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  1. I hear it now and i hate you for it. : )
  2. tangential to the original topic: back in the early-mid 90's hersheys and nestle got into partnerships with philippine companies and a vast improvement was seen in what was termed "ice cream" here. there seemed to be lots of competition to come up with new flavors/ingredient combinations, some of which were pretty good. that initial quality improvement and flavor selection has substantially fallen off over the years, i suppose as manufacturers have figured out what people want most and how they can best cut corners to provide it. upshot is sometimes there isn't so much variety anymore, particularly in the more civilized parts of the country (i.e., outside of metro manila). i'm not sure, given the ingredients, that philippine ice cream could be labeled as ice cream in the u.s. it certainly isn't as good as even the typical basic store brands in the u.s. but then, once you are here, you must deal with what's available. with that in mind, a couple of years ago i brought back here a cuisinart ice cream maker. 2 cups of milk, 1 cup of whipping cream (president or elle & vire brands are best), and sugar (forget how much), make the backbone of any good recipe with about 14% milkfat content and about 1.4 liters of product. i make vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango, banana, cookies and cream, and butter pecan quite easily, and for much cheaper than what you can get in stores. the wife's family scarfs it all down like there is no tomorrow, and considering the shape some of them are in and the amount of butterfat they are ingesting they be right about tomorrow.
  3. Fyi and fwiw, in the past week a study has come out showing a correlation between diet soda and dementia with artificial sweeteners being a suspected culprit although causation was not claimed. Just to give you something to think about while drinking your tang. Of course if you've been drinking it long enough you may not remember having read this so no worries then.
  4. If you're just looking for a flavored drink just put a bit of lemon or calamansi in your water. In a pinch you can get lemon flavor at a store, same place you would get vanilla. Strawberry and cherry flavoring works for me also. Drop or 2 in a glass is plenty. Then munch your fruit on the side to get it's full benefits.
  5. That girl needs to be careful--she could put someone's eye out with those.
  6. It seems many people are putting full faith in the journalists words which indicate he was on the sidewalk when hit. I suspect he had stepped off the walk into the oncoming car but why would my suspicions carry more weight than the words of a trained journalist?
  7. Is this tree in a container? If so might it have become root-bound? Also if so, watering becomes tricky. It could be the bottom roots are a bit too wet ,even when the top seems dry, or vice versa. Also is it still getting full sun?
  8. But in ermita you're paying for the ambiance.
  9. What? You don't think the canadians will be flocking across the border to get their little piece of trumptopia?
  10. Heck, if you're going to mess with them, file the long form.
  11. Trump should remember that the coast guard keeps a lot of illegal canadians from crossing the great lakes. . Hope this plan gets shelved. The coast guard more than earns their keep.
  12. Not uncommon for my wife to miss a meal now and again--typically lunch if it interferes with her work. She does prefer to get her 3 a day but mostly out of concern for blood pressure and sugar levels.
  13. I see no reason for this fellow to leave the country. There are in fact perfectly competent cardiologists here who could treat him. . Who does he think he is--a politician?