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  1. i brought an electrolux bagged vacuum from metro about 3000 peso. Can order more bags from the service centre which is near the Windland towers .( they come from manila and are not cheap) the bags seal well and little dust ends up in the cleaner.
  2. I wondered the same thing .The non aircon buses seem to have a lot more power and i have noticed the air con buses seem slow especially when overtaking other vehicles, A distinct lack of pickup when they drop down a gear.
  3. Cars seem to be more grossly overpriced . A new 4x4 is about 1.5 mill pesos which can buy you a small house in Cebu.
  4. Has anyone heard if the Transcentral highway between Cebu and Balamban has been affected by the heavy rain in the last few days ,ie slips etc. thanks
  5. Depends how you look at it . If you had of invested the cost of your house (10-15 mill pesos? ) in the dow in 2009 you would have almost trebled your money As it is your house is prob still worth 10 - 15 mill peso
  6. Sorry ,i misinterpreted your earlier post Absolutely. I bought a unit in the pre-sell phase in 2016, still under construction. Cebu is in the early stages of an economic boom, prices are going nowhere but up. If one wants a condo, the time to buy is soon. In just a few years you'll be paying a lot more. You must have been just repeating the spiel from your Philippine realtor friends
  7. Thats fine I only put a contrary view as you were firing everyone up to buy before prices rise Not that it matters but i lived in Cebu for 7 years, returning to NZ about a year ago and heard many condo stories while their. PS still waiting for someone who has brought new and sold at a profit in the last 5 years, even excluding real estate fees and capital gains tax.
  8. I have yet to hear of anyone selling a second hand condo for more than they brought it new in the last five years in Cebu Sure new prices may be going up but try and sell second hand and it is a different story. On a good day you may break even.
  9. Cannot see you having a problem . I think some english language schools have been run from condo buildings before . At the worst their may be a new thread on linc about The guy who started a laundry business in my condo and is driving me crazy.
  10. opposite and down slightly from the Mcdonalds on Osmena bvld (near crown regency) is a small hole in the wall mechanic name of Randy, he is very good
  11. Do those new washing machines work if you do not have them plumbed in . ie fill them with a bucket at the end of each cycle
  12. Seems to be a lot of smoke and mirrors around condo sales in Cebu Does anyone know of someone who has sold a condo that they brought new or of the plans for more than the purchase price in the last five years. The stories i hear are about how hard it is to sell a condo but then again i dont live here
  13. Looks like its all go for casinos in the Phils Philippine Casinos Will Soon Surpass Singapore, Okada Says by Ian C Sayson and Siegfrid Alegado December 22, 2016, 2:17 AM GMT+13 December 22, 2016, 1:28 PM GMT+13 Universal chairman sees Manila casino profitable in first year Interested to invest in Japan casino but has low expectations Universal Entertainment Corp. Chairman Kazuo Okada said the Philippine gaming market could soon surpass Singapore’s, as improved ties with China promises more tourists and raise the prospects for his upcoming $2.4 billion casino. The Japanese gaming tycoon said in Manila on Wednesday that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s move to thaw relations with China as well as his efforts to fight drugs and crime will increase the number of Chinese visitors. At the same time, he sounded a note of caution about jumping into the world’s newest casino market in Japan due to its aging population. “A lot of Chinese are coming into the Philippines, and that will improve more as improving bilateral relations between China and the Philippines increase tourism here,” said Okada in an interview ahead of a public preview of his resort, starting Dec. 21 and lasting till its official opening in the first quarter of 2017. “The Philippine gaming market will become bigger than Singapore” within years, he said, without giving a specific timeframe. Kazuo Okada Photographer: Jerome Favre/Bloomberg The Philippines is competing with Macau and Singapore to become a gambling hub targeting Asia’s rising middle class, even as the prevalence of high-stakes Chinese gamblers has been weakened by government crackdowns on corruption and capital outflow. Competition in the region is set to become more crowded, with Japan’s parliament passing a bill legalizing casinos Dec. 15, paving the way for billions of dollars of potential investments. Details of Japan’s casinos, or so-called integrated resorts, must still be laid out in an implementation bill before any casinos can be built -- meaning none are likely to open their doors in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Universal Entertainment shares rose as much as 2.4 percent in Tokyo trading Thursday, the most since Dec. 14 on an intraday basis. The benchmark Topix index fell 0.5 percent. The company’s shares have surged 37 percent this year. Low Expectations “I am very much interested in investing in Japan also for a casino -- but I feel that the rules would take a year to be fully-established, so we will consider it for one year,” said Okada, whose company is a manufacturer of gaming machines known as pachinko. “It’s one way to promote tourism to Japan, and it’s also a way in Japan to provide a different form of gaming other than pachinko to the people.” While Yokohama and Osaka have been touted as potential venues for Japan’s first casino resorts, Okada said he sees the northern city of Sapporo as an attractive location due to its natural resources and good seafood, and its existing popularity with tourists. Still, the 74-year-old is keeping his expectations low. “I don’t have very high expectations when it comes to the gaming industry in Japan because economic growth has been very stable,” he said. “Another reason is that Japan is an aging society, so probably not a lot of people will be spending.” An artist rendering of Universal Entertainment’s Manila Bay Resorts at night. Source: Universal Entertainment Corp. Entertainment City Instead, he’s keeping his focus firmly on Okada Manila, which will be the Philippine capital’s largest casino resort with over 26,000 square meters (280,000 square feet) of gaming space, and the third to open in Entertainment City, a 120-hectare (297 acres) site along the city’s bay that the government is developing into a casinos and leisure hub. Philippine gross gaming revenue will probably reach $3 billion this year and could reach $3.6 billion in 2018, as new entrants like Okada and improving relations with China bring in more overseas gamers, said Rommel Rodrigo, an analyst at Maybank ATR Kim Eng. By comparison, gross gaming revenue from Singapore’s two casino resorts was $4.8 billion in 2015, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Okada expects his Manila casino, which missed its previous deadline to start operations in November, to be profitable in its first year of operations and to give a return on his investment in three to five years. The venture could seek a listing on the Philippine Stock Exchange in a year, he said. China Pivot “The gaming market here in Philippines has a lot of room for growth,” Okada said. Duterte’s controversial fight against drugs and crime is expected to improve the image of the country and draw foreign tourists, in turn boosting the local economy, he said. “We are very positive.” The most important market news of the day. Get our markets daily newsletter. Sign Up Duterte, who assumed office in June 30, has made a pivot to China in a bid to attract investments from the world’s second-largest economy and thaw relations that cooled in the previous six years due to a territorial dispute. In a state visit in October, Duterte secured $24 billion of investment and credit pledges, supporting his push to veer foreign policy away from the U.S., the Philippines’ top military ally. “Our initial target is to have 30 percent of the guests from the international segment, but we would eventually like to bring that up to 50 percent,” said Okada. “ We are looking at China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan -- if you think about it from proximity, a lot of our guests will initially be coming from China and Taiwan.”
  14. I just googled problems with condos in cebu Just a sample this one relates to windlands and city lights. http://shareeuqo.blogspot.co.nz/2013/08/canadian-complains-of-condo-violations.html or this http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/238257/work-on-horizons-101-condo-resumes to me it is not only about the build quality also about town planning, they now have a new dump site next to all those philinvest condos on the SRP, Who would have predicted that when they signed up http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/116671/illegal-dumping No doubt many people are happy with their purchases but bad experiences are also very common.
  15. maybe not on linc but a quick google search shows up enough disgruntled buyers to be disconcerting in many buildings in Cebu