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  1. Samatm, What I heard the tram is supposed to be for vegetables from the other side of the mountain. My place is just below the market. It is cool maybe around 70 degrees farenheit on the middle of the day. I just bought that this past year. In fact, I didn't pay for the whole amount yet since the owner still have to pay the inheritance tax. I do have a nice view and cool climate. I will probably put a tiny homes there to rent it out there someday (if money permits). Hey, if you care sometimes stop by in one of my property (2 hectares) in Casay Dalaguete which is about 1.5 kilometer from the beach by the national hwy. If you want to go swimming and snorkeling. I have some snorkels and inflatables there. You guys can even sleep there if you don't mind sleeping (primitive way). It is still a nipa hut with a huge porch that my nephew added a year ago. I stay there a lot whenever I am in Cebu. It is besides the elementary school and Barangay Hall. That is the one I was thinking of putting a driving range and maybe putt putt golf (wishing). Still don't have a lot of cash and guts to start.. A used to have a hut inside the Dalaguete Beach Club but the typhoon damaged it. In fact, Paul stayed there before. It is on the top of the Cliff. I don't want to do anything on that property since I don't have a right of way. I don't know if the Beach Club can still let me in and out whenever I want someday. So right now I just go there if I want to go snorkeling if I am in town.
  2. That is a very expensive strawberry. I wish I have known this when I was there this past couple months. I do have a property in Ubo Dalaguete (by the tram line) not far from the market of mantalongon. I like Dalaguete area there are more things to do (beaches, spring, mountain climbing, and going to strawberry farm). The town also have a tennis courts by the water.
  3. Any of you been to the Strawberry Field in Dalaguete?
  4. Can somebody give me an information of insurance company (car/house) that any of you guys use? Also, any of you have a good experienced of toyota dealers in cebu? Thank you in advance Lynette
  5. According to my husband (HP certified tech) the advantage of buying the new one is that you have a toner comes with it (even it is just half full). Plus you have a one year warranty. The toner carthridges that you mentioned above is likely a reman. The failure rate is about 20% or higher.
  6. Hi Lee, I am in Florida right now, but I want my sister and nephew to take a look of your condo when you arrive in Cebu. If that is still okay with you? Lynette
  7. check "LIPAT BAHAY".
  8. He must be the husband of Mrs. Furbush that is buried here in the cemetery close to my house.
  9. I do have Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Health Care Surrogate, Durable Power of Attorney, etc. I am a worry wart, I hope this will be enough to cover if do have to go before my husband.
  10. My husband and I have Revocable Living Trust especially we still have a 16 year old daughter. She will be taking care by the Estate as we stated. We don't have a lot, but plenty enough. My daughter's college is paid off. I did a Fl. Prepaid. She didn't know that is paid off. I want her to work hard to get a scholarship. She is likely to get one since she is a very good tennis player and softball player besides she has A's and B in academic. My husband should be okay since we have 2 paid off houses here in Florida and 1 that is about to be paid off. We set up a POD (PAID ON DEATH) on our bank accounts . My understanding in case one of us die before the other, he/she can have the access on the account to pay the bills immediately. Doesn't have to wait for the Estate to be settle. I have a friend that when her husband died she could not get any money from their joint account to pay the bills. According to her it is because it says "so and so". The word "and" requires both signatures. It should say I guess "And/Or".
  11. disagree I mean. my brain is not working right again.
  12. Steve-usa, First of all I admire you for going back to school to be an RN. I know that takes a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance, some brain and money of course. At one time I put 6 kids in nursing school in Philippines hoping they will be able to migrate in America to have a better life. Four of those kids graduated. Nobody is here in America. Anyway, one of those kids is a beautiful Cebuana from Aloguinsan, Cebu about 5'3" in height. She is by the way just turn 30 this year. If you don't care much about her she have 2 younger sisters on their 20s. One I saw was 5'7". She is hoping of course someday she will be able to marry a foreigner. I don't know how to get a hold of you since I can't put my information here to give the information about this woman. I am slow when it comes to technology and that I don't know how to send a private message to another member. Hey, I have a good friend here in her 20s that is married to 70 something dude and they have 3 kids 7, 3, and 1 and 1/2. She is very good housekeeper. The one thing I this agree from the husband is not sending her to school instead just make her pregnants. But I guess it is better than being in Philippines.
  13. This is what I learned from a peer support instructor. He said if we have a goal make it a SMART goal. As in acronym SMART. S= SPECIFIC M= MEASURABLE A= ATTAINABLE R=REALISTIC/RELEVANT T= TIMELY Growing up abused and very poor all I want is to finish my education, migrate to America and have a loving family someday. All of these dreams came true plus more. I live here now in the land of opportunity. I got my education, joined the NAVY, ex-postal worker, real estate agent. I am happy to say that I have paid off houses here in America and properties in Philippines plus I have a very loving husband. I wouldn't accomplished all my dreams (goals) without our God Almighty, a supportive men in my life plus my hard work, perseverance, guts and street smart. Because I am blessed so much I make sure that I share my blessings to those less fortunate especially to the kids who really want to finish their study. To Mr. Tomaw, I think you are in the wrong place if you want to own a house. Isn't in California houses are really expensive. I bought my first house on 1997 while I was still working in USPS and with my savings and stable job I was able to buy a house by myself. I got addicted of buying more on early 2000. There was a time I would buy 3 houses in two months period. My husband would fix it up and we rent it out for a while. We sold most of those houses before the recession.
  14. Anybody here know where to buy a baking soda in Cebu and how much?
  15. I read similar story about a senior lady live in the cruise ship and according to her it is cheaper than the nursing homes and mentioned that cruise ship also has doctors on board. I told my husband that I am going to revise our Estate Planning and that I want to be put either in the cruise ship or send me to Philippines to have a personal care giver when time comes.