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  1. It is terribly sad that a parent would sell their child, but this is nothing new to this culture and in this time. It has been going on worldwide throughout history, much like slavery. When parents are so destitute that they cannot feed their children, slavery can be one of the worst results. There used to be poor houses where parents sent their children which were really awful environments, and then there were parents giving their child to a tradesman so that the child can grow up with a trade or profession. So, there were many ways this was done. Sexual barter is almost pre-historical. It is much better than eating your child of which there are recent records from post war China. Now, I ask you honestly and sincerely, what would you do in such a situation, that you were so destitute (and uneducated) that you could not feed your children; you could not buy them clothes or send them to school because there was absolutely NO money to do so. As despicable as it may be to pimp your child out for sex, before you point the finger at the parents, look first to the society that has abandoned them, the society that is so unequal that those with money literally consume the life and future of the poor. Please be honest. If you were in such desperate position, what would you do if that was the only way to put food on the table, dress your child and send them to school? Unfortunately in some of these cases the welfare of the child is compromised because the parents have a drug addiction that squanders their scarce resources, in which case everyone suffers a slow and painful death of the soul as well as physical deterioration. Being rather dramatic, if I were king, I would literally exterminate all of the perpetrators, but that would be only half of the guilty parties. You would have to exterminate those that prey on the poor, to really clean up the situation. And even then, it would not be solved as long as you have the disparity between the rich and the poor. The rich essentially have NO morals, but they are almost never the ones getting punished. To achieve parity, the poor must have avenues for advancement, education and the basics, without which they most certainly falter. So, what we end up with is the need for a just society, which, to my knowledge, is very rare and certainly does not exist in the Philippines nor in the United States; it is just a matter of degree.
  2. This is a common trait that runs through the entire history of human evolvement, so it is universal, with few exceptions, once people started to organize together. However, it has been determined in most 20th century western societies to be abhorrent and inhumane, and in this current context, criminal.
  3. I read the full article a few days ago and found it painful to read. Seriously, it was just nauseating to read the part where the mother's father punished the "slave" for his daughter's indiscretion and how she was passed down through the family like some fuking object. These people are heartless, regardless of the culture. In my mind they are criminals deserving of serious punishment. The shameful fact is that this practice currently exists in many countries of the Middle East, Philippines, North Africa, and even the US although it is well covered up. And shame on the author, a celebrated journalist who waited until he was dead or almost dead to publish the article. He always knew the criminality and inhumanity of his family, himself included, but waited for his exit to reveal it; typical chickenshit.
  4. Well, I have to call bullshit on you as well, throwing incendiary "feminazi" into the mix here. Anything for attention. Now, let's focus on the contents of the article about Tizon's family literally owning a slave. The cultural context is important to see how the cultural identity was formed with landowners being the dominant class and inculcating their superiority into the Filipino culture. What I would like to know is if this type of servitude existed before the Spanish came, and if so, how was it manifested or "legitimized".
  5. Does anyone have information as to the cost of a cat scan in Cebu? I was told only the hospitals do that. Thanks ahead.
  6. How many traffic cops have you seen in Cebu city or on the entire island of Cebu? That alone should tell you that this new law cannot even be enforced. It looks good on paper.
  7. How could a guy be so stupid? Knowingly being in a relationship with a minor is just inviting disaster even with the approval of the parents, in which case both he and the parents would be subject to criminal prosecution. If he was unsure about their ages, he should have just told them to come back with their birth certificates. When I first came to Cebu some 8 years ago, I met a beautiful girl who was 4'5" tall. Not believing that she was 22, I asked her to meet me with her birth certificate. She came back the next day with her birth certificate and her 6 year old son. Age here in the RP is not always easy to determine, and for that reason alone, a foreigner needs to be extremely cautious. Even if a girl is of age but looks like a minor, I would advise foreigners not to date her, because it would draw too much attention and suspicions.
  8. Thanks for the reminder. I grew up on pork fat and loved it. My mom would save the fat from bacon and use that to cook eggs or anything else that required oil. She saved the bacon fat in a container next to the stove. It did not even have to be refrigerated. I think most of the post war families did that, and probably before. My father is Danish and grew up on a farm where they cooked exclusively with pork fat and continued to do so even though they had milking cows and all the butter they wanted. Contrary to common belief it is not the road to early death if used in moderation. It is superior to butter and olive oil when cooking. Do a search on the internet and start saving your bacon fat.
  9. Lets look at this closely; 1. she is of legal age and consented to have sex for money 2. she consented to have the foreigner take videos of them having sex Where is that illegal if the videos are kept private? 3. she did not consent to allowing the foreigner to post the sex videos on the internet Not only is that illegal, it is scummy violation of her privacy and respect for her person. And even if she did consent to having her sex videos put online, it is still illegal in the RP to share those videos with other people online or offline. And for that the foreigner will suffer.
  10. MRSA can now be found almost anywhere people are. It has become so pervasive that one should get into the habit of washing hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water each time you come in from the street. Counter tops, store push carts or any surface where people's hands come into contact. It is a good idea to carry a small bottle of alcohol to rub on your hands (for 20 seconds) every once in a while. And above all, DO NOT pick your nose or touch your face after touching foreign surfaces. That is a sure way to get MRSA. I learned the hard way, and got it twice. I have scars on my face as a result of the boils that erupted. Worst of all there are strains of MRSA that are antibiotic resistant and life-threatening.
  11. About the peace and order ordinance. It is dependent on the barangay to enforce it. I am fortunate in living in a relatively "quiet" barangay where the music is usually turned off by 10 pm. There are days when it starts early, probably for some private fiesta, wedding, whatever, and then it can be all day into the night. Sometimes the volume is so loud that there is no way I could play music in my own cottage and enjoy it. On the other hand it could be much much worse. Thankfully, the selection of music is pretty docile compared to loud BOOM BOOM rap or heavy bass disco beat that thumps right through your chest. I almost believe it could cause a heart attack. That is one of the reasons I will not return to Cuba. The music is even more out of control and the selection is basically rap, disco and an assortment of obnoxious sounds. When I first arrived there before rap music took over, the selection of music (not kereoke) was pretty good, but still terribly invasive. There was one location on my street where all the competing sound systems converged and it was pure cacophony. It was no longer music, but just a wall of weird sounds that was unreal.
  12. Seems like a very clean operation. Anything to cut out the corrupt agents at customs. It does not seem to be a priority for Duterte to fix that issue of corruption, even though it has long been a well known scandal much more firmly entrenched than the bullet scandal.
  13. The death penalty is too easy an out for this guy. Throw him into the most crowded and abusive cells imaginable and let them have their way. He needs to be taken apart little by little to make sure he has a taste of the suffering he imposed on children and families.
  14. Mine is also valid for 3 years coming up for renewal in 2018. I have not seen any "fading" ink on my plastic license. However, has anyone noticed that bank receipts that come out of ATM machines actually do fade into white after several months? This makes them pretty worthless as records of your transactions. Having pointed this out to the bank, they make no effort to change the ink.
  15. This post got me to thinking, and I hardly walked out on the street when I was faced with an obstacle course of umbrellas which I had to dodge. Not one woman moved to accommodate me or lift her umbrella so I could pass under. A person could get their eye poked, seriously. And a short time later, another woman crossed right in front of me, and if I had not altered my step I would have walked into her. That is the closest I have come to walking over someone. I just love when they gang walk on the sidewalk 3 or 4 across and somehow expect everyone to step aside. I do not. I just make way between them.