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  1. Vid wont load, good they got enough water now to celebrate.
  2. That black drain tube is sold in Cebu. It is from ^?" to 6 ' and they have junction boxes, and intersections. The subdivision that backs up to Mactan Memorial gardens put it in I used the 8" in our road drain, 38 meters long. Water mains inc 346 8594 Plairdel St by Caltex, Mandaue Remember the old bar run by the guy from oz, Wombats? he had an up stair bar, and a drunk fell thru the railing and landed on his head, got up, and was OK. Ozite of course. You need 2 strap wrenches to assemble the 8" stiff into one piece, screw them together. I made mine using old web belt material, and steel tubing, they are 2 feet long.
  3. So someone has hacked your account, or you really have changed!
  4. Ha Ha! Of course they all smiled at him, can U imagine this naive young man in a bar was probably what they thinking, Easy meat! Anyway, Mormons are like that. The real question is, why are so many living here so critical of anyone who enjoyed themselves here. If they were here alone by themselves for several years, they would probably have a toned down view of the place, but young people who are with others here have a much different outlook on the place.
  5. cucumbers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a pox on U! belching for a week, same with watermelon if too close to the rind.
  6. So basically, they will have to condemn a lot of houses and stores to get that area, and i think would need a second terminal if placed on the east side on the east side otherwise will have to relocate the new terminal and the PAF base. Panglao is a ring coral reef that had the center filled in with low density fill, and years ago was ruled out as a runway area. What has changed there to allow a runway? The island area is 94.53 km2, so where do the hotels and people go if it takes 80-100km2?
  7. The rock they use here from local hardware is coated with mud / dust, so cement cannot bond with it in columns, and the washed sand is a joke, and fine sand is fine AFTER U sieve it for the render. I love my roll formed steel frame house. NO cement block smell! NO mold cause vapor barrier under slab.
  8. My friend in city engineers office says high rise buildings are held to a higher standard, and are inspected at critical stages of construction. in 1978 or 79, I saw a 20 story high rise in Manila that had bamboo scaffolding going to the top, plastering cracks after a quake. i think that soft re bar, along with the weak cement "gives" during a quake. Also, our quakes are gentler here than Japan or US in my opnion.
  9. I am from Easley, good to see a fellow 'Sandlapper" here.

  10. They know a good income maker when they see it.
  11. I remember this warning about methane gas. https://thinkprogress.org/methane-bubbles-arctic-769bf3f1b099
  12. This guy built his UPS like this, and I have LED night lights / security light operation set up since last September, I did not use the inverter part of this set up. http://www.kilovox.com/homemade-ups/
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  14. This might help. http://www.viaradiology.com/news/articles/whatrsquos-the-difference-between-a-ct-scan-and-an-mri
  15. It would cost me $30 ( bank wire) to pay a $110 CC bill, so I will use cash.