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  1. I see no reason for this fellow to leave the country. There are in fact perfectly competent cardiologists here who could treat him. . Who does he think he is--a politician?
  2. did my duty at quezon city's sm north satellite office. in at 12:30. no one else there. handed my acr card to the woman at the receiving window and took a seat. a moment or 3 later she gave it back with a piece of paper and said go to cashier. gave the cashier the paper and 310 pesos. the receipt was printed, a scribble scribbled, and the receipt given to me with an "all done sir". was out at 12:34. took longer to get change for the 1000 peso bill i used for 180 pesos worth of books at the used book stall just outside the immigration office.
  3. in metro manila abs-cbn sports on sky cable is carrying it. channel 17, a free channel on their most basic package, it is the sports illustrated feed.
  4. .True but for over $10k in monetary instruments you are supposed to declare it else be subject to jail, confiscation of said instruments, or some back room negotiations. . Same with leaving the country, separate from the rules for pesos. . . Same $10k rules apply at the u.s. border also. Declare it.
  5. .Any recommendations? I've been using malayan, haven't had to test them, but i'm thinking about looking elsewhere.
  6. That is pretty much it but it never hurts to bring past receipts, your passport, dna test, and proof of circumcision.
  7. maybe worst living instructor but remember this guy?
  8. I applied for my renewal in early february at the main lto on east avenue. Got the card the same day. Whole process took less than 3 hours. Just thought i would rub it in a bit.
  9. Of course for those of us who live and work here, what fun to watch our future peso denominated pensions slowly evaporate away.
  10. .I find the scenery in the background between the hills and foreground development to be most interesting. A bit of artistic licence there i'm guessing?
  11. second st. lukes for many things. makati medical can be good. medical city on ortigas in pasig (near sm megamall) can be good.
  12. Coincidence perhaps but the storm itself is moving at the cruising speed of an amtrak train.
  13. Thanks for the memories. Hope to read you again. Enjoy life.
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