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  1. 164 Jihad verses = good Muslims ???
  2. I climbed down into the tanks and thoroughly inspected both the inside surfaces and the outside surfaces. This needed to be done before I am going to allow the ceramic tiles to be laid on the top and inside surfaces. Currently I do not have the plumbing on the drain outlets nor the pump here needed to pump 96,000 liters of water needed to fill all the tanks. The visual inspection I believe was thorough enough to verify that the tanks are free of any fractures.There is a finishing layer applied on both the outside and a finishing layer with a water sealant applied on the insides which were totally free of any micro-fracturing. I had poured a heavy foundation and every second row of hollowblock had a rebar ring as well as a solid concrete cap w/ rebar ring poured on top of the tanks. I had earthquakes in mind when I was designing these tanks and I supervised all the pours and construction. I had the hollowblocks made at a ration of 25 to 1 instead of the normal 70-80 to one that most hollowblocks are made here. I even had twice the ratio of cement added in the mortar mix used.when the tank sides were being built. When I built the chicken coop I made it a heavy frame construction because I expected being so close to the waters edge that there was a strong probability of heavy winds. This was certainly tested when this area was hit weeks back by a heavy tropical storm that slammed into this area. The coop's heavy frame construction handled the high winds and also did equally well when the earthquake hit here. The frame actually sits on hollowblocks and did not appear to have shifted off the blocks, The earthquake did not effect the hens in the coop, but the hens have not fared so well with the wet season. I had a nepe roof which was sufficient to handle the rains and I had the coop place within a foot of the wall of the facility. I also had installed large roll-down tarps on the front, left and right sides of the coop. Even with these precautions being so close to the ocean water has a drawback due to the high winds, humidity and long drizzly weather. This particular breed of hens seem to have a delicate constitution and susceptible to chill and being so close to the shoreline has taken a toll on this particularly species, even though they had been kept dry during the rains. I will have to raise the cage ceiling heights an add an electrical fed into the coop so I can install a series of overhead heat-lamps. I will also have to add additional roll-down insulation layers under the rain-tarps as well, and add an insulation layers that can be laid down on top of the coop ceilings to hold the lamp generated heat inside the cage. The hen population dropped from 54 hens to 21 hens in the last 3 weeks. We still average 18 eggs a day, but before the heavy rains and winds started we were yielding 28-35 a day. After the rainy season ends I will build an addition coop to raise the 45-day chickens to stock our freezer, and I well be building a rabbit hutch to raise rabbits. No farm yard animal consistently produces more viable protein a year than rabbits, and rabbits have a cleaner healthier meat than that of chickens. We can eat rabbit, drop a few 45-dayers in the freezer and sell the rest along with the eggs to pay for the feeds and upkeep for the coops and hutch..
  3. I have a few projects currently on my plate that needs to be cleared first, And as the saltwater tanks were not cracked or damaged The priority is to finish lining the saltwater tanks with ceramic tiles so I can start concentrating on the floor sumps, anchor mounts, plumbing and electrical. While that work is progressing I will start the per-sketches and diagrams for the four (1 interior and 3 exterior) columns that received the worst damage. These will require a heavy header to support and cradle the long concrete cross members. When that repair project does starts I will be sure to start either a new thread topic or more likely simply just add it to the existing thread on the hatchery.construction. When I do I with be sure to add plenty of detailed diagrams and drawings as well as photos and videos showing each step of the interior and exterior column repairs. Today there has been quite a few light aftershocks. One while I was typing this reply. Just makes life here more interesting...
  4. It really did not take long, we have been in longer events. I was sitting at the computer and my wife was sitting to the bed's edge internet texting on her phone. Being here in Surigao we often will feel the ground a jiggle and at different magnitudes. I was once riding back from Jane's Lodge after a visit to Harry Doyle on a dark drizzly night when to suddenly felt like I literally had a front tire blowout as the front suspension on the bike seemed to sluggishly sway repeatedly to the left and to the right. Once I stopped and inspected the bike I saw no faults (pardon the pun) I simply proceeded home only to be told by my nieces it had been a sizable earthquake. Once while living in the city one earthquake was violent enough for us to quickly evacuate to the street. I can only describe what for several minutes where the earth beneath our feet felt as if we were standing on top of a water bed.That one was a bit unsettling as it was an odd experience as it informs your brain that you not in control. I once saw a film where a Hollywood scout group were filming possible location for a movie project from above in an airplane. What they caught was footage on the very epicenter of a quake at the moment of the event. I can only describe the the earth below them as being not unlike a pebble being dropped in a still pond and to watch the rings of ripples ever expanding. The earth was literally rolling as the rings expanded outwards from the center, and did so repeatedly as each ring followed. See the earth under feet does not shake, rather it violently lifts and suddenly drops as the waves pass under your feet. It is this that causes the shaking sensation and causes the damage. This quake here hit fast a violently as anything on shelves or tabletops moved or fell. Having a rather large 2-story hollow block structure so close to the back of the house hastened our exit out of the house. It hit and my wife and I simply stared at each others eyes, as we were both trying to process the severity and length of the experience. We quickly knew to take flight. The lights all went dark and the lap top provided the only light source which allowed us to stay orientated as we made our way to the front door. The city is a few kilometers inland from where we are presently living and from the photos and videos one can see the damage. This video was taken by a friend of mine and posted it to his Facebook account, so I downloaded it and uploaded it to YouTube so it could be viewed by all the members as not all members have Facebook accounts. .
  5. Vice Mayor Atty. Casurra has done an excellent administrative roll while the Surigao City Mayor has been on a leave of absence. He regularly talked through radio announcements and interviews to give his people regular updates and assessments as to progress and return of city services,,quickly initiated rescue and relief efforts. Most of the big grocery stores are closed, water out, power to only 20% and a city in shock. Today Mayor Matugas was back to take the lead with Vice Mayor Casurra by his side. and Congressman Matugas and his wife Caraga region governor Sol Matugas arrived by helicopter from Siargao Island this morning bring food relief. These four met with visiting President Duterte and toured the damage areas which secured assurances of quick assistance and relief. There are major bridges down, roadways, homes, schools and business which were heavily damaged or flattened. This strengthened spirits and hopes of the Surigao people as they know their leaders are professional, competent and will be working tirelessly to help recover and move forward in a way not seen by the governance in some areas. There is a long hard road ahead of them but they are united and together as a community. This is why I love living in this community..
  6. StateTrooper lives a few hours further down South. Just got power back up a few hours ago. We did far better than many of many did in the city. The center of the quake was across from where our farm is located on Dinagat Island. No word yet how the township around our farm or my wife's family are at this time. The blackout caught us both with our phones on the charger before they had charged from the day's use. Wednesday I discovered that I had received death threats posted to me on my Facebook account. Thursday we were making calls to report the threats and I was actually sending emails to the PNP investigators.The city judge who was just assassinated was the judge who had presided over the trial until he retired last year. Two days later a city prosecutor was gun down at his home here in the city and last I heard he had been transferred to Cebu and was in serious condition. The Surigao City Vice Mayor Atty. Casurra has been receiving death threats and now I receive threats that mentioned also my wife and three PNP investigators who were involved in this murder case. I had just finished sending emails to two of the investigators and was talking with a Linc member online when the big shake hit and almost instantaneously the power went off. There was little to no damage to the house but there was structural damage to several columns inside the facility but no collapse. We will later have to build forms and add new rebar and re-pour an outer casing on a few columns as well as several perhaps up to six new heavy columns butted up against the outside wall. These will be up against the old columns which will strengthen the old inner columns. This should avoid a structural collapse if we are hit with another quake of this intensity. This will be far easier and cheaper than tearing down walls and 2 story columns and then rebuilding the structure. All the saltwater tanks we just built all did quite well so work will resume once the workers can resume. We had hoped to have them back on the job site in the next couple of weeks, but there is now a far more pressing need for these workers in the city. So it could now be months before the project starts here again. It will all be play-by-ear for a while here but I am not complaining. Tis what makes life interesting on the big island of Mindanao here in the land of the never-ending Summer. Smile, adapt, adjust and just keep moving forward as if it is no 'biggie dah'. Besides one should only worry about that which one can master and not dwell or stress on that which is beyond one's ability to control. And thank you for those member who had thought of me and worried for me and my family, it is greatly appreciated.
  7. As a man of religion I see it as it was God's will to warn them of the dangers, but it was man's will not to heed that warning...
  8. but that information was leaked from a Dem's computer to Wikileaks....
  9. Gunman hit again a wound a second member of the Surigao City courts in less than one week.. Surigao prosecutor hurt in gun attack By Ben Serrano (The Philippine Star) | Updated February 7, 2017 - 12:00am 0 3 googleplus0 0 BUTUAN CITY, Philippines – A prosecutor was critically wounded in a gun attack in Surigao del Norte yesterday. Surigao City prosecutor Manuel Tesiorna was initially taken to a private hospital in Surigao City for treatment then airlifted to the Perpetual Succor Hospital in Cebu City. A police report said Tesiorna was in front of his house in Barangay Canlanipa when motorcycle-riding men opened fire. The gun attack came less than a week after Victor Canoy, a former Surigao del Norte regional trial court (RTC) judge, was shot dead also by unidentified motorcycle-riding men. Close Ad X In September, Bayugan RTC Judge Hector Salise and his police aide were wounded in a gun attack on their way to work in this city. Ingemar Macarine, board member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Surigao del Norte chapter, condemned the attacks. Nation ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 http://www.philstar.com/nation/2017/02/07/1669824/surigao-prosecutor-hurt-gun-attack newsinfo / Regions Surigao City prosecutor who got death threats, shot, wounded By: Danilo V. Adorador II - @inquirerdotnet Inquirer Mindanao / 04:14 PM February 06, 2017 Gun attack (CDN FILE PHOTO/ LITO TECSON) SURIGAO CITY – A government prosecutor remains in critical condition after he was shot outside his residence in Barangay Canlanipa here Monday morning, according to the police. City Prosecutor Manuel Tesiorna was washing his car just outside the gate of his house in Canlanipa Homes when a motorcycle-riding gunman shot him four times at around 7 a.m., said Police Officer 3 Johans Castillo, the investigating officer. Tesiorna, 47, was preparing his car for work when he was shot in the chest, neck and back. The assailant and his companion, who were both wearing masks, fled on board a white Honda XRM motorcycle, police said. Based on the empty shells recovered from the crime scene, police said the weapon used on Tesiorna was a 9mm pistol. A passenger motorcycle brought Tesiorna to the Miranda Family Hospital, where doctors said he needed blood transfusion. He was later airlifted to Cebu City for treatment. Tesiorna’s shooting came four days after retired Regional Trial Court judge Victor Canoy was shot to death by a lone gunman last Thursday while he was buying food at an eatery near his law office along Borja Street. Police still have no lead to Canoy’s shooting. Senior Supt. Anthony Maghari, police chief for Surigao del Norte, said Tesiorna sought and was granted police protection last week after Canoy was killed. A policeman assigned to the prosecutor was already en route to the victim’s residence when the shooting happened, Maghari said. Police have been reviewing CCTV footages and interviewing witnesses to identify the assailants, Maghari said. He said it was unlikely that one group was involved in the Canoy and Tesiorna’s shooting although he declined to elaborate, citing ongoing investigation. SFM/rga Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/868678/surigao-city-prosecutor-who-got-death-threats-shot-wounded#ixzz4Y4jLO2lN Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/868678/surigao-city-prosecutor-who-got-death-threats-shot-wounded
  10. I am on a little island in the outer edge of a mangrove forest and have 860 kbs download speeds.
  11. Happens to me... one of those little odd quarks found in that mystifying complex web referred to as human nature I presently have a little Greek Tatar-tot living supposedly in South France devoting volumes of written refuge trying to slander me on his tabloid website. I'm suppose to have been a deplorable Marine, irresponsible father and horrible husband who must cheat on his wife and actually hired paid hitmen to murder an fellow expat just so I did not have to repay a $200 personal loan; plus being capable of manipulating trained seasoned PNP investigators, S.O.C.O. team and all the witnesses for my own personal crusade to frame the murdered man's innocent wife just to cover my heinous crimes. All this deducted merely through reading my writings on this forum. I have become this saintly self-professed moral avenger and part-time Sherlock Holmes's arch nemesis and villainous mastermind James Moriarty. To be truthful I actually wish that somehow I was really as clever as this Greek Tatar-tot perceives is my capability. I guess some are merely driven to belittle others as to somehow elevate themselves. Perhaps it shows that some old farts can really let their imaginations run wild and their mouths run off, and the internet empowers some by giving them a voice. I guess one must allow one one's eccentricities...
  12. boy he sure showed her..... now his stupid ass will sit in a jail cell for what little life he has left. Moron! Both tragic and stupid.
  13. Our farm is split into two tracks, 1/2 is in my wife's name (in case of death goes to our son) 1/2 is in my son's name (in case of death reverts back to my wife) If both wife and son die I am on the titles to inherit as beneficiary. Now as for the lobster hatchery I am building I have a 40% share, wife is listed as 40% partner. If she dies that 40% share reverts to our son. If I outlive him it reverts back to me. Both my wife and son are duel US/Filipino citizens so we can own as much land as we want and all our business interest do not need the 60%/40% contract. Only the lobster hatchery is because of our investor, but my wife can inter in a 50%/50% arrangement. So all or interests are covered and my part is secured. Me I just have to keep kissing their asses so they do not collaborate to kick my sorry fat-ass to the curb...
  14. I am committed to the family, friends and associates of Harry Doyle as it allows them to get updates of this murder case, those cases surrounding this case and the progress of the extradition request documents. I posted long ago to them that I would continue updating the thread until all is finally concluded. So I am still obligated to them. .
  15. A replacement bulbs runs about $300 for a new bulb assembly and $100 for a refurbished bulb used in the InFocus unit I shipped here from the States. I have primarily just kept it packed in a box since I moved here. As old as it is it is still a $500 unit. When I purchased it back in 2006 I also purchased the extra wide lens which will project the image more like that of a small theater.