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  1. something seems seriously out of wack when a car costs as much as a house or a condo , looking at the new proposed price of a Toyota Fortuner at 3.3 mill
  2. What you may be missing is the fact you had very bad luck with your purchase in Gladstone . It must be one of the few places in Aus to drop 75% since 2011. if you had brought a unit in Sydney for 365k in 2011 you probably would have trebled your money. Where as a condo brought new in Cebu for 5 mill peso in 2011 would be lucky to realise that same amount of money in 2017 https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/apr/03/sydney-property-prices-rise-almost-20-in-past-12-months
  3. Hotel Madera . Close to the MRT and central shopping , very nice place
  4. You picked the wrong example here.I don,t think any amount of security would have saved this couple. No sign of forced entry and a helper who failed a lie detector. Virginia Saluta (the helper) was charged with robbery and double honicide spent four years in detention before being released through lack of evidence, No amount of security can save you from an inside job
  5. HOME NEWS Abu Sayyaf planned mass kidnapping of tourists on Easter Sunday POSTED BY: M G MARTIN APRIL 12, 2017 Hostages kidnapped from a tourist resort last year, including Canadians Robert Hall and John Ridsdel, who were both beheaded The Abu Sayyaf terrorists who landed on Bohol yesterday were planning a mass kidnapping at a tourist resort, the military has said today (Wednesday, April 12). The raid came just two days after the US Embassy in Manila warned that the Islamic State-affiliated group was planning an attack in the Central Visayas region. Military chief of staff General Eduardo Año said the group were planning to lie low until Easter Sunday when they would swoop on a resort when it was packed to capacity for the holiday. “They are expecting probably to kidnap four or five persons per boat, so at least 10 to 12 kidnap victims was their plan,” he said. The terrorists, now believed to number 11, landed on the popular tourist island on Tuesday. Within hours they were engaged by security forces in clashes that left six militants dead and also cost the lives of three soldiers and a policeman. FROM OUR RECENT ARCHIVES: Suspected Abu Sayyaf pirates attack Vietnamese ship, kill one, kidnap seven Among the dead, was Abu Sayyaf leader Moammar Askali, also known as Abu Rami, who was involved in the beheadings of Canadians Robert Hall and John Ridsdel and German Jurgen Kantner. Abu Sayyaf leader Abu Rami has been confirmed killed in the raid The army and police continue to hunt the remaining five Abu Sayyaf gunmen, along with any local collaborators. “They are all running for their lives,” said General Año. Abu Sayyaf launched their strike from their stronghold on Jolo Island, which is about 300 miles to the south of Bohol. Philippine intelligence agencies got wind of the plan last week, and alerted foreign counterpart agencies, leading to the warning from the US Embassy. However, it seems that President Duterte wasn’t informed. When asked about the embassy’s warning as he left for a trip to the Middle East, he said: “Why should you worry about the US embassy? I should be worrying about my country, not the American embassy.” Although they knew the raid had been launched, intelligence agencies lost track of the terrorists in the open seas.
  6. My place in San Remigio is tax declaration. Nothing wrong with it if you do your homework trace the lineage and get the signatures. I am not too worried as it is just a holiday home. Of course one advantage of tax dec properties is the price . In lapu a titled lot will cost you twice as much as a tax dec one
  7. Not a good sign for the condo market when a reseller is dropping the price by over 2 mil to get some bites. Who's crazy enough to buy a new one
  8. i brought an electrolux bagged vacuum from metro about 3000 peso. Can order more bags from the service centre which is near the Windland towers .( they come from manila and are not cheap) the bags seal well and little dust ends up in the cleaner.
  9. I wondered the same thing .The non aircon buses seem to have a lot more power and i have noticed the air con buses seem slow especially when overtaking other vehicles, A distinct lack of pickup when they drop down a gear.
  10. Cars seem to be more grossly overpriced . A new 4x4 is about 1.5 mill pesos which can buy you a small house in Cebu.
  11. Has anyone heard if the Transcentral highway between Cebu and Balamban has been affected by the heavy rain in the last few days ,ie slips etc. thanks
  12. Depends how you look at it . If you had of invested the cost of your house (10-15 mill pesos? ) in the dow in 2009 you would have almost trebled your money As it is your house is prob still worth 10 - 15 mill peso
  13. Sorry ,i misinterpreted your earlier post Absolutely. I bought a unit in the pre-sell phase in 2016, still under construction. Cebu is in the early stages of an economic boom, prices are going nowhere but up. If one wants a condo, the time to buy is soon. In just a few years you'll be paying a lot more. You must have been just repeating the spiel from your Philippine realtor friends
  14. Thats fine I only put a contrary view as you were firing everyone up to buy before prices rise Not that it matters but i lived in Cebu for 7 years, returning to NZ about a year ago and heard many condo stories while their. PS still waiting for someone who has brought new and sold at a profit in the last 5 years, even excluding real estate fees and capital gains tax.
  15. I have yet to hear of anyone selling a second hand condo for more than they brought it new in the last five years in Cebu Sure new prices may be going up but try and sell second hand and it is a different story. On a good day you may break even.