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  1. In about 1955 at an open house and airshow at Carlswell AFB, they demonstrated this little gem. Everyone wanted one, but alas____haven't seen one since. Hope this one don't have the same fate. I think it was called the Hoppi-copter.
  2. I especially like this part of the obit._____" Leslie’s remains will be cremated and kept in the barn until “Ray”, the family donkey’s wood shavings run out."
  3. It's not the degrees, but the radius. Cold bending rebar in a short radius is more likely to break than bend. Country of origin plays a part here too. I hear Chinese rebar has a higher carbon content and will more readily snap than others. Rumor, not from experience.
  4. Careful___rebar has a high carbon content and will snap if radically bent. Even if by chance it does not actually break, the elbow may be very weak. Cold roll is better but more expensive.
  5. Roll the dice____$650,000 or 300 grains of lead. Which will it be?
  6. Not a reasonable assumption at all. It was excessive violence due to an unreasonable betrayal. Nothing implied other than that.
  7. They will find you eventually.
  8. Buncha damn Democrats !!!
  9. Know the road well____once took the 'Luxury' bus from Manila to Baguio. Bus couldn't make it up the grade and all the passengers had to dismount and push while dodging the kamikazes going downhill.
  10. That provision should be mandatory if no parent is left behind. Let the kids petition for re-entry once they reach the age of majority if they wish to.
  11. Yer right!
  12. She may benefit by asking for a cut in wages.