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  1. Hard to believe that a state of the art US Navy warship was unaware of a huge containership nearby, especially with tensions in the area with N.Korea and China being high.
  2. Always open to interpretaion depending on the time of month or phase of the moon or the person's IQ.
  3. It's the little things that grind you down over time.
  4. Bingo. And a bit of Total @ 6.67%
  5. Get a financial advisor and buy a basket of blue chip dividend paying stocks. Live off the dividends and never touch the principal.
  6. The ancient Romans knew how to win a ground war. They would kill everyone and then salt the earth so that nothing would grow there for generations. That is about the only way. The modern equivalent would be nuclear.
  7. These are nice and u can wear them with sandals too.
  8. Beheadings are way down since we declared martial law. Bring the kids ! And we got that bullet thing under control now, don't worry about it.
  9. If u want facts then Google is your friend. The history is out there.
  10. How about Hamas, Hezbollah, and the PLO ? All sponsored by Iran. How much havoc have they wreaked in the Middle East ? I don't feel sorry for Iran at all.
  11. Iran has been a sponsor of terrorism for decades. They finally get some of their own medicine.
  12. Iran's infamous Revolutionary Guards accused Saudi Arabia of being behind the twin terrorist attacks in Tehran, which killed 12 and left at least 39 injured, and have vowed "revenge." Earlier in the day, a group of four people in women's clothes opened fire in the building of the Iranian Parliament, with a subsequent explosion. Another attack involving an explosion took place near the Imam Khomeini shrine. One of the perpetrators of the attack was detained and the rest were executed.
  13. My favorite breakfast in the Phils is bacon and eggs with toast. I carry a picture of a real piece of toast in my phone so they can get it right.
  14. I hope the sun is shining and u have a great run.
  15. So far, it's not really working out.