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  1. Great post! I'm glad you had such a good time.
  2. Tequila, you seem to be enjoying your Philippines adventure and your girl. Thanks for posting about it.
  3. God bless the passengers sitting next to you!
  4. Have fun, be adventurous, visit other islands. In country flights are cheap. Take the girl ziplining, whitewater rafting or scuba diving, etc. Be yourself and do what you like to do on a vacation. Let the woman see the real you. If you aren't a Cheap Charlie you don't have to act like one. But if you are a Cheap Charlie you're in the right place. Enjoy!
  5. The problem is they sold their land in the province to make a better life for themselves in the city and when their money ran out they ended up in a shanty town in Tondo. They have nothing to go back to.
  6. Yeah, you're right. Killing his wife is okay. After all it is his wife. As for having no idea, wrong guess. Divorced when the kids were toddlers, split everything down the middle, had kids half the time and paid child support. A man deals with a bad marriage without going crazy. And it doesn't get easier when the kids turn 18 because then the father gets to pay for college. Private colleges in my case. No regrets. Now go suck eggs.
  7. Regardless of her conduct there is no excuse for the crime he is alleged to have committed. People give up on marriages and find solace with another all the time. There is no law that you have to accept someone's offer in a divorce. That's what courts are for. If he's guilty he's just a loser who couldn't handle the cards life dealt him and he will suffer the consequences.
  8. They would have looted as much or more in Atlanta if the Falcons won.
  9. I figured it's best not to answer an off topic post with
  10. ... Thought I was sending a text! Lol
  11. I've been expecting that since the beginning of this thread. Thanks!
  12. Wanted to lose some weight, did you?
  13. I think the only men who feel it is abusive and barbaric are the ones who haven't been circumcised.
  14. Not with the game I saw last night.