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  1. Long term PPI usage is well documented in creating a B12 deficiency
  2. The old boy was 71. How could it not be urgent? Jumper leads are only a few metres Long and it'd look Sus carting a better into the room. The chap is 71, he is showing off.
  3. Its difficult to discern who is genuinely complaining and who is venting online, this is much clearer when you frequent a local watering hole and work out who to avoid like the plague. Don't regret moving to the Philippines. I had a family from Cebu and it was a good thing to stop there for a while. If i had my time again I'd ensure my plan of being there for a couple of years (not 6). I would have stayed longer if the ventures I undertook worked out, I got out of the Philippines so i could start making real money. I eventually moved home as planned and hope my family get Aussie passports in the Future. If i live long enough a retirement plan B could involve the Philippines but that hinges on DU 30 making the place more productive, less corrupt and it doesn't become a communist state with the decisions currently being made.
  4. It's just a joke. The wives of controlling men in transactional marriages are normally the first to try new sausage.
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  7. Terry has a wicked sense of humour, he wouldn't mind. People used to ask on this forum where are the old chaps in Cebu that are out and about in their senior years. Terry was active in the hash and golfing till very late last year before he took ill during thanksgiving, was 75 I think. Born in the UK, he served in both British and the Aussie military, he was proud to be a paratrooper.
  8. Funny it doesn't mention Thailand too with women in management roles. It's hardly feminism, it's about the average local bloke being as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle
  9. Your post assumes that teenage pregnancy is a future ruining problem. None of these mothers agree with you.
  10. I'll remember not to park there...I hate coming out and finding the car on blocks.
  11. It takes a special type.
  12. Haven't seen it in Cebu. Try getting a script for Rozarem or even Rivotril. One is new and really safe, the other is tried and tested and very cheap.
  13. I think the age pension is down to 13 weeks out of country and was implemented through one of the last Gillard/Swan budgets. Going to 6 weeks is an easy political win. Expect this in the May budget from whichever party is in office by then.
  14. Too many applications running in the background Bobby...and too many voices in your head. Back to the conversation that matters. The best suggestion so far has actually come from you (turbo). I'd be more inclined to remove the engine # off the sourced engine and stamp it same as original and save the old short block until a time its needed.
  15. Series 1 crv. Trains never serviced, was banging on the shifts. Fluid change X 2 fixed it. If I had my time again I'd do a flush instead to save money. Biggest issue is modern trains is not like a turbo 400 or a C4...you need specific fluid and few places sell it. You even need to convince Honda to sell you Z1 fluid (or its successor) over the counter. Sorry Boss...the piss will now fly once again re alternate fluid usage and safety doing so.