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  1. Pictures from the football team this year with the Shark's Teeth uniform.
  2. The Air Force Academy football team honored the Shark's Teeth this year with their football uniform. Beat both Army and Navy this year. Thought you guys would enjoy the pictures. Nothing like seeing a "Hog" lighting up the enemy with the Teeth Showing! http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/08/15/air-force-football-flying-tigers-sharktooth-legacy-series-helmets-awesome/ Sorry Paul, I've got a MacBook Air and tried to post the article per your instructions but wasn't able to get it to work!
  3. Colemanlee - I received your PM, did you get my response........ We are getting a new phone upon arrival and will text you in the next 2 weeks or so. Please let your wife know, I'll use my screen name so she knows it us.
  4. I wish! Got to climb all over a B-24 a few years ago, another amazing aircraft. Can't imagine flying at altitude, freezing and then having to fight off enemy planes trying to shoot you down! Whole different era of warfare that's for sure. Our Air Force pilots today can shoot something Air to Air and never even see it.
  5. Just the sound of those old planes can get your heart going.... I would love to have a ride in a P-41 or Spitfire. All engine with a couple of wings attached!
  6. Appreciate the offer! I'll keep you posted as we get closer. That's very kind of you!
  7. We were considering making a run there on the bus, but if it's trashed since Yolanda wasn't sure if it would be worth it. As you know, the memorial in Palo was devastated, can't imagine Dulag fared any better.
  8. Appreciate the offer. We own the trike, as you know not good for long rides! Do you think it's worth the trip?
  9. Appreciate the maps! Will be in Leyte in a few weeks, is it worth the trip to Dulag to see the memorial? Don't know that my butt would take the trike, so may have to go by bus. Haven't been to the site, but some of the YouTube videos look interesting. Sent some US Flags to give to the town if they want to use them on the flagpole there.....
  10. Thanks for the lead, much appreciated!
  11. Family is from Lukay, just outside of Alang Alang. I read a book about the Leyte campaign and the only skirmish in Alangx2 was between a Japanese patrol and American patrol that took place at the river where the bridge is now on the way to Jaro. Thanks ang & sam for the info above.
  12. Thanks for the link/update. Those guys who battled in the Pacific had such a hard time, it was a meat grinder. Not only did they have the enemy to fight, but all the other issues of jungle warfare was unbelievable. It's amazing what they did. Appreciate your reply.
  13. Came across some "V" Mail last night from March 1945 that my great Uncle sent my Grandmother. The letter was posted from the Philippines Islands, pretty generic read as they couldn't discuss any military issues because of censorship. One thing he did mention was that they were all miserable with the diseases that seemed to be running rampant through all the GI's (Malaria, Dengue Fever, and something called Blood Flukes, never heard of something like that). A quick review of the 1881st Engineering Battalion showed that they landed with McArthur and then worked on the airfields at Tacloban and Dulag. He was a SSGT in Company B. He lived a very short life and died in the early 1960's with many demons from the war. I can't seem to find any other info concerning their service in the Leyte campaign. It sent a chill up my spine as my wife's Dad worked for the GI's during the campaign to retake Leyte. The story was that they lived in the mountains to escape the Japanese and then came down into town when the Americans landed. Kind of felt our family has come full circle reading those letters from that era. Any ideas on how to research more on that specific unit during that period? Tried using Google and there is minimum info concerning the 1881st. Ran across a paper for the War College that an Army Colonel wrote concerning the campaign and she provided the insight about the airfield operations for the 1881st, but that was about it. I also know that he was in New Guinea earlier in the war with that unit. Just thought I Would share........