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  1. The weather will always remain unpredictable, but this is my go-to site and it has showed itself to be quite reliable - https://www.windytv.com/?rain,10.736,124.294,9
  2. This is such a typical culturally-laden issue, isn't it? For a Muslim or Jew it is unthinkable to not be circumcised; the Filipino believes that an uncircumcised "pisot" is not a man, someone still dirty and unclean and still a child http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Pisot; the 'enlightened' Westerner believes that all of this amounts to child abuse. Interesting.
  3. Once you arrive in Talibon, just check out your options: Watergate and Bayside are beside each other, Trinity Pension is only about a 5 minute walk away. Wherever you check in, make sure your room faces to the back and not to the main road.
  4. It depends on what you are looking for. Watergate and Bayside are in the town proper where it can get a bit loud; both are relatively new and classy; the pier is a stone's throw away. La Vicenta Lodge is no longer operating, and Talibon Pension House has the reputation of not being very clean. Trinity Pension is fine, though it can get noisy there as well: church bells, cultural center, municipality etc. Lindsey's is about 3kms from town center: it is peaceful, houses mainly salesmen and is a P9 tricycle fare from the pier. Leaves you with GV Pension and Wayside Inn which is located about 3kms from town center and opposite the Garcia Memorial Hospital. It is quite new, and has very affordable rates. By the way, which island do you want to visit?
  5. BOC increases De Minimis from P10 to P10,000Posted on October 11, 2016 The Bureau of Customs gladly announces that the first Customs Administrative Order (CAO) that will implement a salient feature of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA) has already been signed and approved. On 28 September, CAO No. 02-2016 (RE: IMPORTED GOODS WITH DE MINIMIS VALUE NOT SUBJECT TO DUTIES AND TAXES) was signed by Customs Commissioner NicanorFaeldon and approved by Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III. It implements Section 423 of the CMTA, which provides that “[n]o duties and taxes shall be collected on goods with freight on board (FOB) or free carrier (FCA) value of P10,000.00 or below.” De minimis, as defined in this CAO, is the value of goods for which no duty or tax is collected. Goods with de minimis value are considered importations with negligible amount and entitled to immediate release. It is an upgrade from the decades-old Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines (TCCP), which only provided P10 as the de minimis threshold. This CAO is the product of a public consultation held on 1 September to incorporate inputs from stakeholders. “This is good news for Filipinos, who can now fully enjoy their small purchases from other countries. I trust that everyone will strictly abide by the provisions of the CAO,” Commissioner Faeldon said. This CAO aims to minimize importation and customs administration costs in the clearance of importations with de minimis value without compromising customs border enforcement and control. This also aims to make Customs responsive to the growing liberalization and facilitation thrust in consonance with the different applicable international trade agreements. The CAO specifies exclusions from immediate release, including prohibited and restricted importations. Regulated importations within de minimis value shall comply with the requirements of the concerned regulatory agencies. Importations of tobacco goods, wines and spirits within the de minimis value shall still be subject to payment of excise tax, as provided by the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC). This CAO also gives the Secretary of Finance the power to adjust the de minimis value every three years using the Consumer Price Index, as published by the Philippine Statistics Authority. Goods found to violate this CAO shall be disposed of in accordance with Chapter 10, Title XI, of the CMTA. Violations committed by any person, officer or employee shall be penalized in accordance with Title IV of the CMTA and other penal provisions. This CAO shall take effect on 25 October, 15 days after its publication in the Official Gazette. The full text may be viewed at http://www.gov.ph/2016/10/10/custom-administrative-order-no-02-s-2016/. The Bureau will release other information materials like infographics for stakeholders and the public soon. With the first CAO already released, BOC continues with its series of public consultations to include stakeholders in drafting the other CAOs that will highlight other important provisions of the CMTA. Copypasted from http://customs.gov.ph/boc-increases-de-minimis-from-p10-to-p10000/
  6. You are right. I was about to ask why The Golden Route did not incorporate the northern and eastern parts of Bohol, but I have now decided to retract that question.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Panglao Well Drilling is no longer around - at least to my knowledge. Rob, the pleasant Dutch operator has - as far as I know - resettled to Thailand. I hired him and his crew about a year ago in the hope of finding an unlimited source of water on our property. Unfortunately he gave up after two drilling efforts of around 60ft depth each. His staff seemed unwilling to continue drilling (manu-manu) after encountering a layer of rock as they feared for their drill bit. It was their first venture outside of Panglao and they were not familiar with the geological conditions here. Also, Robs crew was obviously unhappy working so far from home. Rob informed me that he had no intentions of ever venturing outside of his area of expertise again.
  9. German Food Shop in Lapu-Lapu offers rye flour, type 997 (online) for P72.00 per kg. Check out here http://my-germanfoodshop.com/index.php?route=product/manufacturer/info&manufacturer_id=81
  10. Not my line of expertise, but maybe a lead: solar pumping systems? Lorentz is into solar powered water pumping - http://www.sgmcitrading.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54 They seem to be associated with http://www.matec.com.ph/renewable/solar-pumps.php This link may answer some of your questions http://www.lorentz.com.ph/faqs.html And on OLX I found this https://www.olx.ph/item/surgeflo-solar-120-watts-deep-well-water-pump-12-24-volts-dc-ID7caWr.html?p=8&h=f1caaad4bd#f1caaad4bd Hope you find what you need.
  11. A few years back I regularly walked from Cogon Market to our home in Cagayan de Oro - maybe 3kms. Along the way was this banana cue vendor: 7 pieces for P20; the stuff was hot, sweet and crispy and was consumed along the way...no more room for dinner. Hot bibingkas are another weakness of mine. I am not a big fan of meat, but I will not refuse a good chicken liver bbq if accompanied by a cold SMB.
  12. Possibly it is the Duterte factor, maybe the influence of his German wife on him regarding certain moral obligations of "civilized" people. Whatever the reason may be to behold misery beyond certain bounds and to take up responsibility for those who are limited in their options, I perceive this to be a very fine move. This does not mean that I support foreigners leeching the system, and I would strongly support the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the LGUs by those afforded the help or their concerned embassies.
  13. Three foreigners who went through a series of misfortunes while staying in the Philippines are now under the care of the Davao City City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO). Minda A. Silvano, CSSDO action officer, said they have provided temporary shelter to the three foreigners - a German and 2 Americans - as they coordinate with their respective embassies for immediate repatriation. "Although these type of clients are not the usual people that we provide services to, the city government could not just turn its back on them,” said Silvano. Ronald Kennedy, Jr., 51, claimed he was robbed upon arriving in Manila on his way to Davao City to meet a girlfriend. In Davao, his relationship with the Pinay turned sour - with his girlfriend alleging he was beating her. Eventually, the girlfriend reported the alleged abuse to the police, sending the American national to jail. The police later referred the homeless and apparently broke Kennedy to the CSSDO for shelter. The other American is 66-year-old and bedridden Hoyll Caldwell. He was kicked out from an inn he has been staying for some time already after he failed to pay two months worth of rent. The frail Caldwell said he could no longer afford to pay for a caregiver after his pension was suspended by the American government. Authorities said he will be transferred to the Davao City government-run home for aged Co Su Gian while they wait for a response from the US embassy. Meanwhile, German national Peter Muhamburg was rescued by authorities as he roamed around the city for days - distraught and hungry. The 52-year-old Muhamburg broke with his girlfriend who is a resident of Samal Island in Davao del Norte. Social workers said Muhamburg went through depression and even attempted suicide. In an interview, both Kennedy and Muhamburg admitted they just wanted to go home. The city’s social services office also provided the 3 foreigners with the medical care they need. “They are being afforded their basic needs, including referrals to the City Health Office for their check-up and provisions of medications,” Silvano said. Silvano’s office has also been in close coordination with the foreigners respective embassies, through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DPWD), to facilitate their repatriation. http://newsdesk.ph/2016/07/24/homeless-foreigners-receive-help-from-davao-city-govt/
  14. Should you really need to travel between Cebu and Talibon, please be aware that the information listed on the site is in fact obsolete. For many years Island Shipping was one of three companies plying the route, now it is only VG Shipping. Tickets can be purchased at the VG ticketing office near pier 3. As a matter of interest, Kinswell Shipping Line no longer operates between Cebu and Tubigon, Bohol; Lite Shipping now also serves Cagayan de Oro...So the published information does not seem to be very reliable, at this point at least. Probably still work in progress.