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  1. I had a similar experience with the aunt of a former girlfriend. She was a stunning 42 and did not look a day older than 22. She is 45 now and still looking young. And she is not a pampered girl. She has been working for many years at one of the production facilities on Mactan.
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  3. Well, in the Philippines, we can be sure that there will be NO consequences for the school. As for the US "tame stuff"; now it can get you beaten, arrested or even killed by school police thugs that seem to be proliferating through the school system. So, in the US, there is a loss of innocence as the state declares all to be "criminals". I am not exaggerating this. Every other day we read about another abusive school administration that thinks it needs a cop to handcuff a 5 year old who is throwing a tantrum or some other kid who is out of line. How did we oldtimers survive? Because, when we were growing up 60 + years ago, there existed some sanity in the system; it had not been corrupted by political correctness and the "sky is falling" mentality. The current system is robbing our children of their youth, their rights to make noise or speak out of turn or even to indirectly allude to an act of violence, and the violence now does not have to even be physical; it can be just one kid flipping off another or pointing his finger like a gun. ZERO TOLERANCE. So, getting back on subject, I wonder if there will even be any investigation into the bus company's maintenance protocols. And I really do not know what influence or responsibility the driver has if the company does not properly maintain the brake system, or change fluid or whatever. Does the driver even know? The ones who most certainly know are the maintenance crews and most directly the managers who impose limitations on maintenance at the request of the higher up managers who have to squeeze the extra peso out of the bus fare so the owners can buy their next BMW. It all comes from the top.
  4. Are all of these new tools, or are some refurbished or just trade in? I am not particularly concerned about the helter skelter look of the place, but would like to know if the prices are lower than at the other places? If you buy new quality tools of the same brand, it should not matter where they are purchased because the warranty is almost always the same.
  5. Thanks for the information. That is what this forum is about; sharing information so we can all learn. With that noted, then it is unfortunate that the poor driver also became a victim of poor maintenance. I read this morning that the mother of the driver (who was also killed) is asking the forgiveness of the parents who lost their children. Now, I need to retract what I said about the driver being at fault, since, in my ignorance I suggested that he shared the guilt. Now it is clear that the poor guy was just a victim like the children. I still cannot get over this accident. It bothers me deeply...the children...the parents, and worst of all because those who deserve to be held accountable will not be.
  6. It just makes me ill to read this. If the brakes did fail, then it is 100% the fault of the bus company for shoddy or non-existent maintenance. Rarely do brakes fail without some previous warnings and certainly not with regular maintenance. So, it would be important to look at the maintenance record for this bus. I did not read where the driver died, which is too bad because he cannot be blameless if he did not pay attention to the condition of the bus he was driving. There is absolutely no amount of money that can compensate for the loss of those children. My heart just grieves for the parents and families. This is the kind of case where the resort to violence and revenge would be most justifiable, starting with the maintenance managers and working the way up to the top brass who make decisions to cut corners to save a few pesos.
  7. First time ever I was able to score 50p to 1 USD or above. It looks as if it is somewhat consistent here in Fuente circle. Rajah hotel has 50.17 and Alcoh has 50.22. I went to Alcoh first but they had many many people waiting so I did my exchange at Rajah hotel with only a $1.48 difference, well worth not having to wait in line. There was no one else there but me. I do not know what the trend will be, but I really stocked up on the exchange rate this week. Does anyone remember what the rate was in 2009? I first came here in September 2009 and had heard tales of 55 to 1 in the distant pass from "old timers".
  8. Does that mean that my current ACR card can be exchanged for a 10 year ACR card starting in March? That certainly would be a bonus, but how much are they going to charge for a 10 year ACR card? You can bet it will not be free. I have no problem paying the fees that are required by BOI. As a foreigner I am grateful for the privilege of being able to live here. I am not aware of other countries that allow a foreigner to stay in the country for a full 36 months before being required to leave. There are countries that require a foreigner to stay out of the country for 3 months before re entry.
  9. No disagreements there, but where else do banks hold your "cash" deposits for 3 weeks before giving you access to the money, or starting to charge interest?
  10. They do seem to especially greedy and unprofessional in many other ways also; like having just a couple of teller windows open with 20 or more people waiting. But it was the 3 weeks of holding my USD that really pissed me off so that I just shut down the USD account. They are beyond stupid and greedy in the respect that they have machines that identify fake currency, and machines that verify counting, but people who can't seem to put the two together for a deposit of cash. There is absolutely no justification. What it really is about is using your money, interest free, for 3 weeks, not counting weekends.
  11. I have never understood how a foreigner can justify over staying when s/he know the requirements whether it be every 2 month extension or if he has another type of visa, then he will have to renew within the time frame. Those who overstay and overstay don't get much sympathy from my perspective if they were physically and financially able to pay their fees "on time" like everyone else. If he were in the US I imagine he would be deported, but now that the immigration laws have been superseded first by Obama and now by Trump, I have no idea what penalty would be imposed. But I do know that there are many countries where overstay is a crime and will be punished unless you were in a coma for the duration of your overstay.
  12. What is the cost of the passport? and the Air21 service? = ? total
  13. I have never received this letter in the last 7 years, but I also do not have my SS check sent to the Philippines. It is always automatically deposited into my local US credit union, and I keep my legal address in the US, so I would assume that makes a difference.
  14. Yes, I agree there are many more options for the serious minded and for the tail chasers as well. I only listed two of the most obvious ones, one of which could possibly mark you as a target for those who scum who would rob or kill you. Most assuredly, the quickest avenue for becoming a target is to get on the wrong side of a Filipino of which there are a multitude of ways to do that. Happy hunting.
  15. There is nothing wrong with "chasing tail" as long as you are discrete about your actions. Frequenting girlie bars is sure to get you noticed. So it is best to meet girls online and then cultivate a relationship from there. The occasional bar visit seems ok as long as you do not become a regular where the girls can talk about you, your money, and circumstances. Anonymity is the key to living a much more secure life if you are an expat here. Of course getting married changes the circumstances whereby you are a stay at home kind of guy, not straying far from your in-house "tail". But, for us straying guys, we must take a lot more care in not advertising our activities. That is no guarantee of safety, but it sure cuts the odds of being a target. In the case the victim named in this post, there could have been lots of different reasons he became a target that we may never know about, but it is clear that it was no coincidental or crime of chance. He pissed someone off, that is for certain, and paid with his life, which is not an infrequent occurrence here in the RP.