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  1. I have no idea but for 999 php a month for 8 Mb/s + the tv channels I think it is a good price I had globe before was only 2 Mb/s and NO tv cost 1099 php hmm
  2. I hope so That is what I am counting on I just got the sky cable less than a week ago so I do not know yet
  3. If you can get sky cable, it is worth having look at http://www.mysky.com.ph/onesky check the onesky lite 8 Mb/s and multi channels, 999 each month cap at 40 GB pr month fox sports + fox sports 2 & 3 add on for 150 php extra
  4. we have touched that topic before the london buses are no higher than a truck with a container in fact I think they are just a bit lower anyway would be cheaper to raise the wires than make room for the road train bus
  5. They should get some London double deck buses, like the old short ones
  6. I do not think it is in a law, that your are allowed to stay as a tourist for 36 months (for some nationals it is 24 months) I do not think the law was changed when they extended the stay from 16 months to 36 months that is only a few years back, that they did that
  7. Yes I would go get the ECC, about 7 days before leaving, it is 500 php at jcentre mall, mandaue
  8. An qatar airways has flown to philippines for multi many years still they forced my to buy a ticket out of philippines within 59 days on my 1/2 year visit, already had a return ticket 1/2 year out they check the timatic, even the check in boss from qatar airways was involved
  9. Ya I just noticed now that you wrote entry date in the OP So by april 4 you have been here for 3 years, and you will have to leave by that date what is the problem buying a ticket out, when you have to leave anyway, that is also a way to show that you intend to leave
  10. how long have you been in philippines since last entry ?
  11. Jet blue partners https://www.jetblue.com/airline-partners/ Now Partnering With Korean Air! http://blog.jetblue.com/now-partnering-with-korean-air/
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  13. another link https://www.globe.com.ph/registerduointl/all
  14. Globe DUO International I just found this a few minutes ago, I do not know much about it it is 10 USD a month You can try to subscribe, just break before paying it looks a little like REBTEL ?? hmmm forgot the link https://duo.globe.com.ph/