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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  2. Abnormal... no... but super powers.... maybe....
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    Senator Barry Goldwater, Eugene Cernan and Captainmike, circa 1983 — with Senator Barry Goldwater.
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  6. NO, I checked... all the ones 32" and above are just 120V 60HZ
  7. Has anyone brought LED/LCD TV's from the USA (120V 60HZ) and used them in the Philippines with a transformer to convert from 220V 60HZ in the PI. I'll be moving to Padada (South of Davao) in February and have about 5 or 6 TVs and a couple of Hi-Fi systems.I want to ship with my household good... I'm really just interested in dealing with the different systems for TV's and two HI-Fi systems I'll be shipping... not a discussion on shipping vs. buying local... I'll be shipping a container of household goods and have pretty much decided that I want my stuff (not just electronics)... Thanks Captainmike
  8. How much do the envelopes weigh with the items, how much does it cost for postage (total) and how long does it take for them to arrive at their destination... Thanks Captainmike
  9. I'm looking at about a 20' for me... good luck on your move...