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  1. No problem here using Nordvpn with Globe LTE.
  2. We had one more this afternoon at 4:10, probably the third strongest of the eight since early this morning.
  3. The latest, a 2.7 magnitude quake in Asturias, was at 9:13 AM.
  4. Just had another one that shook the house and rattled the windows.
  5. We felt it, and there have been at least 5 aftershocks. The smaller of the two largest shocks, the first one was located about 5 kilometers north of here. The second and strongest was 5 kilometers East of here and there was a large boom like an explosion associated with it. We don't appear to have any significant damage, but the experience from both was intense.
  6. HSBC has replaced theirs with the new card.
  7. Never seen a dead body on the Trans Central Highway. There are sections of the Trans Central Highway where they made a third lane, but did not cut down the trees, so you have a third lane with a tree in the middle of it.
  8. If, as the article says, that she only met him the day before the incident, then it wasn't him that she had been visiting on previous occasions.
  9. I think Owen's wife would know better than his estranged father. As far as the raid, it was planned six months ago under the Obama administration.
  10. I use Dr. Francisco Chio (pronounced chew) he is the section head of the coronary care unit at Chong Hua also a long time family friend. http://www.chonghua.com.ph/index.php/search/physician/bio/280
  11. I will bet that this guy was more sickened than you were. http://www.metro.us/boston/a-guy-bet-1-1-million-on-the-falcons/zsJqbe---2pe5YQV3ddJf2/
  12. Groupon Philippines closed down in 2015. Most of the deal sites are dedicated to Manila, like this one. It has Cebu, but there are no restaurants listed for Cebu. http://suredeal.com.ph/manila/restaurant-deals/
  13. I use Lazada quite often rather than going to Cebu City. I set up a paypal.ph account and tied a US charge card to it with no problems. I have never tried COD and have been impressed with their customer service.