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  1. I prefer paying less for my meal and leaving a tip that is appreciated by someone who strives to provide exemplary service than paying more for a meal and not getting the feeling that goes along with rewarding that same level of service. It brings the restaurant experience to a more personal level with the one serving me. But if I were in Australia I would adapt to their cultural norms, not complain about it being different than our way. When in Rome, do as the Romans. One way isn't better than the other, just different.
  2. Waterfront dinner buffet was a disappointment. It isn't much better than Golden Corral.
  3. As they should. We don't punish people before any determination is made.
  4. Yeah, if only he didn't tell his shipmates he killed him that might be plausable.
  5. Now that El Bulli is closed I wouldn't go.
  6. International business tycoon.
  7. Your attitude of the USA and mine are different. What you call a "human rat race" that gave you four pensions I call an "opportunity" to live whatever lifestyle you desire. What you call "the never ending society of all sorts of discrimination" I see as the land of equal opportunity. Everyone has equal protection under the law. I work with people from all sorts of backgrounds, religions and countries and we all get along. The complainers are usually the ones who don't want to work as you and I did to earn what we have received. Tomorrow I will ask the people from foreign countries if they feel they are only guests. I never thought of it that way and am interested in their answers. But I believe I would feel like a permanent guest in the Philippines due to the laws there. I'll find out for sure in two years.
  8. "Several Naval Academy alumni..." There are a few squirrels in every oak tree.
  9. The top retirement country for Americans is the USA. It offers fantastic beaches, beautiful mountain living and first world infrastructure. The weather in the southern states is comfortable year round. Many or most couples own their own home outright by retirement age and can live on as little as $2,500 per mont. But that information wouldn't sell them magazines or real estate.
  10. A man doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to earn people's respect. Do you look down on all people who don't have your amazing googling skills?
  11. So are you saying Filipinos aren't decent creatures? I want to make sure I understand what you're trying to say.
  12. Dan Grilo lost his job due to his offensive tweet calling the widow "like an idiot". Everything a politician does is for show. Trump was using her to help build unity. Someone we can all rally behind. But some people are even against the widows of our fallen servicemen.
  13. Why are so many left wingers so full of hatred for their country that they don't want to see it improved for all American citizens? You would probably complain if Trump cured cancer. I would tell you how I really feel about your and Irene's posts but it would look like I have Tourette's.