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  1. Ok I got my stuff. It shipped from CA on 6/12/17 and arrived here at the LBC starmall on 6/19/17, Got some blue tooth headsets for my daughters tablet and some other things like flea collars. It was P1100 for shipping. I will for sure use them again. All items were in their original packaging. Cool beans.
  2. the reason there is no place to sit, is if you are sitting you are not buying. If you want to sit, stay home. the mall is for buying lol
  3. When I moved here, I planned to die here, but after seven years, I can't take it anymore. If I had the money, I would leave today. I will look at the area but I need a decent school for Katie and the outlying towns don't seem to have good schools from what I have seen.
  4. hey Saltydog, what city do you live in? We are looking at hillsborough county, which includes Tampa, but looking east, maybe Brandon. I think Plant city is too far east, but we will see.
  5. my country is set to RP because they get it from my ISP. My paypal is tied to a us bank. If I live in the RP, my billing address for whatever account I am using to pay with, must also be in the RP.
  6. I just tried to buy a game from steam. It said, out of stock sir, your billing address for you payment accounts is not in the country that you live in, please go away. I couldn't use a credit card, or even paypal. Anybody else have this issue?
  7. Ok, ordered my stuff, all there, went to pay. Tried four different credit cards, plus pay pal, plus pay pal using credit card. All were declined. I have no issues buying from Steam, Amazon, other online dealers. Why is this one so hard to give money to? I guess I will go to the LBC star mall and pay them in person cash, so they will send my stuff and not sell it.
  8. S&R

    not if they are the veggie version. And I will say the one bakery thing I bought was much better than S&R so I will try more next time.
  9. S&R

    I am so happy to find things that I want, and so used to being overcharged, that I no longer worry if an item is a little more expensive than somewhere else. We joined there yesterday and I found several things there that I haven't seen anywhere else, for example, frosted animal cookies. Big jars of imitation bacon bits for P200. Roseritas refried beans for almost half the price of S&R, we bought 30 cans. Some really overpriced apple juice in cartoon head containers, we bought a dozen.Their cinnamon rolls were much better than S&R. But, here is the deal breaker for me. No ice cream that didn't look like it was six months old and defrosted repeatedly, and NO CALIFORNIA FRESH MILK. Our shopping day will start at Ayalla like always, and finish at S&R, with a trip to Landers every few months.
  10. outlook is what i use to read the gmails. I could open gmail and read them there, but I want to use outlook to send and receive my email.
  11. nope, still with PLDT and yah, all my emails are gmail. I have no idea why it doesn't work. A buddy switched to fiber and he said he didn't have any email problems.
  12. I finally, after three years of waiting, got Fiber last night. Now my Outlook email on Win7 doesn't work. Anybody have any idea how to start getting and sending email again? I am using Win7 and Office 2007. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. the reason is where you live. If you live in the US, you get it based on your last name, ie 3rd Wed of the month. If you live in the RP you get it on the 3rd of the month. My bank, BPI holds it back till the fourth or the fifth. If I lived in the states, AND got it on the 3rd of the month, and the 3rd was a Sat or Sun, I would get it on the Friday before. But not here.
  14. not even a peek from Paul?
  15. The Continuing Adventures Of Paul The Younger A lot of you who have not known Paul as long as I have may not know of his trip to the Ilovesissies Dude Ranch And Spa in Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming. This is a tale of our young Paul wanting to be like his heroes, the cowboys. So one summer he finally talked his maiden aunt into fronting the money for his two week trip to Jackson’s Hole. The first morning young Paul didn’t want the other cowboys to know that he had never been west of the Mississippi before, so he dressed up in all of his finery like a cowboy should. Then he wanders out to the ranch yard to where the cowboys are gathered, and not wanting to appear out of place, he thought he would ask one of the cowboys a question that would make the cowboy think that young Paul was a certified wrangler and not just some dude sissy boy. So he spied a cowboy leaning up against the hitchin post and he mosyes over to talk to him. Young Paul looks up at the cowboy and says in his best attempt at a real cowboy voice, hey there mister, how come that cow over there ain’t got no horns? Well, the cowboy looks at the cow, and looks at young Paul, and looks at the cow, and looks at young Paul, and looks at the cow and looks at young Paul, and says, Well, there could be lots of reasons that that there cow ain’t got no horns. Sometimes we cut them off sose they don’t break them when they’re fighting, sometimes they do break them off when they’re fighting. And sometimes they jest ain’t born with no horns. But, the reason that pactiular cow ain’t got no horns is that it is a horse.