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  1. I always liked her better than Ginger.
  2. Bring money for the guys in the church parking lot so that they will watch your car or bike. And bring money for your guide who will show you how to follow the 10 foot wide path to the falls.
  3. I use Ramipril ( altace ). Works for me, no apparent side effects. My cost is 10 bucks a month in Canada. I would definitely consult a cardiologist.
  4. I ran into one of those between Bontoc and Banaue at a bus stop on my way to Sagada. And I had to pay to get in fer Phuck sakes ! A dozen holes in the floor and shit misses everywhere, I almost puked. I went outside and pissed on a wall.
  5. I was watching Fox Sports and at half time they announced that the Atlanta QB was mvp haha. Didn't last long.
  6. The offensive line tightened up and gave Brady time to throw the ball in the second half. Game over.
  7. Outstanding !
  8. That's exactly what happened in my home town of Vancouver, Canada. Average Vancouver family income is 85k, average house price is about 1.4 million. Wealthy Chinese have driven up the prices so that the locals can't afford to buy in their own home town now.
  9. I was gonna go to my bank here in Canada and get some PHP before I arrive. I was digging around in my old backpack and two wallets and I found about 26k php . I thought that was great, I don't have to go to the bank but then I remembered hearing something about new/old currency and thought it might be no good. I am relieved to hear the money is good.
  10. Is this the new or old currency? If old, does it expire soon?
  11. Is this currency still valid?
  12. U are right, I got the airline wrong. It's Cathay. Or was that Asiana.......
  13. I am considering an Eva Air flight from Vancouver to Cebu via Hong Kong. I have a small backpack carry on, no luggage, and since both legs of my trip would be Eva Air I imagine I will be ticketed straight thru. So my question is : is an hour and ten minutes stop in HK enough time to make the connection ? Anyone have any experience in HK ? Tks in advance.
  14. Whatever she is on I want some. I wanna party with her.