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  1. Dr Chio was my doctor for years. Great guy, and doctor.
  2. Aha, but wife did not sing up in US, where she is enrolled at, so to enroll her, she must go to a SS office, so can we do a walk in Manila which is closer than Virginia.?
  3. Greetings! Wife and i will be in Manila for a week. Can I call and get a appointment there to sign up for medicaid part B?
  4. one at Clark was about the boar hunters who shot and killed a local on the reservation. The 2 white guys came to the home, and gave money, apologized, and said they thought he was a pig, the father shouted his son was no pig. This was based on a true happening and so hunting was stopped on base. Saw that one weekly.
  5. Greetings! I have a 200 AH golf cart battery that has been in service for about 6 months, and it has 1 cell that is a different reading from the other 5. I think it is overcharged. The red line is the 1 cell, and the green line is the other 5. Any input Mikala? found this; If the gravity. of a battery on charge begins to rise long before the voltage rises, and if the gravity rises above 1.300, there is too great a proportion of acid in the electrolyte. The remedy is to dump out the electrolyte, refill with pure water and continue the charge at a lower rate than before, until the specific gravity stops rising. Then charge for ten hours longer, dump out the water (which has now become electrolyte by the acid formed by the charging current), refill with about 1.350 electrolyte and continue the charge, balancing the gravity if necessary at the end of the charge.
  6. Belmont has no repair parts, not even a starter rope for a mower. For gas powered equipment like mowers, and trimmers, go to for sales and parts. MG Machinery supply Cebu 415 9851/ 254 1719 Gullas /Monolilly
  7. Great thing you did, bringing the world to your village, now how are you going to keep them on the farm?
  8. Lot's of locals need glasses, or to wear the one's they have. While at Clark in 70's, a lot of programs with bad whites, and good brown's were on weekly. In Thailand, when Bruce lee kicked Chuck Norris to the ground, the movie house cheered for several minuets.
  9. was easy, but I have Imax OCD.
  10. OK so yous still got BB guns.
  11. This is my ideal neighbor! Now I know why the Germans here seam to be so unhappy, no dam machine gun!
  12. And that sign also would have holes in it if OZ'its had any Balsw or guns. Poor fellows.
  13. Algaecide tablets are placed in the pan after cleaning ,where the water gathers, be it wall, or central unit, and it slow releases to kill alga. I have not found any tablets here in 12 years. A few drops of bleach each week will help.
  14. I do not think the crooked ones have much to worry about because If you have watched a flight coming from Korea to Mactan, take a look at the drivers, door men, and others who are assisting the new arrivals. I have seen the same kind of men in Korea, they were soldiers. Maybe this is where they get a job after retirement from the military.