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  1. It would appear they are imitating their Muslim terrorist brothers in Iraq and Syria.
  2. Have to admit, there is something about fried pork.... Sometimes I get a hankering for Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali and Chicharrones. But my absolute favorite is Liempo - available on many street corners!
  3. It's funny how many laws in the USA are adopted later by Philippines, it just takes more time! 46 states make it illegal to text while driving - my state since 2010. As far as enforcement goes, police in my area cruise around in unmarked cars looking for violators. Later on down the road, marked units are lying in wait for the offender who was texting. First offense is $100.
  4. One thing I will eat occasionally (usually watching a sporting event) is questo dip made from Velveeta. Chunk up the Velveeta and add salsa or canned diced tomatoes and heat in the microwave until bubbly, then pass the tortilla chips.
  5. Ah yes good ol' Velveeta, another Kraft product with an extra helping of preservatives to make it shelf stable!
  6. That must be the old Club Pump II location, a narrow, long space with a high ceiling able to accommodate a loft. So J-Ave is still open?
  7. Beef freezes beautifully but the problem is packaging and handling. If it is blast frozen at -30 F, that seals in the flavor for at least six months. But due to inferior packaging it can get freezer burned quickly. It can also get partially thawed out while sitting on a loading dock waiting to get loaded/loaded.
  8. No problem for me,bought a ticket last week during their sale and paid for it via CC. Another fare sale should be coming early next month!
  9. Just like black angus is supposed to be a cut above!
  10. There are like three or more Maria Louisa's, which one are you referring to?
  11. Well look at the source; Cebu Daily News and all four journalists it took to write the piece!
  12. No matter where you are staying, stop into the Hong Kong Hotel Association desk just after you clear customs. Various hotels have promos or super specials many times at 50% off only available at HKHA desk!
  13. The good doctor did get off the plane but then came back on. This is what got him in trouble with security. Either way he has several marbles missing.
  14. Was looking at these types of cooktops at Robinson's recently and they must have a dozen brands, Japanese, Korean, etc., single and double configurations. The thing I like about them is they are fairly portable. Do the coated frying pans work on this type burner? Many were using 1500 watts and that could put a dent in the electricity bill.
  15. Wow they actually carry McClures products? They are from my hometown! Does my Costco membership work at S & R ?