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  1. Judging from the container ship's path, road rage.
  2. Not waiting until the last minute on these matters goes against my nature. I only discovered the change because i had forgotten whether the deadline was june 1 or june 30. Seems i still have plenty of time now.
  3. sorry if this has been covered but being the type to put this stuff off as long as possible i only now have seen that the annual fbar is now due in april rather than the previous june 30. interestingly they have decided to provide an automatic 6 month extension so it's not really due until october 15 near as i can tell. perhaps somebody could send me a reminder to file,say around october 14? https://www.fincen.gov/news/news-releases/new-due-date-fbars-0
  4. Is that a p12 billion balance? Drinks are on you!
  5. Good on her! An important cause that needs attention.
  6. Over 5 mil in credit card debt. Wonder where i could get one of those cards?
  7. If you ever meet my wife and you value your family jewels you will not repeat such a statement in front of her.
  8. Just spent a long miserable day at a mall. Wish they would come up with a ban on texting while walking.
  9. Fairly well torn up rotator cuff, 3 tendons involved with some impingements. It had caused a "frozen shoulder". Doc said i had a 3 bagger as one tendon needed reattachment to the bone, another had about a 90% tear (the one on top), and the other just needed some simple trimming and shaving (whatever, there is a term for it). Done arthroscopically with a couple of entry points. A couple of side notes: during my rehab time my wife developed a frozen shoulder and doc said simple therapy would fix it up and it did. Follow up physical therapy is very important, i had a couple of months of it, took about 10 months to get back to full range of motion. Dr. Herminio valenzuela at the medical city did the deed.
  10. Beg to differ here . My doc seemed to have done quite a nice job for me. Got special training in australia on the use of his surgical toy and does a lot of va related work in metro manila. Really there are many good doctors in the philippines.
  11. That's where they found mine but i brought it in with me. I don't think they much appreciated me doing it.
  12. Same symptoms can occur for other reasons. Hence his doctor wisely asking for an mri. Had same problem a few years ago, had an mri done at makati med center, don't recall the price but i think it was substantially less than 22k. Turned out i had a variety of problems. With the shoulder. I had waited too long for the problem to be treated with an outpatient procedure so spent bigger bucks because hospitalization was required. So dont put off the mri because of cost or claustrophobia--outpatient treatment is much cheaper. On the other hand if i hadn't been in the hospital they wouldn't have taken out the little lump in my neck, as a freebie, that turned out to be a mrsa type infection. Suddenly i was getting treated as if i was some sort of ebola patient, but it was good i was in a hospital setting when having it dealt with.
  13. Got a niece who is a recent mech engineering grad. She had to take the boards just has her lolo did in the 1940s. Not a new requirement and the nephew should be well acquainted with it. Niece passed on her second try (i wouldnt necessarily trust any bridge she might design) and was able to get a job with ayala malls people in metro-manila, where she is a local. Being local is a huge benefit as starting wages may not be enough to cover an outsider's initial hurdles such as job search costs, room and board.
  14. Ok, pin a medal on him for the jeepney driver, but pin it to his balls for shooting the kid.
  15. Story as i'm hearing it is 18yo flew earlier on a different airline. Family flew him out earlier hoping to use his seat for the kid. Usually airlines won't be happy about this kind of switch but family claims the counter people allowed it. So did airline screw up by not recognizing that they gave prior permission or was the family lying about the permission and trying to pull a fast one? Either way the attendant screwed up big time saying what she did. Next time i fly my camera will be ready to roll. Like playing the lottery hoping for some good footage to sell to the networks.