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  1. Watched "Wolf Land" this morning. Fantastic movie if you are an animal lover. Not in english, but captioned well. Well worth the watch. Full up on youtube;
  2. So they would alert the public about July 2, after they had their meeting to determine if the threat was real? Makes perfect sense, if nothing happens, it was not a real threat.
  3. I am not military, but I do know for a fact that to get to the position of captain of a USN destroyer requires a very high level of integrity, something you would obviously not understand.
  4. They send all the best and bravest to Marawi!
  5. Mother should have taught you to bathe more often, then you would not have such a foul odor!
  6. You have obviously not spent any time hereabouts, where there is often 20+ up top, and is going 60 KPH.
  7. Yeah, well, you know them Aussies, always have to rename things two or three syllables longer than it should be.
  8. In the Duma market they are called Bell pepper. Red are very rare as they almost never let anything ripen, and red Bells are just ripened green Bells.
  9. That someone will most likely be the Captain of the destroyer!
  10. Ahh, I get it. Write an ad looking for someone to write an ad. Why didn't I think of that!
  11. Pretty sharp, maybe, but he doesn't get Dick!
  12. I thought his name was Dave.
  13. A friend of mine, cool guy; https://www.dumagueteinfo.com/board/threads/expat-hero-of-the-year-valencias-aussie-marty-drury.24904/
  14. If she needs it before that, try making an appointment in a different town/office.