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  1. What is it? Do you have a picture? There are a lot of different names for the same grass here, so maybe it is known by another name here.
  2. I wonder if a team name change is also in the offing. There certainly has to be a name that would be more fitting to Las Vegas.
  3. And because health officials refuse to admit that there might be a potential problem due to political implications. Heaven knows we don't want people to realize that those entering the country might pose a health problem for the nation.
  4. I use MAPFRE insurance, which is part of Insular Life. It is on the second floor of the Insular Life Building behind Ayala Center Mall (past the Terraces). I am very happy with them.
  5. I had up to 20 workers on the construction site at times, so it wasn't a one-for-one thing. I wasn't at the construction site at all times, but I was there enough that they did things as I wanted them knowing that... 1. I might show up at any time. 2. if they didn't do it right, I would have the contractor have them do it over again. I tried to be on the construction site at least two or three hours every day, not straight through, but broken up into two or three smaller segments. The times when I had problems were when we went out of town for several days. I had a on-site construction foreman, so I had most of my communication with him rather than with the actual workers. Most construction workers here don't understand English well enough to get what you want anyway. There are times, though, when you simply have to show them exactly what you want. Otherwise, they just won't comprehend what you are talking about (even if they understand English).
  6. I had no problem getting a plastic DL card. I asked the people at the LTO office in SM City Mall what LTO offices had the plastic cards available. They told me the ONLY place that consistently has the cards is the main Cebu City LTO office. I went there, applied for renewal, went through their short routine, and walked out an hour later with a plastic DL card in my wallet.
  7. Just remember ... the results of your renovation won't be any better than the original construction unless you are there frequently to supervise the work. The result you got was the result of unsupervised workers taking shortcuts wherever they could. You can't trust workers here to build it right because most have never learned how to do that. They don't learn how to build according to standards. Instead, they learn from some other worker who passes on his own set of bad habits. You can get them to do things right, but it requires direction on your part. During my construction project, I found that every time I didn't give constant direction, the workers reverted back to their bad habits (because that was how they were taught), and things didn't get done correctly.
  8. Do you know him personally? Because I have known him for years, and there isn't any time of the month when I have ever seen him short of money. He is certainly NOT dependent on a disability check. You obviously don't know the source of his income. He often goes to S&R more than once a month, so avoiding the first of each month won't do you any good at all. Stop saying things about other members that you have gathered from hearsay. It doesn't become you. PS ... there isn't anything wrong with stocking up when you see something in stock that you haven't seen for a while. Those who live here understand that restocking policies in stores here suck, and it will likely be a long time before you see that product again. They don't even think about restock until they are at zero stock, and some products take months to get back on the shelves. We all stock up when we find a hard-to-get product.
  9. Don't try that in the Philippines. It won't work out that nicely for you.
  10. This was the only statement you made that I don't totally agree with. You don't have to lose your sex drive to find true love. In pair bonding, and in creating a deep love, sex can be an impediment or a glue. It really just depends on which head is controlling your thoughts and emotions. I am totally head-over-heels in love with my wife of seven years, and I am still very much sexually attracted to her. I don't see that ever changing.
  11. If the OP is married to a Filipina and bringing her with him, then they should definitely bring a copy of their marriage certificate and ask for a BB stamp. Then the length of the stay doesn't matter.
  12. That has to be the smallest dance floor in the world. The title is somewhat misleading because every person in the elevator looked up at the camera at some point. Nobody forgot it was there. They were performing for the camera. To have the sheriff get on and start dancing means he was probably watching the security monitor before he got on the elevator. It is amazing that sheriff's deputies have so much time on their hands that they can just ride the elevator up and down dancing all day long.
  13. I get monthly wire transfers from my credit union in the US. I set it all up before I moved to the Philippines years ago. I just email my contact at my credit union, and she wires the money I request to my bank account here. I make the request in the evening, and the money is in my dollar account here the next morning. Of course, it has to be a weekday back in the US for that to work. Basically, it works because I set it all up in advance with credit union employees that I have known for years.