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  1. No worries, the cut/paste defender of the religion that propagates pedophilia, murder & rape should be along shortly to place a (defensive) spin on the matter...
  2. WANT!
  3. From the album Just us...

  4. The shouting of "Allahu Akbar" and then attacking w/a bolo is enough for most to conclude the "nut case" is a jihadi (worthy of swift elimination). Kinda like a shit hole in Karachi.... call it what ya's still a shit hole...LOL
  5. Imagine a dark windowless foul smelling room with a hole in the floor and the poor aim of all previous guest....very unpleasant.
  6. Had the displeasure of visiting Karachi (asshole of the world) in the late 70's. Did not understand why everyone I encountered seemed angry....until my first visit to a public toilet. What a shithole...
  8. Still funny....[media]
  9. Like the hotel keyless systems....just another thing to break, go wrong & complicate our lives. Always liked simple...KISS
  10. Looks like Mt Blanc, Chamonix, France. Visited there this summer and watched the adrenalin junkies take that Peter Pan...over & over. Crazy.....
  11. We visit the PI as often as possible. Without fail (on most trips) we encounter an unfortunate who decided to hop on a two wheeled machine and live the adventure in an exotic land.. Etched in my memory is a gentleman boarding the rust-bucket ferry to/from Bantayan... Poor bastard, he was in a wheelchair and in obvious pain...Suspect he will not soon forget that trip. You pays yer money and takes yer chances...
  12. Never served on her but was asked to leave once. We (me and a buddy in uniform) were waiting on a hop at Alameda.....and there she was in all her glory, damn that thing was (at that time) big. One of the gangways was not guarded so we decided to give ourselves an unescorted tour. We were wandering around the hanger bay for about 15 min when approached by a really pissed off jg and two big Marines. We were unceremoniously shown the door while being threatened with all sorts of that jg was really pissed. First & last visit on the Big "E".