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  1. James, are you saying that they charged you as an overstay because new passport was not yet stamped?( Of course I was also 6 weeks 'over-stay' status as my new passport was being processed. Others may encounter this issue a passport renewal. )
  2. http://www.bworldonline.com/content.php?section=Nation&title=who&8217s-behind-security-threat-memos&id=147063
  3. I remember the Granada deployment where the Kevlar helmets were first used. 1 solider who was hit on his helmet and survived with a slight concussion, life insurgence policy pay out was what all the helmets cost. Where are the Kevlar helmets and vest supplied by the US? This is the first long sedge action the AFP has engaged in since Korea. They may not be perfect, but looks like they won.
  4. Just put a sign "wheel clamp zone" will keep most away, and have the clamp / tow vehicle standing by.
  5. Do you ever have a good day clown?
  6. I liked the dried squid they BBQed in Balibago, but it was outside at a bar there. The worst thing I have smelled that was food is tripe, winter kimchi, and durian.
  7. HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My guys that hooked up my DSL from PLDT left me their number. When I tried it, is said not yet in service, so the contractors also get screwed by PLDT, but it is better than SMART.
  9. Hi prices and bad service.
  10. We use a 1HP window unit to cool a 3 room, 900SF area. we use a fan to help circulate the air, so these should work the same way.
  11. Souse, mayo, and whole wheat are my favorite! After pickled pig feet of course.
  12. The red plastic covered things are pimentos like in stuffed olives. Their used to be about 20 ways to cook dried beans posted here, but since the change, cannot find a thing anymore. Pressure cookers are the way to cook beans quickly, just be careful as some beans foam, and will overflow the relief valve and make a mess. You always have to stock up on basic items when you can find them. Dried beans are sometimes scarce. Red beats just came back in season, so we are making about 4 pints this time. S&R has the Mason jars now. S&R also has a guy that works at checkout that was faster than any cashier I have seen in my life. He must get paid a percentage of each checkout. Somewhere here in Cebu, white gold I think has the press thing for the wraps.
  13. It was not very big before the tidal surge according to GOOGLE I cannot find any recent info on the place. Pack light for survival and go see what is there now I guess. Good luck, and God Bless.