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  1. Beautiful ship...but it will not be a warship in the near way!
  2. Go Falcons,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. oopsy....
  4. youtube can be so cruel
  5. This is BS...the Russians hacked the Packer, Falcon game and they (Falcons) are illegitimate NFC champions. Damn Putin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :animal0019:
  6. I would like to know more about your life in China.... The people Day to day life The government restrictions ,,,if any. Entertainment Food talk is always good. Maybe some politics............ ...........just sayin.
  7. Welcome back old son, it's been too long. What's new?
  8. Yes... and as far as he/she is concerned.............YOU SUCK!
  9. Like, like, like............shoot me I'm a feminist moron. Stupid pant load!
  10. Whoops, I was there with you, I should have posted 1969, not 79.
  11. My destroyer...USS Dehaven DD727 ..served as her plane guard in 1979 plus....Tonkin Golf We did a great job!!!!