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  1. In about 1970 2 buddies and I became slightly tipsy after drinking vodka, beer, and a typhoon fifth of Ankadama plum wine. As we sat in the airport waiting for our flight, we loudly discussed what to do when the plane crashed. Nobody even blinked an eye.
  2. First Class Petty Officer. A true American sailor. He should be buried in Arlington. Resting with so many other American servicemen who gave their lives for their shipmates.
  3. Has anyone thought that perhaps the politicians do not want to eradicate the Muslim terrorists? As long as they are causing trouble there will be foreign aid and money flowing in.
  4. The Jacksonville area is loaded with Filipinos. We have Tagalog Masses in some Catholic churches and a plethora of Filipino stores and bakeries. I even had a Filipina doctor during my next to last confinement. She would have raised your BP when she came in the room. No longer concentrated in the medical field, they are integrating well and have become solid citizens. We are the first FL area to be infected by the Jollibee virus, and only time will tell if eradication is possible.
  5. I can remember those days well. Being spit at, called baby killers, and considered too dangerous to hire by many employers.
  6. Thanks for the info. It sounds fair and reasonable. This of course means that the U.S. will probably never see it. There are too many deeply entrenched businesses that would lose money or be forced out of business. The insurance companies alone have enough money to buy any representative they wish. If President Trump were able to push it through, the American version would probably resemble a nightmare more than a dream.
  7. President Trump has been reported as saying that he thinks the Australians have a good health insurance plan. Anyone care to try to explain it? It may at some point become a model for the replacement of Obamacare in the U.S.
  8. Many of our elevators no longer reach the top floor.
  9. Don't bring back fried pork skins. If you declare them they will confiscated.
  10. I use Express Scripts here in the States. No Problems. However, in your case you should log into your account and update your info through their secure site. If necessary, I would call rather than update through non secure website.
  11. http://tfc.tv/ will give you streaming ABS-CBN for 12.95 per month. Dish has GMA but you have to buy a load of garbage with it.
  12. It takes a few years. My wife was gone 10 years before she wanted to return. Absence dims the memories of the hassles and that takes a while.
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  14. Along the way he has reinforced the idea that Filipinos are fair weather friends.