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  1. One-way tickets are fine, but a round-trip ticket might be cheaper. Once she arrives, she should call the airline and cancel the return flight.
  2. Your situation was quite reasonable. If you actually had killed him, I would say that you deserve only a slap on the wrist. However, it seems like the consensus here is that the woman in this story deserved to have been killed, and is as guilty as someone who molested a 6 year old. And I totally disagree with that.
  3. It's not stupid... the guy killed her. He is a violent person, violent towards her. We have enough information to say that. It's just common sense.
  4. Considering his excessive violence, it is reasonable to assume that he abused her in their marriage.
  5. Despicable. Whatever her complaint was, she had no business giving those racial insults.
  6. If it's an open air place by the sea, then maybe having no aircon would be ok. Keep in mind that the hot season would be starting by March.
  7. I'm actually in a situation where I CAN easily jail my wife and her lover for adultery. It feels weird to have that kind of power, but I won't do that.
  8. What I've noticed, from a murder in Daram, Samar is that police take their time, but eventually catch the killer. He might do something stupid like return home for the barangay fiesta a few years from now.
  9. I found his Facebook page and his widow's, and it all looks quite credible.
  10. Do video games count? It looks like the small landing area makes it difficult to get much ground effect cushioning for landing.
  11. Maybe someday they'll service the airport in Catbalogan. Maybe ...
  12. In Hong Kong there are a few seats around that you can sleep in overnight, as I have done once waiting for a connection. But also, I have not yet been to a mainland China airport.
  13. This makes a lot of sense, and is good news. Let them go to Thailand instead lol.
  14. This may be inconvenient for Bill Cosby, but I'm glad to see this go to trial. I would like to see this matter put to rest. As long as the standard "beyond a reasonable doubt" gets applied, the result would be fair. I just hope the stress of this ordeal does not eventually kill him.