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  1. Creed; When you post you are suppose to supply a link to your source.
  2. Agreed. Now I admit that I do not believe in the Al Gore based climate change, I do; however, believe in the naturalistic climate change such as the Stone and Ice Age. The RP does not have the resources to even investigate this. All i an think of as a best case is that this will better position the RP into getting climate change grants in the future. It is really sad with, as Tim referred too, an unemployment rate over 30%+ the RP would be using time and energy on it and not on something that would generate stability, investments and jobs in the country by focusing on the infrastructure.
  3. I like it. Look whatever reform that happens will be the result of some type of cooperation of the health providers, insurance industry, business and government. it would not be liked by all but to me this is the way to go.
  4. I am truly sorry about your lost Randy. Really. Again its not perfect. No system is. But violating the Constitution as well as bankrupting the country is not the way. They know many of the issues with healthcare and for one reason or another they are not addressed. Thats how you reform healthcare, not by blowing it up and taking the Constitution and the country in the process.
  5. Healthcare is is not perfect Randy. And as you know even those as you described will be given care to help ease their suffering. But as we all know medicine is not cheap and its not a right. i wish it was but it is not. To go over to universal care the country is put on the brink if not totally bankrupt. Its not perfect i admit. But I know this the rest of the world likes it. All we can do is continue to support research as they find cures. Some take foreever but at least they are discovered in time. You just have to hope that they find it when its your time.
  6. A major and valid complaint about healthcare is that there is a long wait to be treated, especially in the County system. That is true. But what is not mentioned is the reason why: In the States whether you are a citizen or not, whether you have insurance or not you will be seen and treated by a real doctor. The cost is you have to wait. Why? Because the gang member with the gun shot wound, knife wound, etc. are seen first because their wounds are critical. So sadly you will see people with bruised ribs, etc waiting. But what do you expect when illegals are seen for free and that means that they are seeing the doctor before the guy with the ribs for example.Costs are through the roof because there is no cap on damages. So doctors are forced to give extra tests that they admit are not needed but legally they are or else that doctor will be out of business. These are known issues. Address these and the healthcare system still will not be perfect but it will be better.Obamacare does not address these issues but rather attempts to replace the entire system with universal care.
  7. This topic is about Obamacare in particular, healthcare in general. If you want to talk politics go to to the DK. This thread will not be placed in DK because we can have a discussion whether we agree or not. If there are posts beyond that they will be gone. If you like Obamacare. Great. State why. if you do not, great. State why. In short, stay on topic.
  8. Update: it was just reported that at least 2 people have died from the blast. I hope the PNP is able to catch the killers.
  9. MANILA, Philippines — At least four people were injured in an explosion in a popular mall in Pasig City in an alleged attempted robbery in one of the business establishments inside the mall, according to a report onRadyo Inquirer 990AM. The report said that the explosion came from a grenade that was lobbed inside the Robinsons Galleria before 11 a.m. by at least two suspects. Initial investigation showed that the target could either have been China Bank or one of the money changers. The suspects reportedly escaped on board a motorcycle. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/168953/at-least-4-injured-as-blast-hits-pasig-mall-report
  10. I have made no secret of the fact i do not like this law. I really believe that it violates the Constitution through the Commerce Clause. I also believe it duplicates what is already in place with the County system nationwide and I believe that this is a backdoor approach to introduce Universal Healthcare to the States despite the majority of the people have said they do not want it. Our healthcare system needs work I have said so many times but as Skyman just said before me, this is not the fix. This is an explosion of a healthcare system that despite its flaws its envied by and used by the world and its leaders.
  11. Look, this topic is a hot button for all of us. So please stick to the topic itself.
  12. 3 Stripes, unless you have proof instead of dislike then do not give your opinion.
  13. Senseless; Its not the amount. To me its the intent. This will help to continue with a depenence upon the government. Yes i know that the RP does not do a lot for its people. I admit that. But again, this is just political candy just like the 100's of holidays here. And to drive that point is the very facts that you just provided. Its peanuts because again its not the amount but the photop that will be plastered on every pole leading up to the elections and the people being reminded of what they did. This only gives them a meal for that day but the political candy and the depenence last a lot longer. What is really needed is again and I am not trying to be funny: The Infrastructure. It is a shovel ready project TODAY. There are tons of able bodied guys who want to work and the infrastructure has been neglected. By putting these guys to work the RP would really be helping the people, the country and themselves. So if the RP is going to hand out political candy then at least make it something of real value than a mere photop.
  14. The US Supreme Court has heard final arguments on President Obama's healthcare bill, debating whether it could stand if a key measure is cut. A lawyer for 26 states challenging the law said the rest of the bill was untenable if the legal requirement to buy health insurance was struck down. The justices have heard three days of argument on the Affordable Care Act, the longest such debate in years. In this excerpt of the exchanges on Wednesday the law's challengers told the court that, without the so-called individual mandate, the law could not function in the way Congress intended and thus the whole bill must be scrapped. "If the individual mandate is unconstitutional then the rest of the act cannot stand," said Paul Clement, the lawyer representing the opposition. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-17544663