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  1. Your statement that I took exception to was; I read somewhere he was an inexperienced driver, only three months experience. Also it is a relatively new bus company. It is probable neither was very well educated on maintenance. I do agree hot/fading brakes were a likely contributing factor. The most likely time air brakes will fail is when they are hot.
  2. On all trucks built in the last 30 years, there are automatic slack adjusters, but on older trucks they were manual, and had to be adjusted very regularly, or complete failure could result. Brakes/_Commercial_Vehicles_Air_Brake_Adjustment.pdf
  3. When air brakes get far enough out of adjustment, they can fail completely. I've seen it happen on a log truck that was less than two years old.
  4. Using engine compression to slow a vehicle is not damaging to the clutch plate, unless they are riding the clutch or the clutch is slipping. I have heard all sorts of stories why they drive with their lights off here (yes, they often do). Saves gas, saves the element, saves the battery. Everything but saves lives.
  5. I think the term you are looking for is "imaginary".
  6. One article I read stated the parents were claiming the field trip was forced on the students, go or receive a failed grade. The administration denied this, and stated "They would not have been given a failed grade, they would have been given an incomplete". These are true educators. Another article quoted a bus survivor as stating "he lost control of the wheel, then the brakes failed" Right!
  7. Remove the battery, it will run fine with no battery at all, it just will not start using the electric start.
  8. We have used Danny Noy for over a decade. Solid, honest, good driver, good English skills.
  9. Brakes failed, obviously.
  10. Just FYI, the ignition switch does not supply power to the coil on these little bikes, that is done by the Magneto in the flywheel whenever the engine spins over. The ignition switch grounds the coil when you switch it "off", to stop the engine. Maybe they not so dumb after all.
  11. Thanks for that. I guess it is no wonder it is not enforced that way, being as the certificate nor the stamp say who the original petitioner was.
  12. The CFO certificate of completion is just that, a certificate of completion. Once completed, the certificate holder can change their fiance/spouse a dozen times, they do not have to take the seminar again.
  13. Depends on where you file. If you file in the US, about 8-10 months. If you file in the RP, 6-8 weeks.