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  1. So a genuine 100 peso note from 2003 will now be worthless But a fake 1898 Spanish one peso coin still costs 800 pesos on the Mabini street sidewalk in Ermita? So confusing!
  2. Since it's March and nearly X-mas again i got a sudden urge for a port wine cheese log. Didn't have the cream cheese and cheddar which the recipe called for so used Eden instead. The maid polished off the Fonseca so i subbed in some Fighter wine. Then you're supposed to mix butter with the port but all i had on hand was Star Margarine. Whizzed everything the the blender and made a log the size of a post-Thanksgiving dump. Next step was to roll the log in chopped pecans but all they had at the sari2x was some Happy Peanuts so I made do. Finally put the nut-crusted cheeselog on a banana leaf with some of them green Skyflakes and tucked in. Give it a try sometime!
  3. What new law?
  4. I'm drying quite a few sacks of rice on the road in front of my house today. As good a place for it as any. Of course there's very little traffic here and the daily jeepney has already passed by without incident. When in Rome...
  5. Sorry no specifics for Cebu but i've found wooden baseball bats at those shops that sell used household goods from America.
  6. With all the great tobacco available in this country, I reckon NOT smoking it should be a crime!
  7. The fault line that runs through Surigao city is different than the one on the Philippine Trench. We felt the quake this morning on Siargao. A good ten-second rattle. But no damage. Saw they did some quick evacuations in Surigao city this morning including the hospitals.
  8. Well, this topic is about giving loans to Filipino acquaintances on a verbal contract basis and their perceptions of indebtedness and not about getting personal loans from a banking institution in Taiwan. Two very different things.
  9. "Your" new home isn't yours until you finish paying for it; the loan isn't unsecured.
  10. Executive summary: A loan with collateral is a loan. A loan without collateral is a gift.
  11. There's a video out now of the beheading. Not going to post the link.
  12. In that case, a quick phone call to your pediatrician oughtta point you in the right direction.
  13. Doesn't that Skywalker chap drive a 'theoretical' Ferrari?