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  1. Mandaue traffic is horrible after 7:00 AM and before say 9:00 PM. Saturdays are doable if early arrival.
  2. Was lucky enough to attend a drivers meeting at MIS and it ended in a prayer. You could hear a pin drop!
  3. Sounds good Lee, I'm getting a little tired of salted dried fish and rice for breakfast!
  4. Thanks, will check out the IT Park location tomorrow since I live nearby. Will report back.
  5. Just a cute phrase he needed to come up with to satisfy his hosts and cap off the show. The lechon was from Zubuchon.
  6. Have been privy to these types of Korean tours for years. My gf neighbor met her Korean bf on one of these junkets. She was saying that the guys like the girls to be no older then 21. Heck last week I was in a popular eatery in Mandaue and a HiAce van pulls in. Out pile a bunch of Korean dudes with their Cebuana escorts, lighting up beofre they sit down to eat.
  7. Won't have much of an effect. You have to remember that only 36% of Americans have a valid passport!
  8. Never tried Abaca so what would draw me in?
  9. FYI, Summit Circle is owned by Cebu Pacific Airline and they offer a hefty discount (at least 20%) when flying into Cebu City.
  10. Nightly TV news said there was only a 30% participation rate so the strike was a failure.
  11. Then it's time to break out a bottle of Wild Irish Rose!
  12. Just rode a jeep from Apas to JY and it was business as usual. Only had to wait 30 seconds for one to come along.
  13. The tires have good grip on the ice maybe they have spikes or studs in them.