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  1. Have you actually tried this? Long time ago when I tried this the system would not allow it saying you cannot resend load back to original sender. Both numbers were with Globe. Perhaps Smart is different? seaman
  2. Something different about this coup. I believe it is normal practice (I say normal practice because there have been so many) to get royal consent after a coup. But that has not happened this time. Nothing from the military saying that it has received royal blessing, unlike previous coups and in particular the coup of 2006 when Taksin was removed. Is it possible that the King is gravely ill and unable to give blessing or maybe even worse the King has died? I guess the world will know shortly. Thailand will be in a world of shit if the only stabilizing force in Thailand, the King, is not of this world. seaman
  3. Brucewayane and Davaoeno, I don't agree with your arguments. The only way Florida guy could have been as guilty as the people who committed the crime is if he ACTIVELY participated in planning the theft with an agreement that he would share in the spoils for the price of lending his car. I don’t believe that was the case in this situation. Let me give an hypothetical example. There are two men walking in front of a 7-11. First man is pushing along a bicycle. The second man says to the first man let me borrow your bicycle. I want to go into the 7-11 to steal some chocolate bars and in case I have to make a quick getaway I want to use your bicycle. The first man says okay and he walk home alone leaving the bicycle with the 2nd man. 2nd man attempts to steal few chocolate bars but is confronted by the store clerk and things go wrong and the store clerk ends up dead. So in this situation are you saying the guy who lent his bicycle to his friend is guilty of murder, or at least man slaughter? seaman
  4. Thanks for shedding light on the other side of the story. While the Florida man may not be as innocent as the article claims, still I find it hard to accept that a man can be sentenced to life in prison for lending his car. Even if the man had prior knowledge that a crime might take place and that his friend could use his car in committing a crime, how is being sentenced to life in prison commensurate to his crime? Makes no sense to me. seaman
  5. http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/lending-friend-your-car-can-get-you-life-sentence?paging=off&current_page=1#bookmark Florida man gets life sentence with no chance of parole. His crime? He loaned his car to a friend and then went to sleep. The friend used the car in a crime and the car owner was convicted under Felony Murder Rule. Felony Murder Rule essentially says if anyone has anything to do with a felony in which a murder takes place, such as a robbery, that person is as guilty as the person who has committed the murder. Is there no more common sense left in the world? seaman
  6. Real life version of Airport 77? But seriously I do hope there is some resolution soon for the poor people waiting to hear news of their loved one. It must be torture to wait for 3 days not knowing what's happened, hoping for the best but knowing in your heart that finding people alive will take a miracle. seaman
  7. Let's see there are about 100 million people in Philippines. Let's say about half of that (ie 50 million people) are married. So do they really have a prison big enough to hold 45 million people? Wait I think I am being too generous I think the prison has to be big enough to hold 49.5 million people. seaman
  8. Since airlines are at risk of suffering financial loss (and perhaps other punitive measures) for non compliance, they try to enforce this rule as best as they can. But because the rule is too vague, you get different airline saying different things to cover their asses. Some will insist on return ticket within 30 days, others will say it is okay as long as the return ticket is within visa waiver period (59 days), and yet others will say it is okay as long you are holding a return ticket. So it is a hit and miss situation with the airlines because Philippines couldn't get its act together to issue a clear guideline regarding onward tickets. But then this is nothing new... just look at some of the laws of the land which are very vague and open for interpretation by the people enforcing it. seaman
  9. Yes for all visa extensions including visa waiver. You need a 2x2 color photo with white background. seaman
  10. I don't know when the new rule came into effect but I just found out today. You need to have a 2x2 photo to submit with your application now. I saw many people turned away for not having a photo (including me). And the local photo id places near BI were very busy overcharging foreigners as usual. seaman
  11. Correct me if I am wrong but it is my understanding that even if other adults are around you are technically still breaking this law if an unrelated minor is in the same room as you. For example if someone visits you and brings along a child and the three people are in the same place, you are in violation of this law. I am sure this is a situation that happens often to many people, including me. Yes nothing would happen unless somebody reports you but it is scary to think that there is a law like this that can be misused to extort foreigners. seaman
  12. Well well well. More stupidity on the way. Now that the girl's lies have been revealed to the nation, the girl is changing her story and saying that the rape really wasn't on April 24 but it happened sometime between April 24 - 27. And the place of rape, well that has changed as well because the place she cited before has been shown to be impossible. I don't know much about Philippines law but even in Philippines I thought affidavit, once filed, is not something you can go back and say ooops I need to change a few things because what I said before are being shown to be lies. Stupidity, more fun in the Philippines. http://ph.celebrity.yahoo.com/news/roxanne-cabanero-changes-statements-031215022.html seaman
  13. Acting on the victim’s complaint, the Toledo police immediately went to respondent’s house and arrested him. Someone mentioned previously the word rescue has a different meaning here in Philippines. Like when a bar is raided and girls are rescued and locked up in police jail. I always thought it was hypocritical to use the term "rescue" when the girls are willingly working in bars to earn money. I always thought the more appropriate word to use would be arrest. As in a bar was raided and police arrested girls working in bar. But I guess the word rescue makes the police look better in the eyes of the media and also foreigner donors. Similarly perhaps the word arrest in the above context has a different meaning here in Philippines. Maybe what the reporter really meant to say is Toledo police immediately went to the respondent's house and brought him in for questioning. Otherwise, if people are presumed innocent until proven guilty, even foreigners, how can Toledo police make a determination about probability of guilt solely based on hearing only girl's side of the story? So to the experts out there who know absolutely everything about Philippines legal system, what does arrest really mean in Philippines? seaman
  14. I was being sarcastic. Of course Philippines law (as they are written) does not make any distinction between filipinos and foreigners. It is application of law where differences come into play. We all know how rich and powerful of this country are treated differently to poor filipinos. Well I would argue that the law treats poor filipinos better than foreigners. So if there is an incident, rich/connected filipinos are given full benefit of being innocent until proven guilty, whereas poor filipinos don't enjoy the same benefit. When foreigners are involved, it is naturally assumed they are guilty and it is up to the foreigners to prove their innocence. Hence police being very eager to arrest any foreigner accused of a crime, not too concerned about doing a proper investigation to see if an arrest is warranted. As an example, imagine if it was a foreigner who beat up Vhong Navarro. How long before police arrests the foreigner? Probably the same day Vhong's case came to light. Well since the perpetrator is someone with money and connection (Cedric Lee), there is no movement to arrest Cedric even though there is concrete CCTV evidence of what happened. This is on a story that enjoys national media coverage and yet there is still blatant bias being shown on how justice is carried out in Philippines. So I would like to believe you that Philippines law does not distinguish between filipinos and foreigner. But my better bet would be to count on Philippines law screwing me royally and to have plan B should something unfortunate happen to me. seaman
  15. So there is a law that says it is perfectly legal to hire a 15 year old girl to work in your house and there is another law that says employer (guy) will be arrested if a girl younger than 18 is found in the house. Hmmm seems to make perfect filipino sense because if the employer is a filipino it is okay but if the employer is a foreigner his ass is toast. seaman