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  1. Poor little things. The Japanese eats them alive and kicking too! Take out the beaks first or they'll bite back while in your stomach. (joke lang) I prefer spicy bbq'd octopus myself.
  2. We have a stove that has electric and gas burners. We only use the Shell brand LPG tanks for reliability and safety. Regulators are availble that has an auto shutoff feature when a leak is detected.
  3. We've been happily married for 27 yrs now, but before we got married we had a 6 yr old fashion long distance courtship. Must have been love that kept was together all these years. We're retired now, still together, happy and content with our retirement lifestyle here in the Philippines. Can't ask for anything more than that.
  4. Yup! That's what it's going to take by renovating your unit. Luckily labor is cheap in the Philippines, but cost of materials has gone up quite considerably. Anyway, good luck! It'll will turn out great in the end!
  5. I just started reading the OP and saw the pictures of what was to be a condo ready to be turned over to the owners. OMG! I would have had a temper tanturm that I would have gone ballistic, but this is the Philippines and it would be a NO NO to loose one's cool. From what I've seen in the photos was unacceptable workmanship. No wonder everything looked pretty bad. Before I retired we lived in N. Calif. in a nice condo on the 2nd floor with only a carport. We had to sell it, because we couldn't afford to retire in our condo and continue high mortgage payments and retire in the Philippines. We got rid of everything we owned in N. Calif. and just rented in the Philppines NCR of Luzon for the first two years until we could afford to buy our own place. We just happened to be in an area that everything was still in the development stages of a 30 yr project from raw land owned and managed by Ayala Land Corporation aka AVIDA today. To make a long story short, I was at the construction site everyday to observe every facet of construction to my satisfaction when we had our home built. 19 yrs later we're still here living in our little humble home and here we shall stay for the long haul. Good luck to the OP in having their condo corrected after the shotty workmanship done to their home. I know the feeling, because I personally with my own tools during their day off corrected some the minor shotty workmanship some of the contracter's unskilled laborers did to areas our home and none were the wiser as for me not to blame who did the shotty work. Some just scratched their heads and wondered what had changed to what they were working on, but I did have others fired from screwing up bigtime..
  6. Yeah, when I read our property tax declaration, I do not have a clue how and where they got their numbers to calculate our annual property tax. In the begining our lot was only P2,000 a year, but after our home was completed and reasseted by our City Hall's Assessor's office, the structure came to P8,000 a year. House and lot value is seperate on the Tax Declaration form from City Hall.
  7. Property taxes usually depends where one lives by region and districts. Where we live is in an upscale subdivision in the suburbs aka a province where most of the upper middle class and well to do rich income earners lives. Our home sits on a 187 sq mtr lot and our annual property tax is around P10,000 and our annual HOA dues at P14,000. Vacant lots in our area now costs around P8,000 to P10,000 per sq meters. Our electric bill is around P5,000 to P8,000 a month with our bedroom 1HP A/C on 24/7 all year round. In 2001 we paid P2.9 million for our lot with a basic floor plan minus a 2 car garage. It took an additional P1 million to finish our home including a 2 car garage, bonus and laundry room. The market selling price of our home would cost P6 million if we sold it today. We don't plan on selling our home any time soon. We're here to stay for the long haul.
  8. We have lived in our subdivision about 16 yrs now and not once have we had our septic tank serviced. I believe we have the modern plastic composite septic tank with the type that flows into our street under ground drains. Where the overflow waste goes I don't have a clue, but we do have a nearby sewage and water treatment plant. I guess it flows in their direction. Out in the provinces I have never seen a sewage and or water treatment plant. That's why we don't swim at local beaches here in the Philippines, unless it's pristine off the beaten path or even buy seafood unless we know where it came from.
  9. That's cool as hell alright, but I'm not the desk jockey type. I worked for a living before I retired.
  10. Give us an example what your calculations are. Banks here discriminate against age of the person on the loan. I was 53 when I applied for a P1 million construction loan at 14% variable rate, which if I recall correctly was around P14,000 a month decreasing throughout the life of the loan back in 2001 and the bank only gave me a maximum of 12 yrs to payoff the loan, which has been paid off and we now have a clear title to our property, which took 15 days to process.
  11. I decided not to continue with my individual Philhealth plan, since we already have our military TRICARE Overseas coverage (no premiums involved) that pays at least 75% including our pharmacy costs and TRICARE picks up any Medicare costs. ($106 a month taken out from my CRS pension). My wife will continue with her Philhealh premiums since it's cheap.
  12. That's why we can afford $1,000 a month on imported grocery items, because our mortgage is paid off in our area that isn't cheap to live as it is in areas of Cebu. We have no other debts and it's just my wife, her nephew and I living in our home.
  13. Back in the days when the military bases at Clark and Subic were still around, it made it easy for young bar girls to get married to young military members and brought to the U.S. not knowing the outcome of their future. Some of the women changed their ways and did fine, but those dent on being party girls were divorced numerous times not having normal lives, until they changed their ways of settling down by eventually meeting the right guy. On the other hand, the once young military member now older, much wiser and have gone through many relationships primary entirely with Filipinas carrying baggage and passed around by their former husbands are again in the dating game hoping for a new life once again. Also there are those military members who are either divorced, retired and or on a disability pension, unmarried and alone also in the hunt for a relationship to fill the void and hence they return to the Philippines to find their perspective other half, which some are succesful in doing and hence the cycle begins again once more and also for expats on the rebound doing the same. So, this is when some middle age Filipinas will have numerous experencies in theirs lives good and bad and to which some of their stories come to light on some expat forum. I myself have been around when Clark and Subic was busy and active during the VietNam era and when military men and bar girls intertwined during their shore leave and or R&R. And now that I'm retired, I now see many young and retired expats looking for love in the Philppines going through the simular routine as was done when the military bases were around.
  14. If that be the case, where do they dump all that chit runoff? Fish chum? OMG!
  15. What do you mean a 10.5 yr old post? Say that too to Kaha's post above. Also If I recall correctly Jim Subbick I think his last name is, posted a few years ago that his family of 6 lived on $600 a month comfortably.