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  1. Yeah, I know where your at with that Tony. When we built the guys had a shit load of coco lumber scaffolding around the outside and I saw there electric power terminal! Ferkin hell! They had whacked a couple of nails part way into the coco lumber, bared some cable and twitched onto the nails. This was where they twitched onto whatever they needed juice for. Seems this was the standard method and they looked at my like I was a leper when I put a stop to it and made them use plugs and sockets. Bad enough freekin' out at these guys swinging off frail scaffolding without lighting them up as well. Can you imagine those feck wits from OH&S back here if they saw that?
  2. Always hated those dirty little bastards. Try making a dry mix of 3 parts plain flour with 1 part cement an put in trays where the mice play. After three days they look like golf balls on toothpicks! Forth day gone! Works a treat and you get some entertainment value!
  3. Wonder what he thinks when he takes the shades off and has a proper look!
  4. Mike, I have always admired your (and some others) patriotism, and from your response above it is clear that you have an open mind in discussing difficult issues. I think we agree that the past meddling in the Middle East has created much of the mess we all face today. However I don't entirely agree with the later part of your post as I believe there are lots of things the west can do. It is not an answer to bulk everyone together as evil just because of their religion, colour or origins and deal with them 'en mass'. That would be similar to saying all Catholic priests etc should be thrown out of the country because of the horrendous crimes of a small percentage. There are many policy changes that can be effective, for example adopt 'push / pull' factors to slow /stop the flow of illegals and hopefully cause those already in country to prefer leaving. Make it a serious crime for anyone to employ an illegal, restricted them by only allowing tax file numbered persons to be employed, assist medically without reporting etc. If work, services, welfare etc is only available to documented persons, then there is a reduced desire or possibility for an illegal to enter or stay. (Simple, no work, no welfare, no assistance.. stuff that I'm going home!) Similarly I don't believe anyone should be given a visa that doesn't allow for the host country to kick them out if there is proven criminality. The possibility of being deported would act as a deterrent, but of course not to all. I agree the world is a mess and we all contributed to that, but killing each other only exacerbates the problem specially with this being such a wide spread problem with potential perpetrators now so well integrated. Your country now has a leader with the balls to lead the free world with a major push to resolve these problems, so hopefully he will look at a new approach because those of the past have been a bloody disaster.
  5. A: World War 3 Have a listen to the link bkb1 posted here on this thread, especially the last 6 minutes of it.. The west can't bomb and shoot the crap out of another countries, killing thousands and not expect them to get a bit pissed off! Also, isn't there something in the bible that refers to 'the sowing of the seeds? Like we reap what we sow! The west needs to look inward and honestly for answers.
  6. I couldn't agree more. Connecting a genset into the mains without a DPDT knife switch to prevent any chance of electrocuting a linesman or children etc., is reckless if not criminal. How would any of us live with ourselves if our stupidity / meanness or whatever caused a child to be electrocuted? Bad shit can happen, but we should do all we can to prevent it. IMO
  7. That was the report here in Oz also but they did say it is being considered, not law yet.
  8. Me neither Noodle. Perhaps its run late, past our bed time!
  9. Just read about a 'refugee' from Iran who flew to KL Malaysia and stayed in a nice hotel there for 7 weeks. During this time he flew to stop over tours in several nearby countries before flying to djakarta where he holed up in a hotel for another 5 weeks before paying a people smuggling mob thousands to take him to Oz so he could claim to be a persecuted refugee needing asylum. The bleeding hearts running the country at that time, couldn't comprehend why many here believe he stopped being under any threat (if ever!) when he arrived in Malaysia and was not a refugee. The dumb arsed Greens who want to let everyone in, took up this blokes cause. Ok for them they have nothing and never did anything for Oz so nothing for them to lose!
  10. The investigation and investigators at the time of this murder made the Keystone cops look very professional. They are so incompetent and they will again try to stack up evidence, so like Skyman suggested he should stay away. Any competent investigation would have started with a hard look at family members. We all know that family is the logical starting point for such crimes!
  11. Did a lot of my training with Frigidaire in Dandenong Victoria. They made excellent products. Mid 1960's I started my own refrigeration business, (me and a Morris Minor ute!!) and was the northern service agent for Frigidaire. Earlier they had released the first (In Oz) two door frost free fridge freezer but after a couple of years the insulation between the fridge and freezer compartments became saturated and swelled. Frigidaire were to repair all at no cost and I got the job. It was a fixed 20 pounds each repair so the faster I worked the better the profit. I had a kid helping me and with a few special tools we made, it was possible to strip the guts out of the cabinet, literally dig out the swollen urethane and replace it, reassemble etc in about 1.45 hours but it was a very messy job. We had done many and were getting really fast when this day we went to this very magnificent home with a very stuck-up bitch of an owner to do this repair. As we were stripping the fridge, the old girl was getting very shitty, and me being a young bloke, her confidence was evaporating. Eventually she got so snotty I decided to stop and try to pacify her by explaining that: "we were well trained, done many of these repairs and on the law of averages her fridge would be back together better than new in about half an hour". She snarled back at me: "what do you mean, on the law of averages?" Well, I said: "We get one right out of every ten we do and the last nine didn't work, so you're in with a good chance" Well she was really pissed and while on the phone whining to the Frigidaire service people, we had time to finish the job and get to hell out of there. I thought I was going to be in the poo but the guys at Frigidaire, specially the service manager Bruce N### laughed their butts off!
  12. This will get interesting. I wonder if they will reopen the case when Griffiths is proved innocent. This case would be an interesting one for a private investigator, someone with ability, not like the those involved in the original disgraceful debacle.
  13. Ha ha, we don't need any more crims in Oz thanks! This joint was populated with them! I get your point Lee but some of these blokes seem to have had a raw deal, although there may be more to the story when the other side is known! Just seems a bit rough when they've done the time for their crime and perhaps deserve a bit of special treatment having been active servicemen, besides they also could have been pretty stuffed up in the head upon their return.
  14. Lets hope that these blokes get a break and are able to restart their lives again in the USA with their loved ones. They served, they deserve.
  15. 'fair dinkum' is Ozzie for honest, real or true. Not being fair dinkum means full of BS! Cheers!