a little slower, haha. I'm not asking for anything.
  11. I was wondering how long it would take one of the regs to post the "you can't do that" with the ubiquitous copy/paste. At least you guys are predictable.
  12. Make sure you have plenty of medical insurance.
  13. When I lived in the Phils, mostly Argao, I kept to myself like a lot of you. Didn’t really avoid foreigners but didn’t go out of my way to meet any. Lived a block and a half from the well-known foreigner bar there and never went once. No reason really, just never had a reason to and there were other things going on. I went to other ones though not a lot. I kept a cordial relationship with the neighbors, nothing more. Helped a few when they really needed it. I can say that every single local that I knew to any extent except one, a p/t driver, asked to borrow money. They always paid it back but I didn’t like being asked so I guess that limited my grooving with the locals. I didn’t get murdered but came damn close to eternity on the roads more than a few times.
  14. Filipino Bashing

    Agreed, especially the last bit. You only got 2 "likes" so you must not be "long-time, well-respected". Welcome to the club!