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  1. I believe about zero of any results of supposed surveys on-line anymore. Would love to see the statistics!
  2. These PC people are ridiculous. They act so surprised that this has happened and do their best to grandstand to get viability, but they call it "support." Has someone called it an OUTRAGE yet??? As they allow gays in the military, I'm sure they expect absolutely NO discrimination or teasing by the straight side of the military..... and will be "shocked & dismayed" when it happens.
  3. Here are some numbers for you: 350,000 new cars & trucks are sold and put on the road in this country every year. Used to be 250,000 just a few years ago. The gov't is "hoping" for 500,000 to bolster the economy. Oh, and let's not forget 500,000 new motorcycles each year. So...... I wonder why the traffic seems to be getting worse everyday.... the leaders are doing so well! Wouldn't ya think SOMEONE would question all of this..... Guess not - simply say "so traffic" and go on your way.
  4. Won't THIS add to the many reasons the Philippines is a great country for foreign investment (says the government)!
  5. HUH??? Please explain how you disagree. They are writing in English and the fact that it's a second language has nothing to do with what detail they put into the story.
  6. Love all the detail in the news article!!! Always seems like a 10 year old wrote them. Who KNOWS what happened???
  7. The board was formed in 2011(???) yet the current federal administration wants another study and the mayor is against it - why would that be??? This is exactly what's needed here, it's just sad no one cares enough to implement anything except repaving a few roads before election time. The leaders would rather continue with their childish arguments and the locals are so used to all of this it doesn't faze them.
  8. For you SRRV holders, you are allowed to use the VIP line at Philippine immigration if one is available. It's nice to get to use a shorter line once in a while!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I thought I tried best foods but maybe not.
  10. Geeez, I'll look again - thanks for the feedback guys! I used to like Miracle whip but it's made differently here and grosses me out! ;-)
  11. Which isle is it on? I shop there quite often and have never seen it in the mayo or import sections. Am I blind? .
  12. I'm down to my last bottle - has anyone ever seen this in Cebu? Many thanks!
  13. Your math is a bit off - $800-1000 = $26-33/night
  14. Is anyone else getting tired of hearing about racism or how things aren't fair? I agree but it's life and it won't ever change.
  15. There are many, here's one: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-11-03/philippines-duterte-slams-us-monkeys-for-halting-gun-sale/7991174