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  1. That last like was a tip by the way....you earned it !
  2. As long as griffiths is a fugitive in the eyes of the law here then they can draw a line and just say they did all they can.....face saving all round.
  3. It's quite acceptable to be reminded to move your seat upright when second meal is being served...standard procedure...most likely it's the first inkling that it's now time to wake up. i often switch seats without asking when I hear the announcement for ground crew to vacate the plane ...but yes don't plonk yourself in plus dollar seats such as the escape door ones unless you want to be moved back with I guess a little embarrassment on your part. there is is no harm in trying to push the envelope just once but if found out and told ..don't try and test the system ...a lot of these recent happenings caught on cell phones are invariably the result of passengers refusing to do what they were instructed to do by staff once they found out you were doing something that wasn't acceptable. even that kill me now guy by law had to leave the plane ...if he had followed the law there wouldn't be an incident. Similarly the stroller fracas wouldn't have occurred since strollers are by law not allowed...I'm sure the mother was ignoring a previous instruction before it all blew up. staff don't randomly pick fights with passengers for no reason..
  4. This is a stark contrast to the local traffic cops here ...hand signals are so ambiguous and unenthusiastic...they even forget to let lanes go until some guy toots to remind them that their lane can go also.....and the lady cops are all tomboys...well they certainly don't look like women... ps...loading on a junction corner is just dumb.
  5. Personally I would put the car back in the garage with a powerful electrical dehumidifier ...mold can't live with zero humidity. The smell will go away too..
  6. Even if this is true Cebu lacks a basic city wide cohesive road network.....i think this city could be ok traffic wise if they discouraged informal settlers but right now there is too much traffic and I suspect a lot of it is of the low revenue type ...i.e it brings nothing positive to the city and only clogs up its arteries.
  7. Finally the penny has dropped......take the situation out of local government and get the big boys in to unravel the mess that they allowed to happen over all the years.
  8. I love the Waitrose line in rustans ...quite often poorly and randomly stocked but is quite a breath of fresh air from the usual dross ....I find generally you can put whatever sign you like above the door but nine times out of ten you get the same old same old ....all probably supplied from the same cartel warehouse owned by some well connected Filipino Chinese family no doubt who won't let anybody else in.
  9. I had that pinched nerve thing ....all numb down one side...boy did I think it was the heart...but after a ton of tests including a brain scan out of my own pocket it must have been just that.....SCARY for sure at the time.
  10. Banilad flyover makes me laugh ...they built this huge awful structure to solve the traffic there and now they are allowing traffic to flow under and back out while blocking asfortuna with a citom guy thus defeating the whole purpose of it being there ....they have just lifted two lanes into the air without any gain whatsoever.....well done. Historic news report..... Construction of the 390-meter long Banilad flyover will start tomorrow despite the failure and the cancellation of the odd-even traffic scheme in that area, and the request of the city council to postpone the project. Mayor Tomas Osmeña yesterday said he disagreed with suggestions to defer further the construction schedule, especially after the council unanimously agreed to ask the Department of Works and Highways to consider postponement of the project to another month. “I don’t intend to postpone, we just have to go through with it. There have already been too many postponements and cancellations. I know it’s not going to be easy but I’m getting weary already. We have to get started or else we won’t finish it,” Osmeña said.
  11. They have witnesses who apparently drive around memorising numberplates at night...I guess it must be like the Filipino equivalent of trainspotting.
  12. I love this coffee and the ease of making a cup...I normally pick up supplies in hk...I think it's about 200 hkd maybe more for a box.
  13. Good news....did anyone acctually ask for the paper work?....obviously if you plonked it down in front of them without asking then we will never know.
  14. If it's a realistic statue of man staring at you I think they would move a couple of doors down and piss there instead..lol.
  15. Also try a ceramic replica model of a cat ...that used to scare the bejesus out of my old moggie.