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  1. I have renewed the initial 30 day visa within one week after arrival with not a hint of a problem. Also renewed the six month one with over a month left on it. BI JMall.
  2. I like pink slime. (For a brief shining moment I guess I went off topic.)
  3. Then you couldn't afford it.
  4. Every tip for today including coffee waitress, restaurant waitress, favorite hubal2 drivers, uber drivers, etc., etc, was...P8, P8, P, 20, P20, P20, P50. This was a rare full day out, lots of services. Context: Poor people, small kindness, try it someday might make you miserable bastards feel better. Never know. You can do it! The issue is not right or wrong it is trying to justify being cheap...that is worth a mention. I totally agree it is a personal decision. Totally cool with that aspect.
  5. Some people are miserable and bitter so they reflect it by having strong feelings about tipping. Others make valid points about negatively changing the culture. I tip conservatively (P20-100 +_). Others that don't tip, good for them. Different styles. No problemo!
  6. The times it works BPI has online appointments. It puts you with the premium teller, even if you have a regular acount. You give them an online reason from a limited amount of choices and they (amazingly) give you an exact time to transact. Once you actually get your appointment they completely ignore whatever reason you originally used. You go to BPI online. You don't need a premium account. You can put for reason: deposit P10000. When you get there you can make any transaction. The original reason is only to get the online appointment function to work. Now the issue of reliabilty is a different subject. Online appointments lock up and freeze, etc. I guess some of the website talent flees the country for a better wage (another subject). Last time the line was 54 people and I bypassed it the line by an online appointment time. Worth a try. At least they are trying to catch up with modern banking, net positive. Even if it only helps a few people worth the fyi. You can fill out paperwork faster that way. Edit: sp
  7. Personal experience: "L" Watch for obsolete, discontinued or products considered defective. I don't now how they get the stuff but they do. A toy that rec'd complaints about catching fire was discontinued and a new model replaced it in the U.S. The model I got was the fire hazzard one. The only reason I found out was the item was imported and branded yet 50% off. When I got curious I found heating up and smoldering caused a redesign. Wild guess is they are supposed to be destroyed and instead get sold here.
  8. Anybody notice a pattern where one or two people try to put threads into a nose dive? Very selfish! U.S. overreaching is the cause but Philippines banking falls apart pretty much on its own. I was stunned at the almost comedic level of paperwork, lines, typewritters, lack of transparency, consumer protection, etc With yearly reporting...I think that would be the end for me. I don't see them as organized and capable enough to pull off yearly reporting anyway. I'm curious how they do it. I imagine non- third world countries would have a better method. For example, online updating and then perhaps only if you need to report a change.
  9. Maybe he is fine tuning it until he finds his niche! Somewhere between Monty Python and Jerry Springer.
  10. As far as elaborate judgements about why the guy should be admonished, it could happen to anybody. Trying to box someone in as to how they screwed up is a fallacy. I have helped people on this forum (typical catalyst is medical). One dose of a certain stroke medicine is P500k, for example. Endless scenarios... on how most of us could get f-cked when things head South. That said, I wouldn't help a stranger because I know too many people personally that are in need.
  11. You create a lot of smart posts. Surely you already know you can't win with these people.
  12. My budget is about 3K. They already are used to me not overspending.
  13. From other Filipinos, they tell me it is the kind of peope that have six children, twenty pesos to their name, and no other leisure activity but gossip and inuendo.
  14. My In-Laws are always generous sharing their food. No complaints.