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  1. Grew up watching Dad make scrapple. He called it ponhas. A German name for the same thing. He usually used pork neck bones. Added salt and pepper. Added corn meal and cooked till thicker and chilled in bread pans. I have made it but I never know how much corn meal to add. Great stuff fried up crispy with syrup
  2. 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour on Otter Tail Electric
  3. Pick a good US public school then make sure she is in the college prep upper level program in that school. Also check to make sure they have a strong AP and or advanced college credit or dual credit program. My experience with public high school students in a good school and in the upper track is they will do very well in competitive US colleges and not be much in a disadvantage compared to private schools. In most public schools parents can get what they want if they are firm and push a bit :-)
  4. not many muskies here - I like the pike- to get past the Y bones I put the filets in the food processor with egg, cracker crumbs, and onion and make fish patties i think you called the walleyes pickerel
  5. went fishing where else do you thinkI would be? lol also teaching driver ed catching lots of pike and walleyes
  6. I see password service One login was hacked http://www.zdnet.com/article/onelogin-hit-by-data-breached-exposing-sensitive-customer-data/
  7. I have sent load to a smart wifi device before your globe device should have its own phone number aryty does send to globe numbers not sure if that helps or not
  8. i has often used https://www.aryty.com/ put the phone number in for your device or send them load on their phone and the can pasaload to their device
  9. cover it with salt awhile - seems to draw out the bitterness
  10. Mom never worked outside the house - she cooked food from scratch too every day - She was one of the best cooks and bakers I ever knew. yup miss those days too we made sauerkraut , apple butter, pear butter, all kinds of preserves , every kind of vegetable imaginable, wild game , wild fish, home raised chickens, rabbits, turkeys, pigeons we canned or froze every thing - If anyone wants it I can put down her pie crust recipe - I never tasted a pie better than mom's
  11. sour cream or sweet vinegar cucumbers and onions ? Both are good
  12. its a fond memory of my Father teaching me how to make egg noodles from scratch try some chicken pot pie on them or pigs in a blanket (rice and ground beef rollled up in cabbage leaves cooked in tomato)
  13. I see crisco is trans fatty acid free now - thats what research found out - its not the saturated fats that hurt us - it was the trans shaped saturated fatty acids that form when oils are artificially hydrogenated. (they take liquid oils like soy oil and pump hydrogen gas through them in a nickel catalyst environment) Trans shaped isomers are not found in nature - it seems our body doesn't know what to do with them - Cis shaped isomers in saturated fats are what nature makes - our body does know how to handle them
  14. interesting stuff but Headshot is right we need to be careful
  15. i drank a beer there one time years ago - it wasnt very cold so i never went back