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  1. That is why I have always bought the extended warranty. I have never owned a Mac that did not have issues, not one in over the 30 years I have used them. I have always sold them after 2 years so that there was still 1 year warranty left.
  2. Mac used to be famous for an integrated system, in which every part, program, etc worked with every other part, program in the device, supposedly. This, as opposed to PC's which have had so many problems with incompatible systems, parts, etc. I would just as well like to get out of Mac's, especially since most of their system is now off the shelf, so what is the gain? However, I like the Mac OS, which would be the only reason I would not switch. Now if I could run the Mac OS on Samsung, or other competitive models, that would be an incentive to free myself from Mac's. And also, I like the Mac keyboard. PS: I hate Microsoft.
  3. Does he work on Mac laptops?
  4. Correct, and it gets bigger than the one in the photos. Here is a photo I took of another moth. It was about 6+ inches. It seems to be in the same family of the one OP is showing. It has no mouth in this cycle of its life, which is dedicated to reproduction only. Butterfly moth.tiff
  5. Watch out for "White Marlin". It is an oily fish that has a good, rich taste when grilled, but it is after you eat it that you have regrets. It causes severe yellow/orangish, oily diarrhea. Its proper name is Escolar, and it goes by Gindara, White Marlin and other local names, but it is absolutely the worst. The oily diarrhea is uncontrollable, which means wherever you are and no matter how hard you try not to shit, you are in for a bad experience that can last for days. Mine lasted about 4 to 5 days, and I ended up soiling my sheets, and clothes. The smell is nauseating but the oily part is the worst because being the same temperature as your body, you cannot feel it leaking. I was confined to my hotel room for 4 days before it stopped. It really pays to be cautious here in the Philippines, because vendors and restaurants will take NO responsibility for serving a known toxic fish. They literally don't give a fu*k if you die. They serve it knowing full well how disgusting it is, but if you bother to go back to complain, they will tell you that your intestinal problem must have been caused by something else. Here is a link to the search for Escolar: https://www.google.com/search?q=fish+in+the+philippines+that+causes+oily+yellowish+diarrhea&oq=fish+in+the+philippines+that+causes+oily+yellowish+diarrhea+&aqs=chrome..69i57.31854j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=91&ie=UTF-8
  6. If you want bad food, go to Cuba. Having lived there off and on for 6 years, I can attest to the dull and unappetizing selection, with only a few exceptions. Of course, Cubans love it, but then, they have no choice. Filipinos give new meaning to finger food.
  7. Did you buy your Honda generator in Cebu? If so, how much? Or are you still in Cambodia?
  8. I really appreciate the information, and it keeps me going back and forth. In the end, I will take recommendations before I do any type of set up. Honestly I do not have the tools or expertise, although I am a good learner, so all things will be considered. Again, thanks for such a stimulating response.
  9. Please give the contact information for MCE. Salamat
  10. Excellent news! Hopefully, you can arrange to be present during the repair.
  11. That is good to know. However, my laptops have always been under warranty, so, I am at the mercy of Apple if I do not want to spend a lot of money for a part or repair. Coming this October the 3rd year of my warranty will be up, so I would like to know more about a tech shop that is provides quality service and parts, generic, of course. Any suggestions?
  12. I am afraid you are at the mercy of the Apple Philippines, which, as stated before, has no parts warehouse in all of the Philippines. That alone should give you pause for concern. I have had (2) dealings with iStore in Cebu, the first of which was not good. The first experience was about 6 years ago when they disregarded my specific instructions NOT to enter my personal account to do the repair. I created a special repair account just for the purpose and gave them the password, and they went through my personal account anyway. I had a fit. There was absolutely no excuse since everything they needed to do (replace audio) was accessible through the repair account. I told the manager to write out and sign everything they did including bypassing my personal password to get into my account. I told him that if anything goes amiss, I will notify Apple international have have their license revoked. Then, I had to change the password to every account I had which took some time. In 2014 was the second time I went to the iStore and they had changed repair contractors. I had a 13" MacBook Air, i7. that had a "known" problem which was under warranty. However, the part that they wanted to replace happened to be the very same part that had had the issue, so I was not happy with that. It was not even a year old and I had a 3 year warranty. It always pays to pay the extended warranty for the additional 2 years and actually helps your laptop to retain value. Anyway, I was put in touch with the manager in Singapore who said they understood my concern so would just replace my laptop. However, my MBA had a custom configuration they did not stock for Asia, so he did me one better and gave me a new 2014 MacBook Pro 15", i7 with Retina display and additional memory and a higher grade components. It took about 1 month for all of the arrangements to be made, which, I felt was well worth the upgrade although I did not have access to any of my personal information. I always have current backup, but they do not give loaners, so I was out for the month. Moreover, I had to buy a completely new extended warranty for $280+ since the MBA warranty could not be transferred. All in all, not a bad outcome. Now that I have experienced the 15" Retina display I would not go back.
  13. I bought my mc in 2012 and am still waiting for the plates, so don't hold your breath. I have been using a temporary/permanent plate that I had to have verified by a lawyer after the temporary status time ran out. Why a lawyer unconnected to the LTO? I have no idea.
  14. I am exploring the option of using batteries for back up during brown outs which are frequent here on Siquijor island. I have seen them used in the Dominican Republic and they seem to be quite adequate depending on the load and duration of the brownout. Plus side is that they are easy to charge when there is electricity on, and they are quiet, and take up little space, are easy to install and set up, and batteries can always be added or subtracted depending on need. Did I mention quiet and non-polluting? Down side is that you should only allocate power to the most necessary utilities and appliances, such as lights, refrigerator/freezer, fan, computer/accessories, and others that draw very low amount of current. Running aircon is an extravagant use and will run the batteries dry in a short time. You will need extension chords unless you pre-wire your house with the appropriate system to accommodate battery backup. Any suggestions and experiences will be much appreciated. Thanks ahead.
  15. So, what would you charge to build a 26' x 9' double axel trailer? Parts and labor?