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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.


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  1. Thank you Sir, that was the scene I recalled. That whole movie is amazing. Yearly watch in my house along with Band of Brothers.
  2. B-1's to be staged at Anderson AB. Should be interesting as to how the Chinese counter. http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/03/politics/air-force-b-1-bombers-guam/index.html Paul - sorry I'm at work and couldn't figure out how to link the article. Please let me know if it should be done differently.
  3. I believe that Saving Private Ryan was based on the Sullivan's having all the brothers serving at the same time (in a combat area)....... If I recall correctly in the scene where they come to deliver the death notifications to Ryan's mom you can see the stars in the window of the front porch. Whenever you are at Pearl Harbor and read the names on the Arizona memorial there are quite a few siblings and even father & son combinations that died on the Arizona that day.
  4. Sorry didn't get back sooner. Agree Paul, that he should be identified for what he did. I am just impressed that he felt he didn't deserve any more recognition then any other Marine that day. Most MOH recepiants feel the same way as well.......
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  6. Read that this morning as well. It will be interesting to see what Bradley's son will say. They insinuate that his dad may have been in the first photo, not the second. I'm sure it was chaotic........ I like the fact that the Marine kept it to himself all of those years. The mindset was it could have been any Marine on the island that day and those Warriors represented them, didn't matter what their names were!
  7. Last year I registered with ID.ME. They offer discounts for Military (Active and Retired) and First responders. You register, they will confirm your eligibility and then you are ready to use....... They send out an email each week with various discounts/offers. There have been various discounts to many stores, vacation locations, online stores and I believe last year I even got a very good discount on the MLB online package. Worth a look if you are interested. Hope this helps someone out.
  8. Dream Sheet Freedom Bird Short Timer