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  1. the reason is where you live. If you live in the US, you get it based on your last name, ie 3rd Wed of the month. If you live in the RP you get it on the 3rd of the month. My bank, BPI holds it back till the fourth or the fifth. If I lived in the states, AND got it on the 3rd of the month, and the 3rd was a Sat or Sun, I would get it on the Friday before. But not here.
  2. not even a peek from Paul?
  3. The Continuing Adventures Of Paul The Younger A lot of you who have not known Paul as long as I have may not know of his trip to the Ilovesissies Dude Ranch And Spa in Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming. This is a tale of our young Paul wanting to be like his heroes, the cowboys. So one summer he finally talked his maiden aunt into fronting the money for his two week trip to Jackson’s Hole. The first morning young Paul didn’t want the other cowboys to know that he had never been west of the Mississippi before, so he dressed up in all of his finery like a cowboy should. Then he wanders out to the ranch yard to where the cowboys are gathered, and not wanting to appear out of place, he thought he would ask one of the cowboys a question that would make the cowboy think that young Paul was a certified wrangler and not just some dude sissy boy. So he spied a cowboy leaning up against the hitchin post and he mosyes over to talk to him. Young Paul looks up at the cowboy and says in his best attempt at a real cowboy voice, hey there mister, how come that cow over there ain’t got no horns? Well, the cowboy looks at the cow, and looks at young Paul, and looks at the cow, and looks at young Paul, and looks at the cow and looks at young Paul, and says, Well, there could be lots of reasons that that there cow ain’t got no horns. Sometimes we cut them off sose they don’t break them when they’re fighting, sometimes they do break them off when they’re fighting. And sometimes they jest ain’t born with no horns. But, the reason that pactiular cow ain’t got no horns is that it is a horse.
  4. Thanks that was great. Never saw this guy before.
  5. We have a nice piano and Violin teacher, I think she teaches other instruments as well, that is very good with my six year old daughter. She is patient and seems to be able to teach well. We pay her P300 for 45 minutes twice a week. We find that longer than that, Katie loses interest. We have also found, after much searching, a good art teacher. He too is patient and seems to be a very good artist. He teaches Katie twice a week for two hours per session for P500 per session. He just started a few weeks ago, so too early for real progress, but Katie likes him and he keeps her interested. The music teacher lives in the Talisay area, and Mark, the art teacher lives in Cebu. If you are interested in them to teach your children, let me know and I will put you in touch with them.
  6. usually at s&r
  7. Paul, your being a p*ssy. Don't stop at that island. It is time to wipe out every muslim on the planet.
  8. how did your christmas dinner go bud?
  9. it says only works with US carriers, AT&T and another one, plus they don't ship. So not much good to people who live here.
  10. I brought about 6000 dvds with me when I moved here. Now I am trying to put them on my hd. Most will copy fine, but some wont. I am currently using Cucusoft, Wondershare, Winx, and Miro. Can anybody recommend some softwear that will do the hard to copy ones? A quantity of these weighs a ton, even without the cases.
  11. I saw it at 50.11 once just the other day. Banks today were giving 49.50, my wife saw 49.69 at one of the pawn shops.
  12. Looking for a very child friendly dentist in talisay/cebu. It would be nice if they have modern equipment also. Thanks in advance.
  13. they have it all the time at ayalla metro. That is the only mayonaise that I eat. Best Foods west of the Mississippi and Hellmans east.
  14. When a anyone breaks into your home and assaults your wife, it is time to move. The next time they may not stop. Whatever it takes to move is a small price to pay for peace of mind. And if you or your wife gives one single peso to any family member, you deserve whatever you get back. Learn your lesson and move on. Why in the world would you want scum like that in your life?