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  1. agree with PIM on this. Wife and i looked at adoption 8 years ago. We Talked to DSWD in Cebu ( corner of maxilom ave and mj ceunco av ) The social worker there explained the process involved. At the time they would not even consider mixed marriage parents until they had been married 5 years and lived in philippines for 3 years. They said that statistically the mixed marriage is less stable. Well whilst we waited we tried IVF in Cebu. It worked 1st time, our son is 6 years old now. I felt that the DSWD actualy cared about the children involved. I
  2. Thanks guys, looks like replays for now with live later on. I'm in Tagaytay so no sky cable here. Sunday morning will be fun trying to stream with my bandwidth!
  3. Did anybody get to see the opening match? How did you get it? I've got Cignal, got up 4am to watch....... Nothing! Wikipedia says ABS-CBN have the rights I thought it would be on their new sports channel. Probably the only country in the world not to show it and I choose to Fu#¥ing live here.
  4. I used an appraiser before i sold my house in Cebu City. The fee was P4000. He asked for all the normal documents (lot plan,title that sort of thing), took some photos, then he went to the local tax office and checked out the price for land in that area. He added his estimated build cost to the land value, that was his appraised value. Not exactly rocket science but it gave me a starting point to set my price at. I dropped the price gradually until i got a bite. It sold for 75% of the appraised value, doing it this way i am confident that i got the best price i could for it. It is only worth what somebody will pay you. I would recommend to be very selective about who you allow to act as agents. The same Realtor has sold both of my properties in Cebu. ALL of the Realtor s that could not show me their Professional id were trying to make a quick buck. EVERY relative of an OFW or Foreigner couple that was scouting round for them was trying to make some money on the side by bumping up the price. Best to only let The actual person with the money through the gate, the rest are wasting your time. Good Luck!
  5. My son was born in Chong Hua in 2009. I had got permission to be in the birthing room (you have to jump through a few hoops, even get the hospital directors permission) After 30 hours of normal labour there were worries about the baby so a CS was done. If you attend a birth there it is only the actual birthing room you are allowed into. The Mums to be all go through their contractions and tests in a ward together, its not like the west where you get a private room, not realy the place for a bloke i think you would be trying to look away all the time. Can't remember the exact figures now. the bill was about P100K got a P30K refund from Philhealth. Looking at the survey figures i can see that 50% are CS. Seems excessive,
  6. Try "Handyman" store, DIY chain of Robinsons, i have 2 i bought there.
  7. Hi Michael Sorry i can't pm you and i am reluctant to give out my address on line. If you e mail me at chrisstokes25athotmail.com (need to change the at) i will be able to go into more detail about that rental. Chris
  8. Hi Contango. For me the Buck estate is too far away from the center of Tagaytay. It is accessed via the ridge road which becomes VERY busy at weekends, you would find yourself a prisoner at weekends. This is only my opinion, i also know people happily living in that area. I don't go on this site much now i have moved from Cebu, so please be patient. Chris
  9. Hi Micheal I live in Tagaytay,I love it here and can recommend the place completely. I suggest not bothering with searching on line, the advertisers are looking for easy meat, get here, book a hotel for a couple of days, look around and see what you like. The bus fare from Manila is less than P200 There are MANY empty apartments, Find a cheap hotel and look around. I'm paying 20K for 3 bedroom and very central (I know more expensive than Cebu but no need aircon) I know of 2 bed at 16K on same sub division, not sure what they will do for a 2 month term. It all depends on your negotiating skills. DO NOT BOOK ON LINE, COME AND LOOK.
  10. Anybody know the latest on this? Is Bella in jail? I'm puzzled by the silence?