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  1. You can inquire from Kamagong Gun Club which oversees the firing range within Camp LapuLapu. Once entering the camp, turn left on the 3rd corner (leading to the hospital) and follow the road going up. If you have the appropriate licenses and paper work (I've heard they check often, although in the many times I've been there, they have never asked for paperwork), all you need to do is register in the logbook, pay the range fee and shoot away... These days however, I am unsure because the camp is on red alert. I've heard of arrangements also where you contract a person who has all the licenses and you can use their firearms.
  2. Both Club Ultima and Armscor will accept walk-ins without the need for membership. Membership will bring perks such as lower costs for range fees etc. Club Ultima membership significantly priced as opposed to Armscor. To Qualify for membership in Armscor, you need to have an LTOPF. Not sure for requirements in Club Ultima
  3. For both Club Ultima and Armscor, they will need to see paperwork if you plan to bring a firearm in their premises and shoot (Minimum is an LTOPF or License to own and purchase firearm, and a PTCFOR or a permit to carry a firearm). If you plan to just use their in house guns, just ordinary ID will do but I've also seen them just take walk ins without verification. Sorry, Outside of Armscor, I often shoot only in Camp Lapulapu in Lahug because Mactan is just a bit out of the way for me.
  4. I personally would not recommend Club Ultima, their folks are not hands on and do I have personally observed twice on occassion that in most cases they do not teach you basics. I would recommend Armscor instead which is in Jakosalem Street. They are cheaper than Ultima too. You can choose from several 9mm's, 45 and a shotgun. PM me if you have questions. If you plan to go there on a sat afternoon, say.. between 1-3, I can hook you up. Else, pm me when you plan to go so I can call a friend who will take care of you there. Addendum: Ultima does have a better selection of guns!
  5. You may need to check what insurance you got for the fee that you were charged. It may be one of those barebones, meeting minimum requirements kind of coverage and if your'e okay with that, then it's fine.
  6. have the cars interiors detailed. Look for someone who uses steam. This will take care of the mold. Replace your cabin filter (your aircon sucks in air and recirculates it but it passes through that filter) PRIOR to turning on the aircon after detailing. Have a decent mechanic double check wiring to ensure no issues with integrity of hoses, wire harnesses etc.
  7. i look for referrals from friends who have done business with them before.. at least once.. ive chatted with the seller and just took a chance...
  8. I usually trust the big ones.. amazon, ebay and lazada.. olx i have done but it scares the heck out of me.. no problems with it so far because i check for feedback on the seller
  9. http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/local-news/2017/04/09/us-embassy-warns-citizens-against-travel-cebu-bohol-535752
  10. have you tried lazada.com.ph?
  11. what i meant was you buy a speaker set for a pc because that can also be plugged in your t.v. . PC speakers tend to have a 3.5 speaker jack that you could plug into your t.v.... anyway..... best of luck with your devant purchase
  12. most of the powered speakers used for our pc's would fit your needs.
  13. Get a headphone and plug it in. you should hear audio through the headphone
  14. Okay. Based on the model that you posted, it gives you multiple options for adding speakers. You have a simple 3.5 mm jack, HDMI, Optical, and the usual AV outs.. with that being the case.. you can choose between buying a simple set of speakers thats used with computers or to a full blown amplifier with larger speakers or a soundbar. if you opt for a soundbar,most are suggesting a soundbar. if you go this route, i suggest to choose a soundbar with an option for a 3.5mm jack our aux in option for the simple reason that it would be the easiest way to connect. hope this helps.
  15. yes the op can post the model number here.. thats an option