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  1. You're right there Tony, R12, R22 and R502 should never have been banned. I can recall paying 58c a kilo for R12 then it goes to over $60 with that bloody carbon tax but now they've got rid of that BS its back under $20 but still a rip off.. Oh the price we pay when we let the wankers con us! Fordy seems to have got a decent deal for a 1.5 split? cheers
  2. Got an email from my son who lives in South Australia regards their new power charges.. July1 prices for power: 41.80c /Kw and a daily supply fee of 91.30c SA is the lefty state here in Oz that applied the lefty's green power bullshit thinking.. They have since had long state wide power outages and now trying to fix up their mess by sending their power rates through the roof! Someone forgot to tell these feckwits that: If the sun don't shine and the wind don't blow, when ya hit the switch, nothing will glow! So if you want to feel warm and fuzzy cos you've saved the world, go to SA, just remember to bring some candles! Over the past both sides of Oz politics paid large subsidies and ridiculous feed back tariffs for renewable installations (Up to 40c / kw when coal power was costing less than 5c!) Now that the systems are fecked and power prices have been forced to more than double by this stupidity, the greens are now saying 'see renewables are competitive' WTF are we all this bloody stupid? Even here in Victoria (run by another mob of lefty wankers) they increased one of the coal power station's fees by 300% making it nonviable Can you believe it! Now that station was recently shut down so we too will have power supply problems. And this is the state that built a $3.5 Billion desalination plant that is in mothballs! This and the building of five other desal plants here in Oz was because our stupid politicians (both sides) listened to the loonies like the heads of the 'Climate Change commission' who promoted the idea that the country would dry up because "rain will evaporate before it hits the ground" "Perth will be a ghost town and Brisbane will also run out of water" WTF And you Yanks thought you had all the dumb arsed politicians over there, well sorry guys but we have more than our share too.
  3. We use TNT for all local and international shipping. They are the best at this time specially their tracking but the Phils is about the worst country we ship to. A few years ago we were using DHL for some dispatches but somehow they had a big bust up with the Phils authorities and virtually stopped everything! It's the Manilla to Muaaaah bit that can get messy so good luck with them. For what it's worth we ask our clients to give us a Pinoy name to ship to and that seems to help.
  4. Spot on Bill. There surely is an opening for someone to sort out the real estate mess in da Phils specially Cebu. . Something like realestate.com.au
  5. Just got our bill for the past 90 days: Consumption was 4367KW (48.53 per day) and a total cost of Au$761.78 including fees and GST. That works out to be Au$0.1744 cents per Kilowatt. Pretty cheap for what it does IMO.
  6. We have a policy of using assemblies or components at one third of their rated capacity. The AC-DC converter we now offer as an option is rated at 250 watts and as our 12 v compressor has a maximum draw of 80 watts with soft start, we are well within limits. This policy has proved to be a little costly but well worth it in the long run. Chinese products (I mean where else can you get stuff from?) seem to have now fallen into two groups: one being absolute crap and the other being very good specially at the price. We are finding that goodwill via product quality is becoming an issue with many Chinese manufacturers, while their service is and has been second to none... excellent service.
  7. We don't use any DC-AC inverters but we buy in lots of AC-DC converters and have had trouble finding a type the is not crap. Anything without a brand name... forget and the ones that are open and air cooled only last a short time. Suggest if using one of these to locate in a well ventilated, dry space with a fine screen over to prevent the bugs from entering. We finally got onto Smun and now use their totally sealed (water proof) converter and have not had one failure! They make good stuff so might be worth looking at their inverters. http://www.smun.com/en/produce/Pure Sine Wave Inverter.html Cheers..
  8. What about them? Do you have any facts you could share? Were they only sponsored by Iran? Was it like an Iran-contra deal part 2? lol Or was it an organisation like the CIA organising a coup of a sovereign nation? And what havoc has Iran caused anywhere apart from defending themselves when attacked by Iraq? I mean they didn't even get too pissed when the Yanks shot down one of their civilian airliners killing hundreds! Are you sure about all that sponsorship stuff and havoc, or is it what 'they' want us to believe? What is the truth God only knows, we should only go by what is realised to us and not what is promoted by our 'ever so honest leaders'!
  9. The same could be said of many countries starting with 'our good mates' the Saudi! FFS. (Remember 9/11? or are arms sales more important!) Iran has copped a lot of accusation mostly BS, but even that which is true, would it stack up against the evil interference and manipulation they have endured during the past 70 years. They have every reason to be pissed given what some of the major western countries have done to them and their sovereign country. Now the hypocrisy of being accused of evil when there are about 100,000 Iranian backed troops fighting ISIS in Iraq. Sure the ME is a fecked up mess but the crap we are fed and accusations towards one country and our sucking up to others, needs to be viewed in the context of what it is all about: Oil, money, weapon sales, political expediency and manipulation. Sure there is a lot of fake news but it doesn't all come from the traditional news casters! We need to wake up and stop being blindly led around by the nose. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/08/16/us-officials-up-to-100000-iran-backed-fighters-now-in-iraq.html
  10. More here: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/07/middleeast/iran-parliament-shooting/index.html
  11. News here of a terror attack in Tehran. Vague but something like a suicide bomber in the country's Parliament. Quotes say at least seven people were killed and 35 others injured in the twin assaults. IS has claimed this attack. Sic cowardly bastards
  12. Sic OK then, so lets say they start with your neighbourhood. Are you good with that.
  13. The three killers were shot within 8 minutes of the first calls to police. Brilliant response.
  14. A few weeks ago I ran out of the anti-itch cream, so after showering and drying off the family jewels I looked for a substitute anti itch and found the Dettol. Now Dettol seems to fix most things so I gave them a good drenching and knew immediately it was working cos the nut sack was warming at a rapid rate! Five minutes later I was dancing around the bed room trying to fan me nuts to put out the fire! Back into the shower to gently wash this Dettol shit off my now burnt nuts! Dried them off carefully then applied massive amounts of baby powder and at last some relief! At least they stopped itching! Laying in bed was only possible on my back with legs apart and rested up on top of the bed head! Now the worst of this was the hysterical laughter from she who should be so caring but instead she described the burnt offering as looking like two raw meat balls rolled in flour!
  15. He sure is a nutter but look at his picture Tony added, he looks about as intelligent as tin of jam...