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  1. Banilad flyover makes me laugh ...they built this huge awful structure to solve the traffic there and now they are allowing traffic to flow under and back out while blocking asfortuna with a citom guy thus defeating the whole purpose of it being there ....they have just lifted two lanes into the air without any gain whatsoever.....well done. Historic news report..... Construction of the 390-meter long Banilad flyover will start tomorrow despite the failure and the cancellation of the odd-even traffic scheme in that area, and the request of the city council to postpone the project. Mayor Tomas Osmeña yesterday said he disagreed with suggestions to defer further the construction schedule, especially after the council unanimously agreed to ask the Department of Works and Highways to consider postponement of the project to another month. “I don’t intend to postpone, we just have to go through with it. There have already been too many postponements and cancellations. I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m getting weary already. We have to get started or else we won’t finish it,” Osmeña said.
  2. They have witnesses who apparently drive around memorising numberplates at night...I guess it must be like the Filipino equivalent of trainspotting.
  3. I love this coffee and the ease of making a cup...I normally pick up supplies in hk...I think it's about 200 hkd maybe more for a box.
  4. Good news....did anyone acctually ask for the paper work?....obviously if you plonked it down in front of them without asking then we will never know.
  5. If it's a realistic statue of man staring at you I think they would move a couple of doors down and piss there instead..lol.
  6. Also try a ceramic replica model of a cat ...that used to scare the bejesus out of my old moggie.
  7. Apparently they hate the smell of orange peel and won't shit amongst the stuff ...but there must be an off the shelf version ...unless of course you eat a ton of oranges everyday.
  8. Ace stopped selling them....it was pretty blatantly sold as a weapon and I can only assume it didn't gel with their homely family orientated image..but I feel the weight balance of this bat to the skull is totally optimised to kill instantly without a doubt.
  9. And they multiplied and didn't return to the motherland.
  10. I bought an all aluminium one called the equalizer from ace hardware ...I have knocked it out of the park with about twenty rats so far ....thankfully never had to use it on humans yet.
  11. I would suggest windows ...I acctually have both but the Apple Mac OS doesn't seem all that logical or intuitive to me coming from a windows background. I guess if your just noodling around then the Mac would be ok but not for heavy deadline workstation type tasks.
  12. I remember last time I was at that resort ...I wanted a straight up massage but I was getting the heavy sell for extra services ....I declined their kind offer ...the missus was awaiting for my safe return to my room..lol...glad now to find out I had avoided the situation of trapping some poor girl in some enslaved situation from which she could not escape and most likely would have to be rescued. as a rule I generally don't feel sorry for Koreans but in this case I do.
  13. Hsbc is still the most crooked outfit today ....an idiot client of mine accidentally sent a bank transfer to an offshore HSBC banking trust fund....in my investigations to track down this money I gathered enough information to kickstart a Moore documentary ...trying to even get a contact number was impossible even though the office was located in hsbc head office in Hong Kong ...these trusts funds are all over the globe in offshore locations are not regulated by the banking system because they are not a bank ...so they can do whatever they like and hsbc banking have denied to my face that they have nothing to do with these companies even though they all start with the letters hsbc and are registered in their own building! In the end my client gave up trying to recall the money and sent it again but this time with the correct swift code. It was quite a lot of money ....and his mistake opened my eyes to a deep underbelly of below the radar money laundering still going on today with an impenetrable face that cannot be fathomed by the general public...a total lockdown. if you accidentally send money online to an hsbc trust fund swiftcode by mistake then the money is lost forever because that trust fund company refuses to even communicate via the swift code system to bounce back those funds ....and they are uncontactable even by banks such as Barclays in this case.
  14. ...my driver was late because of this ...so I had to drive myself ...so yes I suffered as a result...but we soldier on.
  15. That's what I hinted at earlier ....this agents fee thing might be at the root of it all....but in all the press editorials and political rhetoric from the local press nobody seems to want to point out this elephant in the room...quite suprised we are talking openly about in now on this forum. i think the agent fee thing might extend as far as this bonkers scheme for the BRT... as we all know it will never work city wide but I think it was never really intended to ...they just want to get phase1 in place which is a link between osmena circle and the SRP so that they can drive up land prices and of course commission fees....that's all it is.