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  1. Thanks. I'll add these to my daily readings of RT News and InfoWars. I'm feeling much less ignorant already.
  2. Facebook is not a main stream media news agency. Your decision not to read main stream media will surely enhance the depths of your knowledge. Can you recommend a few "alternative news groups" that I could read? I certainly want to stay abreast of alternative facts so that I will not be ignorant.
  3. Maybe, maybe not... usually not. Restaurants, diners, cafes, etc., (as other tip establishments) have various compensation and tip sharing schemes. My sister was a bartender at high end clubs/restaurants during the 80s and 90s. She took or changed jobs on occasion due to the tip sharing scheme between bartenders, bar backs, waitresses, hostesses, cashier, cooks, etc.
  4. I wish this was true in US. My hats off to OZ on this and many other matters off topic to this thread.
  5. No, I add the tip amount at the proper place provided by the credit card company. However, when in PI I do make special trips to ATM or money changers as needed so as to have money for purchases and tips. I always get pesos at DFW or ICN so that I will have money for fees, tips, etc., when I arrive in Mactan. I would feel very uncomfortable wandering around PI with no cash. Guess I'm just chicken. Just curious, if you or your son use cabs, trikes, jeepneys or other services that do not accept credit cards, what do you do, just stiff them?
  6. Haha.... nothing gets people worked up like money. My wife will drive 20 miles to use a dollar off coupon... and proudly tell me with a smile how she saved a dollar. She's happy she thinks she saved a dollar, I'm happy she thinks she saved a dollar.
  7. True again - and Texas is the same. However, "wait people" usually are not "service concessions," such as valet services to which I referred. Wait staff could be independent contractors if properly furnished and supervised through a staffing contractor, but I'm not aware of any using this arrangement. Dancers at many strip clubs are claimed as independent contractors by the clubs to avoid FICA, minimum wage, etc. Numerous lawsuits have been filed over last two years, including by dept of labor and some class actions, asserting the clubs exercise too much control over the details of their services, thereby making them employees. Lot of conflicting decisions. Don't know if this issue has been settled. Siri probably knows. My wife in the 1980s averaged over $300 an hour in tips. I'm sure many feel that tipping dancers should have been banned and the price of beer raised to $150 a bottle so the club could have paid her a salary of $10,000/mo.
  8. I thought we already had one. Not to worry, I've scrupulously vetted all these PI stories and they are all true.
  9. True - but "wages" are for employees. Independent contractors are not "employees" by definition. They are paid whatever the contractee agreed to pay, and they agreed to accept... even if it's zero.
  10. 🙂🙂 More like Daddy Nobucks. But why shoot yourself in the foot over a few bucks. Air fare, lodging, entertainment, etc, for a few months in the Phi is the real cost - tipping generously those who can make the trip more enjoyable, if they choose to do so, is a small cost by comparison. I tend to eat, drink, hangout and "partake" on a repeat basis at my favorite places. By the end of the first week, I usually enjoy good service with a smile for comparatively little money. Feeling welcome is a lot more fun than feeling like a tolerated Kano cheapskate. But that's just me. Some would rather bitch about poor service and save a few bucks.
  11. Many service concessions in US are independent contractors who are paid -0- by the establishment, and often bid to get the concession. Their total revenue is tips. Many parking valet services and other concessions at high end establishments are "Salary - zero, because the patrons will pay your wages!"
  12. I feel that most service industry workers who provide good service while behaving courteously work a hell of a lot harder for every dollar they earn than I do. In the US, for good food service I tip at least 25%. In less expensive places, I tip more. I tip bartenders, barbers, masseuses, drivers for hire, and others as much as 50% if I feel it is warranted. Courtesy services such as valets, porters, shuttles, etc., I tip double what I believe the standard to be. In the Phi I often tip 100% or more, and for courtesy services never less than P100. In both US and Phi I often ask for suggestions or information from service staff. If they are friendly and seem interested, I enjoy making casual conversation with them. Places I go to regularly I learn the names of those who give good service with a smile, put their name/place in my phone, and ask for them by name next visit. My actions have Zero effect on the prices/services others receive, but do provide benefits to me worth more than the cost. I tip as I do because I want to. What others do is their business.
  13. Read the names on the malls.
  14. Haha... true for cats, but could also be a travel agency advertisement for the Philippines.
  15. Bolshoi ballet material