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  1. S&R

    That is the key. Coming from North Mandaue, S&R is more accessible for me. S&R would also be more accessible for anybody coming from the south who can make use of the CSCR and the tunnel. It is basically a straight shot.
  2. S&R

    You need to fill out their short application (no trick questions or documentation needed). Then, they will take your digital picture and issue your card. There is nothing complicated about getting an S&R card.
  3. Venus and Mars. The likelihood of a man understanding how a woman thinks is about as remote as a Westerner fully understanding Filipino logic.
  4. Wasn't BossHog's kid going to school in Marawi? Hopefully, they are no longer there.
  5. Check out the Temple of Leah http://templeofleah.com/ Check out the Sky Experience Adventure http://www.skyexperienceadventure.com/
  6. Martial Law under Marcos was a good thing ... unless you were one of those who got disappeared. It was used to get rid of a lot of bad guys in this country. Unfortunately, it was also later used to get rid of ANY opposition to Marcos.
  7. Funny Marine. Hurlburt and Eglin are to the EAST of Pensacola. The only thing SOUTH of Pensacola is the gulf.
  8. You can't talk to Paul like that...
  9. You mean like the people in the World Trade Center towers?
  10. Seriously? I know for a fact that cracks to major structural elements (columns and beams) in buildings here (that I have personal knowledge of) were simply plastered over. You are thinking that the rules they go by in the US are also the rules they go by in the Philippines. It isn't the case. If damage can be covered up here (so the public feels good about it again), it will be. Out of sight, out of mind. It is cheaper to patch than it is to tear down and rebuild.
  11. Let's NOT turn this thread into a discussion on religion. It is about a singing group (that has disbanded).
  12. These guys are all ex-Mormon missionaries that served in the Philippines. Their perspective is skewed by that vantage point. The funny part is that their songs are played on Filipino radio.
  13. That is typical here. Some companies will back their work for longer, but it isn't common.
  14. Maybe not, but the system I used felt safer to me. The steel columns and beams not only gave me firm anchors for the wall panels, but they gave me a firm anchor for the roof structure. It is just as likely to have a roof failure as a wall failure here.
  15. Do you know what "geologic time" means? Faults often have event intervals of hundreds or thousands of years. For many faults, it has been so long since they triggered that they aren't even mapped. That does NOT mean that they aren't there, and that doesn't mean that they aren't capable of producing a major quake. I was here during the 2013 quake. I know exactly what it felt like. I also know that if that quake had been directly under the city, the effects would have been up to ten times as bad. It is impossible to know whether or not high-rise buildings would have collapsed if the quake had been in close proximity, but I wouldn't be standing around in the shadow of one of these buildings to find out either. During the 2013 quake, the only major damage (total or near total failure) in the Cebu metro area was to the Basilica of Santo Niño and to the SRP Gaisano Mall. That doesn't mean there was no damage to other structures. There were buildings all over the metro area that sustained structural damage. It was mostly cracks in structural members and wall rendering that fell off or cracked, but it was there. Most of the damage was "repaired" by opening the cracks with a concrete nail, and plastering over them (not exactly a structural fix). So you can assume that if there is another quake down the road, this damage will likely reopen and may be magnified.