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  1. do any brits in the Philippines get this from the pensions in UK. I have been receiving a UK state pension for a year now. i get one every year from the Merchant navy which I return scanned via email and via post. My english pal had his mail from the pensions dept in UK sent to his ex wife's home address in UK but she threw them in the bin and pensions stopped the repayments
  2. As a Brit I like hot tea with calmansi in the afternoons - not for me cold beer or water, upsets my stomach., best beer in england is cellar temperature at 7 deg C - warm beer as americans or ozzies might say
  3. Was in a jeepney t'other day and fillippina sitting opposite had a thick woolly pully, I was sweating cats and dogs but she was as cool as a penguin. I took the liberty to touch her sleeve to see if was real, man, I thought she was bound for the ski slopes Yep, you often see guys and gals in hoodies like Zuckerberg. My missus can sleep quite comfortably without a fan and is chilled if temperature is below 25 deg C. Do filippinas have an internal cooling system that we westerners don't have
  4. My UK expat pal was paying for the medication for him and gf family and his hospital bills ( not a Philhealth member). Although I live in a native style house , it is airy, constant breeze, but for sure, I would be suffering if no electric fan (i dont like air con) but some of the cheaper places here are shacks on stilts in a swamp, floods during the rainy season and a haven for mosquitoes (dengue fever). I would spend a few extra bucks on finding a elevated house that doesnt have stagnant water around, although my pool attracts frogs and mosquities etc, My pal was getting a UK state pension, around 35000 php a month here, so cud have gotten a better place to live and to be more discriminating in his relationships.
  5. A fellow UK expat moved to Camiguin a year or so from Mindinao hoping that he cud find find cheaper house to rent and less expensive than living in the city , Davao, Cdo , Butuan, He did find a upmarket shack for 3000 php a month but with concrete floor and armacan walls, then moved to a place at 1500 php a month, He found a local girl to live in - relationship etc. A very nice girl but from a very poor family whom he helped out with food and medical expenses - mother had TB. Seems most of the family had TB including gf. He contacted the disease a few months ago and was hospitalised in CdO, but later returned to Camiguin for treatment at the local hospital. He passed away yesterday morning, age 67. Moral of this post that close contact to poverty can kill a westerner - like it did George Orwell when sleeping in men's hostels in the 1930s whilst writing his book - Road from Wigan Pier , he also wrote 1984 - and so true today
  6. A belgian guy has started a bee farm in Camiguin and a cafe named the Beehixe cafe selling its honey and coffee he grows on a plantation here - Tres Marias Coffee roasted with honey. Simply delicious but a bit expensive. He gets lots of visitors spending a few days on the farm to learn the techniques of bee keeping etc, learn more on a few days on a farm than reading through pages on Kindle. My thoughts anyway.
  7. maybe the rotating parts of your pump have corroded, that cud also burn out the copper windings. Have an electrician check out the resistance of the magneto coils, check if the pump rotor turn ok and use liberal amounts of wd40 to free it. I have a similar problm with my deep well and am considering buying a 6.5 hp petrol driven motor water pump as the wife is averse to an electric bill for an electric pump. Have you tried a old fashioned lead line down the pipe shaft to estimate whether or not the pipe is not blocked
  8. Ships have certainly got a bit bigger since I was on the P & O liner Chusan in Sydney circa 1970
  9. PS. Do not rely on the internet for current travel schedules, they are almost certainly out of fate and never updated
  10. Ferry boats have limited sailings , at least between Camiguin and Balinguan. Best to check the shipping office before travelling
  11. Anyone know a stockist of good quality bathtubs - cast iron /enamel, porcelain or japanese wood style. I built one in wood for a cottage a few years ago with pumps, filters etc , but now looking for a tub I can fit into my bedroom on the 2nd floor
  12. Its been 23 p fare between Benoni to Mambajao (camiguin) since 2001 - with no increases or decreases despite fluctuations in fuel prices. God knows how to make a profit on 23 p when tires have to be changed every 3 to 4 months. My jeepney still going strong after 15 years but I don't drive it anymore - wife gave it to her bro.
  13. It was 22,000 per day at CdO hospital. but a young infant with menigitis.. My wife's nephew is currently in CdO with multiple injuries from a motorcycle crash, needs stainless steel rods in leg. As his family are poor, the government and CdO mayor have paid all the costs Not sure of the departments involved. A similiar accident I had , except I was dragged by a horse with foot still in the stirrup cost me 120,000 Php for the operations and stainless steel insertion.
  14. Olde worlde village of Willingdon, Eastbourne , Sussex, UK
  15. After a month long wait for my UK State Retirement Information pack to arrive, it finally did so, but opened by don't know whom. Nothing had been taken but sure as hell had been rifled through. Inside the pack are three form booklets to be completed with another form requiring bank details which I have to return to UK within a week or so with supporting documentation i.e birth / marriage certificates, Philippine bank details etc. My questions is, if the letters can be opened on the way out of the philippines or is there a secure way of sending the filled in forms to UK without it costing me an arm and leg. I think the UK Pensions (DWP) do not allow scanned in documents to be sent by email, although they are accepted by my Merchant Navy Officers Pension fund. Thanks for any info regarding sending large envelopes containing documents to UK.