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  1. Maybe karma caught up with him since he died recently at a young age..............everyone from Lieutenant Tom, Mom/Dad to Alex (after he was old enough to do what was right and didn't) were POS's regardless of what happened later in lola's life. They stole her life because of their selfiness.
  2. Funny because most twenty year olds look about fifteen to me I agree with you, he is going to get what he deserves.
  3. Sad story but good read, thank you for posting.
  4. He says he is not part of a cybercrime network, just an idiot who gets horny according to the SunStar Bacolod http://www.sunstar.com.ph/bacolod/local-news/2017/05/16/american-says-hes-not-involved-cybercrime-network-542139 THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) said the American sexagenarian in Bacolod City, who was arrested for allegedly uploading sex videos on a p*orn site, will not be deported to the United States as he is facing charges in the Philippines. Lee David Colglazier, 62, has been charged by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for violation of the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act before the City Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday a day after his arrest at his residence in Barangay Taculing. The suspect is detained at the NBI-Bacolod office. Immigration Officer II Mita Chuvy Arguelles said Monday, May 15 that a foreign national is not deported if he or she has a pending case since one of the requirements for deportation is a clearance from the court. She said Colglazier’s visa will expire on June 5 this year after it was extended last month. He is not blacklisted as he has no record of any crime, Arguelles said. NBI-Bacolod head Renoir Baldovino said Monday they are still waiting for the forensic result before filing the anti-trafficking in person charges, which is a non-bailable offense, against the suspect. He said they are still studying if the charges will be filed per act due to the number of explicit pictures and videos recovered from the suspect’s laptop and cellphone. Colglazier, who has been traveling to the Philippines on a tourist visa, married a Filipina in 2014 after he met her in a dating site in 2009. They have a five-year-old son. The American suspect told reporters in an interview Monday at the NBI-Bacolod office that he is not part of a cybercrime network. “I’m just an idiot who gets horny like any other men,” he said. “People may call it immoral. But I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I don’t steal, I don’t hurt people,” he added. Colglazier, a construction worker before he retired, said he is not sure why he is being charged as downloading p*ornography in America is legal. ‘They took my son’ “I’m here for my son. I would not jeopardize losing my son. I did not know I was breaking the law,” he said. He lamented that the Department of Social Services and Development took his son after he got arrested. They said they will bring him to the orphanage, he added. Colglazier said that his wife left him to go to Saudi Arabia. “We we’re supposed to meet in Manila to get the passport of my son, but my wife abandoned us,” he said. He added that he didn’t get any money from uploading the sex videos and only has US $500 in the bank and couldn’t afford to post bail. The court has set a P120,000 bail for violation of anti-photo and video voyeurism act. Colglazier also said he couldn’t afford a lawyer and that a public lawyer was assigned to him. He said that the woman who filed a complaint with the NBI is doing chores at his house. “I pay her for house work. I guess she was planning this. I don’t understand it,” he added. During the raid, NBI operatives recovered the suspect’s laptop and cellphone, which contain multiple sex videos of him with both male and female partners.
  5. We process fish.............NO WAY would I eat fresh raw fish after seeing all the parasites. Actually wouldn't eat it after it's been frozen either to be honest, not because of the parasites just raw fish is not my thing
  6. I assume since you said allowance you are talking about Filipino and not a Westerner. I sponsor a niece in college in Ormoc and I send $80 to $100 every two weeks in addition to money for tuition and books which is usually quarterly. My wife says that is more than enough for her and by looking at her Facebook post she is comfortable, well fed and well dressed well.
  7. So if I have a 185 sqm home with a simple gable roof and a 1/12 pitch that would be about 2,000 sq ft is my math is correct. .Them saying typical homeowner would need about 40% solar coverage at $42 per sq. ft that'd be around 30K without anything else you'd need to add on. I think that's a good value if you are building a new home and it's cut your bill in at least half, It would pay for itself eventually if you used a lot of electricity. Thanks for posting.
  8. Two monitors are nice but three is the perfect fit for me. Right now I run three monitors in my office, two on a work desk and two at my home. My work PC is a laptop that I take with me and I have a port replicator, with bluetooth mouse/keyboard, at each location that I just plug my pc into and I am ready to go in a few seconds. I used a single monitor for years and not sure how I did it now
  9. Wonder if he was wearing sandals with socks too?
  10. The pot we had back in the day is nothing compared to today's pot. Last time I was in Washington I went to the pot store and bought a gram of something called "Pineapple Chunk Haze". After one toke it was pizza and Led Zeppelin time, no way would I have tried to drive
  11. We went from Makati to Ocean Park last time we were in Manila, it took 45 minutes with traffic and the fee was 366.35 peso in a Uber Black. Nice clean and new SUV, leather seats, entertainment system in the back, good aircon and the driver spoke good English. That beats a dirty hot Manila Taxi any day and no hassles about "extra" money at the end.
  12. I hauled heavy equipment back in the day and there was not a day that went by that I didn't want to put some douchebag in a "four-wheeler" under my rear tires For all former and current drivers.........bravo my man, bravo!
  13. If the service from the person serving me is good then I tip well, if it is not good then I do not tip or tip less . I don't bothering telling someone why I tipped well or poorly, I assume they know if they gave me good service or not and if they can't figure it out then they are in the wrong "profession".