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  1. Dumbed Down Quick Summation As of July 1, 2017 for expats: 1) You can't beat the new rate of p17K no matter what you think. 2) "Z" package is no longer included. "Z" package named to symbolize the alphabet with Z being the most catastrophic illness on a scale of A to Z. Think: Heart Surgery.
  2. One of the dentists recommended starting with a "C" here did not respond for four days to my email...off my list. Another doctor, Dr. Chu, sent me this (reply more focused on implant not crowns): Dental implant cost P75,000 per tooth and requires 2 stage surgery. Second surgery appointment is after 2-3 months. Healing abutment is placed after 1-2 weeks. The crown is placed 1-2 weeks after to complete the treatment. Down payment of P40,000 is paid during the 1st surgery. P15,000 is paid on the 2nd surgery, and the remaining P20,000 upon crown placement. We also have DIO NAVI which is a fully digital dental implant system. On the 1st appointment, we do CT scans and intraoral scans. 2nd appointment is 1-2 weeks after which includes 1st stage surgery with temporary crown. 3rd appointment is 2-3 months after for the implant abutment and final crown. Dio Navi requires less appointments and shorter overall treatment time. Since it is fully digital, there is less chance for failure or errors. CBCT scan and intraoral scan creates a 3D image where we can have a surgical guide made using 3D printer. Customized abutment and final porcelain crown is also made based from these scans. No impression taking needed and the fit is precise. Dio Navi cost P90,000 per implant. Down payment of P40,000 is paid during 1st appointment. P25,000 is paid on the 2nd appointment, and the remaining P25,000 is paid upon treatment completion or placement of the crown. Contacting Dr. Sucalit next. Just trying to return some information, considering I got a lot of referrals.
  3. I was just shooting for referrals with the overarching theme Green Apple was expensive. I thought it would be too tedious to explain it all. 70-90K was a bridge. But I also got a similar quote for seperate procedure for three replacement crowns @ 70K. I was not clear with my initial post.
  4. I was inspired by a recent dental post to ask crown specific question: I use Green Apple for basic to moderate procedures. Problem is they are quoting P70-90K for crowns. They seem very clean, use an autoclave, etc. I'm trying to get a clean modern office but stay under P70K. I know these procedures are like an art form and a good dentist and lab materials really matter- just curious if any insight is available. Unfortunately at P70-90K I have no choice but to price shop a bit. I might need more then one. (I originally thought I found a place for P33K, I tested them with a P500 cleaning first. Decided against them.) Thanks.
  5. This subject comes up constantly for a good reason. I am understanding, it's a developing country. Enjoyable place to be overall. If they weren't a mess a taxi would not be $2 and a haircut $1. But no coffee at 7:30am at a Jolibee or no change at Western Union? It is so bad I think they must like living that way. Abject disfunction. ( most other ways very nice people, nicer then home)
  6. This thread is going to be a gem.
  7. Lots of upgrades (not posted here) just added. P1.6M. Many nicer homes posted on the forums but not decent quality at this price point. We are selling at our convenience and can wait years, if we absolutely have to. Non-negotiable, cash, no brokers. PM only, please.
  8. Philippines Maritime legacy has such an outstanding safety reputation I'd wait for the facts to pass judgement.
  9. U.S. I believe it...yet when I first came here I was guaranteed the most overweight person on a jeepney. Now the beasts are turning out here too. More every year. I'm sure mine isn't a lone observation. When I watch 1960's era U.S TV programing maybe one person in ten (?) was overweight. People where considered standout fat who where 10 kg larger then thin. Could be wrong but that's what I seem to notice.
  10. https://www.tabacalera.com.ph/ Everything in context, right? For the Philippines these are a somewhat fine cigar and and the price is very fair. Think that should hit your stated sweet spot. Fuma in Ayala, and elsewhere, sell them in three packs. That's a nice number for a casual user. Coronas about P400 for 3 pack.
  11. I am a grand total of $7 USD above the minimum balance on two native accounts. That reflects my risk tolerance for banks here. It was $14 USD but I cut it in half when I saw the typewriters.
  12. He clearly also means also only purchase things on the card costing exact multiples of 3000, 5000, 10000.
  13. I have an inexpensive house listed right here on the forums. Best advice I ever took when I first came here was about not getting in too deep. Thanks to you guys I went cheap. I think I am seeking the lower element of humanity at this point! Asking me to let them lie about the sale price so they could victimize the buyer and pocket the extra money. Wanting me to say appliances where not included so they could pocket them. People posing as buyers then adding 300K to the sale price and trying to sell it- I guess we the owners don't get a say in that?! Dirt poor locals demanding 5% if they want me have them as a "broker". The local hot dog monger that got dressed up, including makeup, and pretended to be a buyer. She asked for a P200K discount for cash, then admitted, it was so she could proceed to try and sell it at the non-discounted price. <<<<hot gog lady wants P200K>>>> Somebody heard the house was for sale and dropped by requesting a P14k "loan". A woman that had just gone door to door with her kitchen table on her back trying to pawn it (not joking) refused P20K commission, offer. Why not she was going door to door anyway? She refused. P20K too low. We don't have to sell it so treating the sale as a Felini movie.
  14. The people here are very passive and don't complain. I was queued in as #54 in line at a bank here. I walked out. The locals stay, willing to wait half a day to do what takes me 5 minutes in the U.S. I withdrew everything but P3000 via ATM's after that, which is the minimum requred balance. Also bailed on the USD account. Withdrew all but minimum required of $100. The best bank here is stuck in 1995. Poor banking protection, everything appears weighed to being the ultimate responsibility of the account holder even as a victim of a crime. Forget zero liability. Also, I think the brightest minds flee the country leaving a vaccuum when there is a complex issue to resolve. Also, they are not transparent with the public, in this case indicating somebody "touched something" they shouldn't have was such an incredible vague response it was surreal.
  15. Whatever do you mean? The bank provided a full and complete explanation: "Someone must have touched something,”