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  1. And us way way down south boys, we loved him here in Oz too, specially when he did stuff with June like Allegheny and Jackson. Great entertainers, they ready got the feet tapping and blood flowing. Now there is Rosanne to carry on the legend and she does it well eh!
  2. What a precocious little brat. Pity YP Pence didn't foot him up the arse to give him something worthwhile to carry on about!
  3. Sorry, 'got crook' is Ozzie slang for got sick.
  4. I believe that all Australian citizens are/ were issued with a medicare card. So surely if they go or reside overseas they would have an Australian address on their passport. A search of 'Medicare Australia' would explain the policy better. Only downside is that it open to overuse which is why there should be a co payment. But no doubt if they did that the bludgers would be exempt anyway!
  5. All Australians are covered while in Australia. An Aussie permanently abroad is covered only if they return to Australia, so if in pain, catch a plane!
  6. When it was introduced in Oz in 1975, I and most from the right squealed like stuck pigs! (Bloody commo lefty bastards, etc etc ) But have to admit that it has been a great thing although it had to be adjusted and tweaked over the years to get it right. Started as 'Medibank' it changed its name to Medicare in '84. Every Ozzie and some visitors are covered for medical and hospital costs, and subsidised pharma. This is funded by the "Medicare levee' which is 2% of income once income exceeds $26K. Medicare doesn't cover elective surgery like tit jobs of puffin' up the lips to look like Donald Duck etc. A private insurance can be obtained to cover a range of selected extras like spectacles, physio, chiropractic that are normally not covered by Medicare. IMO the only thing wrong is that there is no patient contribution. A part payment per visit (capped to an annual limit) would reduce waste in the system. All my life I had private cover also but when I got crook a few years ago, I found out that it made no difference to the treatment I got, so I cancelled it and saved thousands since!
  7. Wow, you've got to hand to those Japs. Far more entertaining than some snarly bird waving her arms around telling us what to do if the things go pear shaped. And beats the hell out of that piss poor offering from AA when they performed their 'lets skid the chink up the aisle' pantomime! Things are looking up for air travel!
  8. What a terrific bloke, he is a champion. Good to hear stories of the decent people in this world for a change.
  9. Don't hear much from or about Pres D30 these days! Perhaps this incident will fire him up.
  10. My wifey just got booked by a camera at 12Ks over the limit. The fine was $3109.00! When I complained they said it is because the car was registered in a company name. A bit of paper work and I got it reduced to a bit over $200. What a bloody pack of thieving bastards, a company gets slugged $3000+ for the exact same offence that an individual gets a $200 fine. Easy to see how anti industry and anti small business our leftist state labour/ greens government is! And the feds here ain't much better..
  11. Seems like a good commonsense outcome. They entered another country's territory, are captured but they apologise for their error and are released a day later. Hard to understand why there would be any likelihood of Lt. David Nartker losing his career, so a good result all round. Perhaps this issue was turbo charged by all the domestic political hype at the time.
  12. As a young bloke in a mess with a female, my old man consoled me with this little purla: "Don't worry son, anyone who never went down a dead end lane has never gone anywhere" Years later I said to him: "Geez Dad I didn't realise there were so many fecking dead end lanes"
  13. A pity all this obviously choreographed beauty is about to be turned into a glass car park! Just hope the stupid fat kid is doing one of his 'look at me, look at me' PR shoots when the big bangers land!
  14. Does that include the peanuts? Or do you have to bring your own? But it is a good deal if you live in Sydney and need to fly on the cheaper dates.
  15. Mate, I think I understand your dream of freedom from all the BS that the metro cocks up but I doubt that growing produce out in the donga to sell in the metro will work for you. There are just too many hurdles to jump over. For example, we had a 214 square kilo-meter lease on the AP lands in central Oz. . We were open cut mining but as a hobby grew grapes, lots of grapes cos we had unlimited good bore water. This went well for two to three years until the bloody white ants (termites) ate the vines old wood and they all died! Sort of unheard of but the sort of curved balls you have to face! Instead of growing stuff, have you considered gold detecting? A solid caravan hooked up to a cruiser ute and you can go anywhere, (Interior that is) The detectors sold by The Miners Den in Adelaide are now better than ever, about 10k. Getting the state permits is no big deal and away you go but best to pal up with an experienced miner for a start. (And if you hit one like the Welcome Stranger, remember me! ) Good luck.