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  1. Well that is just life here inside the ole snow globe existence of our 3-dimension reality.
  2. They happily accepted my payment in peso but they wanted correct change.
  3. There is a local brand my wife will pickup every once and a while. I am not sure what the brand name is but on the front package label is ''King 6''. These are more in line with what one expects of a decent US wiener. We every once in a while will do Boston, NY and Texas chili dogs and conies.
  4. Well I returned this morning from Cebu where my wife and myself went to the Waterfront US Embassy branch to both renew our passports (my wife’s expired just over one year ago, and mine was only good until the 17th of next month). So here an update on the experience. We left early Friday morning and were 6th in line when we arrived. Once inside the whole process was rather pleasant and hassle-free. We only required to each present our passports, the two page document (which I had printed from the Embassy website), 2”x2” photo and what helped make so convenient was the ability to simply pay in Philippine Peso. Total time was perhaps 30 minutes. Efficient. Let me add that we were informed that the delivery of the new passports, by mail, was expected within 5 weeks. We were both handed back our old passports in case members wondered. So when you make the first BI visa renewal using the new passport you will also have the older passport which has your entry stamp and you last VISA stamp.
  5. Lobster-crazy China sets record for US crustacean imports Patrick Whittle, Associated Press Associated Press20 March 2017 FILE - In this Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015, file photo, live lobsters are packed and weighed for overseas shipment at the Maine Lobster Outlet in York, Maine. The expanding market for lobsters in China is continuing to grow, with the country setting a new record for the value of its imports of the crustaceans from the United States. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File) ROCKPORT, Maine (AP) -- The expanding market for lobsters in China is continuing to grow, with the country setting a new record for the value of its imports of the crustaceans from the United States. American lobster was almost unheard of in most of China until 2010, when the value of imports grew 250 percent to about $7.4 million. Last year, China imported more than $108 million in lobsters from America, surpassing the previous high of about $90.2 million in 2014. "We've opened new markets in Asia, which is booming," said Dave Cousens, president of the Maine Lobstermen's Association. "Everything is clicking now." Chinese importers took in more than 14 million pounds of U.S. lobsters last year, which was also a record. The previous high was about 13.1 million pounds the previous year. Interest in American lobster has grown in other countries in Asia as well, such as South Korea, which grew from less than $5 million in 2010 to nearly $28 million last year. Vietnam's imports grew from $142,940 to more than $31 million in that time. One of the factors spurring the growth of lobsters in China appears to be the growth of the country's middle class, said Stephanie Nadeau, owner of The Lobster Company, in Arundel, Maine, which is a key player in the export business. American lobsters tend to be less expensive in China than other live seafood, such as spiny lobsters and geoduck clams, she said. "It's kind of an affordable luxury," Nadeau said. "One of my customers said our lobsters are one of the cheapest things in the live tanks." The uptick came in a record year for lobster catch in Maine, where most of America's lobster catch comes ashore. Fishermen caught more than 130 million pounds of lobster in Maine last year, an all-time record and more than double the 2007 total. Atlantic Canada also has a large lobster fishery and sends the same species of lobster to China. "The Asian market is a key component," said Patrick Keliher, the commissioner of the Maine Department of Marine Resources. Lobster sales to China do not appear to be slowing down in the new year. America exported more than 1.7 million pounds and $14 million in lobsters to the country in the first month of the year. https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/lobster-crazy-china-sets-record-163225596.html
  6. My three 4-foot elevated platforms will each hold 15 55gal water barrels staked in a 6-5-4 configuration. These water drums will be connected in series, holding 825 gallons of stored rain water. I will be using smaller 1/2 inch RAM pumps as I do not need to use units as large as your friend is using. I will be sending water (via vertical lift) up to sand filters connected to two small tower tanks, and those tank's overflow will be piped directly back to one of the stacked water barrels. The rest of the 1/2 inch Ram pumps will be used primary by the aquaponic systems. The spent water of the aquaponic system is sent through sand filters and then returned back to the stacked water barrels. the RAM pumps do most of the heavy work and I only require a few small DC submersible pumps to keep the whole process in a constant looped circulation. This helps constantly circulate the 2,475 gallons of rain water stored in the 45 plastic drums keeping it properly aerated and well filtered thus avoiding unnecessary stagnation issues; while also helping to provide pressured water sink water to the dirty kitchen,laundry water and supply an outdoors shower nozzle so we can rinse off the sand and saltwater before evening the house. And also provide continuous circulating water to the grow beds and freshwater fish in the aquaponic systems, and irrigation to the rainhouse/greenhouse and garden beds and lawn areas. It is a very simple inexpensive multi-purpose off-grid freshwater supply system that can handle all my desired tasks without having to rely on the local power grid or being a heavy drain on the battery banks.
  7. For me it has been about 4 years now but I will probably do it this year. My income is a 50% VA service-connected disability which is not subject to taxation. So my income is ZERO as far as the IRS is concern. I was using HR Block but found it rather stupid to pay them $300 just to file ZERO taxes. But I will download the EZ form and right a big ZERO in the proper box and mail it in. I think I will do the same for the past years I did not file as I would hate for some IRS agent to go after me to collect that ZERO back taxes I owe them. .
  8. True. For this reason I will design a water-proof cement sump box to house the needed ram pumps. The water escaping from the exhaust valves of the ram pumps will collect at the bottom of the cement sump box, where a small submersible DC pump will return the exhausted water discharged from the exhaust valves back up to the collection barrels (less than 2 meters vertical lift needed). This single small DC submersible return pump will use far less energy and considerably less drain to a battery bank compared to using larger pumps which would otherwise be used to supply the required vertical lift needed for these projects. It is my intent to provide a 24/7 supply of fresh water to two small towered holding tanks to provide pressurized water to our dirty kitchen sink, exterior shower head, toilet in our residence, irrigation for greenhouse/rainhouses and garden boxes and to upper tier boxes of the aquaponic system. And do so with the least amount of power drainage to the battery banks. The use of ram pumps utilizes kinetic energy to provide 24/7 operation and a steady supply of water. These RAM pumps if designed properly can produce up to 6 meters of vertical lift with only 1 meter of vertical drop and my highest towered storage tank will only require 4 meters of vertical lift. I can run a series of six ram pumps housed in a cement sump box under each raised concrete platform. Each of the three raised platform units only requiring the power drain of one small DC submersible return pump. That is 18 ram pumps operating 24/7 using only 3 small DC return pumps and two DC pumps used in the aquaponic system. These ram pumps should only have to be used for no more than two years after the facility is in full operation as the present nepa roof will be removed and a new metal roof will be built over the second floor. Then gutters of the new roof will connect directly to two larger water towers. The tower overflows will then be directed connected to the collection barrel platforms. This should allow ample water even through unusually long drought seasons.
  9. Very true... The reason I want to build these three raised concrete platforms is so I can raise my storage drums at to a minimum 4 foot height above ground level. This height will allow me to utilize a minimum 1 meter vertical drop through the drive pipes of a series of hydroponic RAM pumps. RAM pumps if using sufficient sized drive pipes can easily provide 6 meters of vertical lift for every 1 meter of vertical drop. This vertical lift provided by RAM pumps will be needed for a few projects I am presently designing and will be building over the next couple of years.
  10. We have always used washed river sand on this project. We have the vehicles and boat needed to collect and transport the bagged sand and rock used on this project, so our only real costs has been fuel and labor. It is more of an inconvenience than it is a financial burden but is an acceptable expenditure when weighed against the piece of mind derived from being able to insure the quality of the mix used in the pour. When in production a catastrophic tank rupture or structural collapse could literally cause the loss of a whole brood of larvae plus additional financial loss due to unnecessary down time and the expenses of tear-outs, replacements and repairs. Over the 25+ years as a commercial landscape contractor and professional nurseryman has shown me to always heed two pearls of wisdom. ''There may not be time to do a tasks right, but always time to do it over.'' "You can waste a dollar trying to save a dime.'' It costs about $25 (labor and fuel) per boat load of quality washed sand or cobble delivered here from the city, It cost less than $15 (labor, fuel, water fee) to get eight 55gal plastic barrels of clean potable well water delivered directly to the work site. This cost is acceptable to me, especially if compared to the potential lost of revenues cause by the loss of 57,800 Stage IV fingerlings or a whole brood of 150-500 thousand larvae. For the most part my water for the concrete mix will come from the collected gutter runoff from the nepa roof inside the facility and the nepa roof of the residence. Fortunately this area historically has one of the highest annual rainfall rates (144 inches) found here in the Philippines so having to boat water in should only be necessary during the predictable two month drought season of late Summer/Fall. So if I plan ahead and purchase another dozen plastic 55gal barrels and continue collecting rain water in advance, then I should seriously reduce or even totally eliminate the need to boat water in during this upcoming drought season. I still need to purchase several dozen 55gal plastic drums for a project scheduled for completion this year. I have to pour heavy concrete stands at three locations outside of the facility which will be used to house multiple stacked 55gal drums (all connected in series) and finish the facility's gutter drain pipes connecting them directly to these to these three locations. Then the rainwater runoff from the nepa roofs can be used to supply an above-ground aquaponic system and for watering garden boxes, small greenhouse/rainhouses and lawn areas. I will be adding these projects over the next couple of years. Once I have completed the designs and start each of these upcoming projects I will be adding that information to this thread. Now I still have to refurbish and repair all the coral stone retaining walls surrounding both the inside and outside of the saltwater pond behind the facility. I also I have to pour two long concrete lined trenches connecting the saltwater pond directly to the sea and the inlet bay area. These concrete projects will all be merely to sure-up the walls and help prevent or lazier and opportunist neighbors from stealing coral/stones from these walls at night to take back and use them for their own little construction projects. As for the two trenches these projects are below ground and only less than 2 meters deep and are merely used to channel and funnel high/low water flows needed to power tidal generators. These tidal generators will help supplement the wind generators and solar panels. These particular concrete projects are rather expansive and have low structural profiles so I will simply use the crushed coral pieces, beach sands and saltwater which are all readily available here on the island.
  11. Helps keep me busy..
  12. The radio reported it as 5.4 so it was more intense then reported. The power went out almost instantly when it hit Sunday morning were I was staying in the city, and when I returned back here to the island we were in brownout until Thursday afternoon, so we were unable to get any real information as to magnitude of the quake. This area was already classified 'under calamity' when this last quake hit so I guess we are now classified 'UC2'. Both quakes hit at times which helped prevent much larger number of people being injured or killed. The 7.2 hit late evening when all the stores, schools and businesses were closed so these structures were empty and less foot traffic on the streets. The 5.9 hit early Sunday morning before most businesses opened. So for the most part people were home and not crowded into malls, stores, offices and classrooms all trying to stampede towards exits and stairwells or walking under structures with pieces of concrete, tiles and broken glass raining down or collapsing. There could have been carnage but due to the time of the two quakes there were few deaths and injuries.
  13. Surigao City was hit with a 5.4 quake Sunday morning which knocked out our power until Thursday afternoon. Reports said we had 200 after shocks before the last 5.4 hit. Still fell light jingles from time to time but nothing major. The city waterworks is still down so no running water for Surigao City residents. Top of all of that it was pretty much rained for the last two weeks making it difficult for farmers and fishermen so food is at a premium in the markets due to large demands and shortened supply. Hopefully all will settle down now and the quakes will stop. A lot of citizens are on edge right now due to the stress and fears right now, but things certainly could have been a lot worse.
  14. Looks like my wife and I will be traveling up to Cebu sometime in the next two weeks and submit the paperwork and the payments at the Waterfront branch. Thank you for all the responses as it was quite helpful. It will be nice not have to hassle with the inconvenience of traveling all the way up to Manila just to do what can be done in Cebu.
  15. The sand will be boated over from the mainland and as was done with all the other concrete work we use collected rain water from the facility's gutter system. If the rains do not provide us with all the needed freshwater for the work then we simply boat back and forth 55gal plastic drums which are filled from a well in the township. During the construction of the saltwater tanks during the late Summer drought season we had to boat in 55gal. drums of freshwater. We could carry four drums and then transfer the water using an electrical submersible pump. Doing this we could get eight 55gal drums of freshwater inside the facility each day. All we would need to do is purchase perhaps 12 more plastic drums and then collect water for a couple of days before mixing the crete for a column pour. This should allow us to be able to insure a steady supply of needed water even during periods of no rainfall.