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  1. Bottom line is you DO NOT know the circumstances as they really exist and cannot judge in this case. For all we know, he was "ordered" to violate the territorial boundary as an intentional provocation. The fact that his ship stalled may or may not have been accidental. Although you will most certainly deny it, the US is the great provocateur, but when caught rarely if ever admits its intentions or fault. He would never have been in that situation if he were not ORDERED to be there. Try to put yourself in his position for a change.
  2. He is a truly a good officer and a gentleman, not the kind of person the US military wants on board. Instead of creating a greater international scene (to be exploited by the neocons) he did the right thing for his men and owned up to his mistake. Now, as for all true patriots, he must be punished.
  3. Are you suggesting the world is a sewer, or specifically in Cebu? I think that any American that has to find a job in Cebu is already too far down on his luck. He could have hardly dropped any lower than an unemployed foreigner in Cebu. There are really thousands of stories like his through history with a sad and lonely end. And thankfully he is not feeling any more pain or despair.
  4. facebook is going to fall flat on its face as are all other MSM news agencies in an attempt to call out fake news since most of what they publish is fake. I have stopped reading all MSM outlets and only know about their fake stories as they are reprimanded for being fake by other alternative news groups. Unfortunately, the great majority of Americans only read MSM fake news, so they turn out completely ignorant. Americans are just too lazy and most deliberately ignore news that conflicts with the MSM. Deliberately ignore = ignorant.
  5. I do not recommend insecticide because they are environmental contaminants which also compromise the health of your family. Borax is the best. However, I have come to co-exist with the ant population in my cottage. I am a keen observer of the various species and some I actually welcome. They are the larger ants that are of redish color and long legged and fast. They have been good guests, cleaning up the scraps I miss on my counters and also taking care of the other dead insects that end up on the floor. And, I have never been once bitten by them, not once, even though I have had them on my skin many times. I think that is quite extraordinary, especially in comparison to the very tiny, tiny red ant that give a sting that is way beyond it punching weight. And then there are the black ants that are the greatest nuisance because they do bite viciously and I try to wipe out their colonies with chlorine bleach. You might consider thinking of ants as little soldiers that patrol your cottage and clean up where you have failed, sometimes within minutes of having food dropped on the floor. With closed containers and a clean surface area, ants should be little problem, so, in a way, they are a good reminder for one to be more diligent in house cleaning and food preparation. If there is nothing for them to eat, then they will not be around to any intolerable degree. The one insect I will not tolerate are cockroaches and I kill them on sight. Not only do they carry disease, but their shit causes respiratory irritation. For them, it is mostly just a search and destroy mission, since it seems you can never completely eradicate them without using self-destructive insecticides.
  6. Fortunately my cats to not fight amongst themselves although they do have squabbles. However, there are the male cats that come by from time to time and harass them and sometimes there are yowling fights. Just this morning, I was awakened by a stray trying to pick a fight with one of my male cats, right outside my window. But, you know that happens so seldom, it is not an issue. There are 2 dogs on the property that walk with me every morning along the beach. They are such good friends. That said, I am most attached to my cats, as they are very affectionate and easy going. I loved the photo when the multitude of cats are walking toward the spinsters house, fully assured that she will treat them like gods. That is not particularly my attitude, but I hate to see animals suffer, especially tiny kittens or puppies, so I have found myself rescuing the numerous ones that have been abandoned on the roadsides and on the beach. They have become my family. PS: there is no odor of cat piss because they have such a large area to patrol and hang out. And even the few that are allowed in the cottage never piss inside.
  7. I have been doing searches online but cannot find any flights that take less than 6 + hours. The flight time is actually noted to be 3 hours +, so I do not know how that gets stretched to 6+. Anyone have experience flying Cebu to Bangkok? Thanks ahead.
  8. It does not matter if you are on the sidewalk, you are not safe. Observe all the rules of the road and you can still be killed by careless and drunken drivers. I lost count of the times I have been walking on the sidewalk to have a motorcycle come up behind me and pass within inches. When you have a situation with 2 lanes that the drivers turn into 4, then it is just a matter of time before an accident occurs.
  9. I am in the habit of walking against the traffic so I can see approaching cars. I have only started to do this religiously since being here in the Philippines. I am very nervous walking with the traffic at my back because too many of these drivers are total idiots driving and looking at their cell phones or otherwise jacking off. Looking BOTH ways before crossing seems to be common sense, so I do not understand some of the previous comments about failing to look one way or the other. One of the bad habits I had to break when coming here is, when driving or riding a motorcycle, to use my mirrors a lot, especially when passing another vehicle. I used to look in my mirror when I was already committing myself to passing and it seemed to be ok in the US. But here, it is not ok because people can come up on me very quickly with the intention of passing me and the vehicle in front of me, in which case I would be in the line of fire. I am an old dog, but I can still learn new tricks or break bad habits. Yeah!
  10. It looks like it was an accidental contact, the deer being as surprised as the man.
  11. most likely from the couple's own carry on placed in the overhead bin above them
  12. That is disturbing since I live on Siquijor. I am not sure what kind of opportunists these terrorists are and if they would hit a small guesthouse near the beach. I am not far from better pickings down the beach but still this makes me a bit nervous. There are many tourists in San Juan on the other side of the island. I just wonder if they already have picked their targets or will just cruise along the beaches to look for tourist activities. Too bad our dogs are not trained to attack on command, although they do bark, but since we have no weapons to protect ourselves, we would be easy. If they took me, they would not get much since I live on a small pension, and the US government is NOT going to pay a ransom. Better to end it quickly and force them to kill me rather than live under torture and uncertainty about which day they are going to cut off my head. This is one of the first times I wished I lived in the mountains, far from the beach.
  13. I recently purchased Arcoxia (Etoricoxib), for osteoporosis at P85 per tab at The Generic Pharmacy. That is a bit pricy for me and I am looking for an online store to purchase the medicine. I did find an online distributer, Muramed, that has the generic version at P36, which is quite a savings. Before I purchase, I would like to know if any other forum members have experience with this online store, as it would be helpful in making a decision? Thanks ahead.
  14. Now, if the enraged people could get the names and locations of the owners of Ceres and severely beat them to death, then I would call that justice served.
  15. Most doctors in the Philippines will be more than willing to prescribe medications for you if they are non narcotic. There would be no reason for them to decline the request, so don't be shy about making an office visit to explain your condition and the particular prescriptions you need and the dosage. The Generic Pharmacy is the lowest cost drug store and has lots of outlets in Cebu city and many other provinces. It would be good if you went to one of their pharmacies to compare prices.