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  1. Well, luckily I had another hospital option, and was quite pleased with the cheaper hospital. I've been in both Silliman and Holy Child now, and the nursing staff at Holy Child is far superior to Silliman. Holy Child actually made me feel like they cared, Silliman did not give me that impression the time I spent three days with them, all they seemed to care about was the padded bill being paid up every day.
  2. 1) No 2) Maybe 3) Just over P100,000, would probably have been P200,000 at Silliman 4) Good to go
  3. What is this?
  4. When you are "on the ground", go see what the ground looks like inside the local public hospital. The ground inside the public hospital in Dumaguete (NOPH) has 300 people on cots "on the ground" (in the hallway), waiting for a spot on a real bed, in a ward designed for 40 that is currently holding 400. Private rooms are few and are reserved for the governor, the mayor, and their families. There are cobwebs inside the operating room that have been there since General MacArthur visited in 1941. This is not a place to get treated, this is a place to go to die. They will surely admit you based on your having Philhealth alone, but you will hopefully quickly be able to figure out that you do not belong there, and are not wanted there. My wife's Mother died in her arms in that hallway, while my wife frantically tried her best to get someone, anyone, to help her. She was having an asthma attack, and drowned in her own phlegm, as there was nobody there sharp enough to tell her to roll her on her side so she spit the phlegm out and hopefully could breathe again. She had Philhealth. That is a taste of what it is like "on the ground" in Dumaguete public hospital. It gets worse there, much worse, but I don't have time to tell the story. Two years ago I had a heart attack. Silliman would not admit me without P50,000 up front. Holy Child admitted me and did not ask for money until three days later when they released me from ICU. So some private hospitals will admit a Kano without money up front, others will not. If I were Filipino I doubt Holy Child would have been so accommodating.
  5. If it will not fit in a BB box, sell it. If it requires 110 volts, sell it. If you can't sell it, give it away, not worth the hassle. My opinion only, your mileage may vary.
  6. If I knew the name of the thread and where it was posted, I could read it. But I don't really have the time this morning to look for anything. I'm gone for a couple of hours, starting now.
  7. Well I hope you never have to find this out the hard way. Some hospitals will treat you without cash up front, others will let you bleed to death on the steps. As a foreigner, your chances are better than a local at getting treated, but don't bet your life on it.
  8. The amount of tax is set by the municipal tax assessor. It varies quite a bit depending on location and condition of the house, etc. A friend of mine bought a small house for P1.5 million. The tax on it was P200 per year, for several years. He had done some improvements, and one year while paying the taxes they asked his wife two questions. Does it have glass in the windows, and does it have paint on the exterior. The answer to both questions was yes. The taxes went from P200 a year to P8000 a year.
  9. Yes, but Paul enjoyed it even more.
  10. What BKB was referring to was the shift lever, that you use to change gears with your foot, not the clutch lever on the handlebar. Either one if bent could be binding and cause problems though.
  11. Generac is a great company, I used to do service training for them along with B&S and Tecumseh. Fun job. I got to drive all over Wyoming and Montana for four months each winter doing technical update seminars (keeping mechanics up to date). Years ago Generac had the distinction of being the only US generator company that manufactured their own engines. Now B&S is building generators so they no longer can say that.
  12. You touched on something that has not been mentioned. Oils formulated for motorcycles (4T designation) have an additive for the wet clutches, Automotive oils do not have this, and can cause clutch problems if used in a motorcycle. I use shell 4T AX7 semi synthetic oil. Synthetics stay clean much longer than petroleum based oils. I go 10,000 km between oil changes, and at close to 50,000 km, my YBR is still very clean inside, and never had a problem with the clutch.
  13. You should probably refrain from eating the innards of the intestines, as you will do if you eat a clam or oyster!
  14. Tiger bar is a piece of brass/bronze machine stock of various diameters, like round bar made of bronze/brass.
  15. The tank connections are different. However, all it would take is a piece of tiger bar, and a good machinist can easily fabricate an adapter. The valve guides in most small engines will not hold up to running on LPG. Kohler uses special valve guides due to this. Most other small engine manufacturers will void the warrantee on any unit that was converted. It would be worth while to look into this, to see what Honda has to say about running on LPG, before trying to convert one. LPG is cleaner and more economical to run, but if it destroys your unit, not so much so.