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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. My wife has gotten hesistant to send a number of boxes to the Phils. It's the usual stuff we send. Supplies, canned goods, dishes silverwear, batteries, clothes,,,etc etc. Used chidlren's toys. There are a couple of PC's, large Win 7 computers with mouse and keyboards. I wanted to get this stuff out of the house. The local guy we deal with for our Forex shipping is not answering any messages. Thanks Fred
  2. Kind of explains exactly what's going on right now...........Stay tuned Fred
  3. Thank You To The Members

    This group is a blessing when you are far away from your home and problems arise at your door step Fred
  4. Fighting Mindanao

    Thanks for the link...
  5. Any late news about recent fighting in Mindanao?? The soldiers and MILF?
  6. I would guess that is the attitude in a 3rd world country that is overpopulated. That is why medical care in the Phils is near the bottom of the medical ladder. Sorry for you and your Asawa's loss... And I hope you get through your medical issues too. The U.S. Gummint is truly screwed....ALL priorities are not in OUR, The People's, favor. Fred
  7. More Road Rage Filmed

    ooops he fall down
  8. Up Date On ROVER'S Wife

    Thanks for these updates and some better news. She might be turning the corner in life to have some success in this long process Fred
  9. Up Date On ROVER'S Wife

    This is the EXACT reason we can not get my in-laws or their children to go to a doctor..........The Filipino doesn't even trust some of these quacks. I'm sure the number of quacks are small, but it seems like that thinking is reversed in the Phils Fred
  10. TV and AC

    Yes pretty close to what I was thinking but the real problem is no ground wire from the power company. They give you two hot leads of electric and no neutral wire or even safety ground. VECO or whatever power generating company there in the Phils do not give a ground wire or neutral wire from the transformer on the pole. It's a fail proof system that when those two wires are connected to the appliance or electrical device, that it will work and not try to operate on 110 VAC. In the USA all of the electrical system has a neutral wire and in the last ?? Years the Safety ground. The GREEN wire ground. I saw a lot of those wires cut off at appliance dealers in the Phils. Do not Do This Touch a metal appliance while it is on and stand on the concrete in your bare feet. Fred
  11. TV and AC

    A split unit will be very quiet. And the inverter compressor is worth every penny. Fred
  12. TV and AC

    Hi All, Is there high definition TV broadcast in the Phils??....We have TFC here in the USA, from Direct TV, and the broadcast fills our HD TV screen, and it is not in high definition. I see pictures of an entertainment center from LiNC members living in the Phils, and it looks like the image is stretched to fill the screen, which tells me that real high definition broadcasts are not happening in the Phils. I'm sure there are BluRay movies available there and BluRay DVD players. Air conditioners or AIRCONS and electronics take a real beating in the Phils with the constant use, in some locations, of 24/7 use. And the dust and dirt from the traffic and lack of concrete or asphalt pavement would make cleaning inside and out extremely important. The electrical supply with its ups and downs and surges and lack of safety will shorten the life of any electrical/electronic device. Fred
  13. What is The Temperature In The Phils?

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ENVY..........It's getting DAM cold here in Western Pa.
  14. What is The Temperature In The Phils?

    I remember, through these replies now, how we felt when we returned to the USA. The public places, shopping malls and restaurants, also seemed really cold from the air conditioning. Or aircon. They may have been 75 F, but to us, it was like being in a freezer. The public places in the Phils always had many many of those floor type aircons (split units) and it never even felt cool. I would walk around to the various units in the room and some were blowing cold air and most were blowing warm air. A very warm restaurant never made me feel hungry. It must be deathly expensive to have/operate/maintain 10 or more split units. Why can't they use duct work and one big mutha central unit like we do in the U.S.A.? Fred