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  1. They are all doing it trying to save money .....I suspect the veco ac bill for Ayala would make your eyes pop....I bet the new wing is cooler.
  2. Unfortunately that's what got the tank into the state it is now...
  3. Yes I know ...muratic fumes in a non ventilated space might kill you....I also found out once that mixing bleach with strong muriatic produces the most lethal gas cloud you could ever imagine ...if you want to produce a home made chemical weapon then that combination is it.
  4. The fact it's a gel that sticks is an interesting idea ...because it's such a huge tank that I can't turn it on it's side to soak in muratic might be the issue here.
  5. I have never used it but it was recommended to remove limescale stains from a large aquarium...I have thrown 30% muratic and razor blades at it and still no luck...somehow talk of vinegar and coca cola leads me to believe that the glass is permanently etched and perhaps barkeepers friend is also too weak to cure this problem.
  6. It's a cleaning agent ...not a weapon.
  7. apparently its a common product in the usa ...just wondering if anyone has seen it around here in cebu or a generic equivalent??
  8. it's the guys with the no lights whatsoever who get the high beam treatment ...the quick flash I tend to respect. but driving with full beam is another danger ...coming back on point there really needs to be some education on driving techniques in this country's like driving amongst thirteen year olds.
  9. Bearing in mind that smoke glass is the order of the day drivers ...especially trike drivers would I think get a shock at just how invisible they are at night on a poorly lit road with their lights turned off. There is a lot of luck involved with them staying unhurt ....they seem to have developed a technique of flicking on the front light momentarily when they get spooked enough ...I guess they know the game they are playing. I hope the pesos they save is worth the risk.
  10. I would hold off calling the driver completely blameless for now.....somebody has to be accountable and part of that is the driver taking an active interest in the condition of the vehicle ...and as I said earlier it may be that he wasn't even in gear ....looking at the3d accident reenactment it would suggest that to be the case.
  11. Better still avoid the carcar highway ..period.
  12. Somebody needs to teach the locals about engaging low gear on declines ....a good driver will hardly ever need to use their brakes heavily if they know about gear and clutch control...if the driver was doing this I suspect the fatalities would be zero. also brakes will last forever because you will hardly ever use them...!
  13. I have had a couple done ...normally failed after a few weeks charge maybe twice as much but of course it will be as good as new.
  14. I bet that condo on top of the new wing Ayala mall will be spot on ...looking at the mall quality below I would be amazed if that construction wasn't AA+. buying off plan is the term ...Hong Kong is deep in this practice. ...with good developers you could sell with a profit at handover.
  15. Hah...I think this is great but I wish it wasn't so long ....when I get time I will watch.