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  1. Tri j ...that's Goodyear right?....very good and honest ..the one on quezon.
  2. Interesting recent conversation ...."sorry sir we are out of stock!" ok ...so when do you think you will get some more? not sure ... did you recently sell your last one ...how often do you restock? dont know... ok ...when you do have stock where is it usually on sale in the store? not sure.. so how do you know your out of stock if you don't know where they are usually...? well we never sell them... ah I see...so your not out of stock ...you just never sell them ...? yes sir ..like I said ..out of stock. ..???
  3. You do not understand the function of a good dehumidifier ...sure it puts out heat but the overall benefit totally slays that ...a room at high temperature but low humidity is far more comfortable than you might ever imagine ...possibly to the point of trumping a regular aircon... and cebu is usually very humid whatever the weather.
  4. Jungle fighting against insurgents is the ultimate hard case scenario ....cities within a jungle pose even greater problems ...the Filipinos really need the USA expertise to guide them in this huge task ahead...
  5. I guess killing doped up drug users was the easy meat...
  6. Zinc oxide is magic ....not only will it cure heat rashes but it also acts as a very effective under arm deloderrant without the usual alcohol iriitants that come with off the shelf products for that problem.
  7. You said that you have seen nothing but the same at jmall in response to a comment.. pretty much all professional and business like....so naturally I assumed you were saying that jmall was run in professional and business like manner ....so I said no it wasn't .....scratch head?
  8. No...the aircon is non existent in the public space and they are deliberately on a go slow in the hope that people will complain so they get their perks back.... once again ..they are able to process in one day because that is what they were doing before the express lane was banned.....in fact before this you weren't even given the choice...you were automatically in the express lane with a charge of 1000p. Is this professional... don't think so.
  9. Well I guess if your for example on a diving holiday then this could be the deal breaker to going to another country next time ..so loss of revenue for the country is happening but how much is impossible to say... i found it quite interesting that the public waiting zone is astonishingly hot compared to the mall outside and the blast of cold air emanating through the speaker windows from the offices behind was very noticeable. sure the staff are pissed at losing their slush fund ...but it really is a shake down as the work can be carried out in office hours as that's what used to happen before the express lane was banned.....in fact they are still doing it now in office hours ...but with an artificial delay. i would suggest nobody complains ...these guys have a realatively cushy number and they want us to complain so they get their perks back. there are other less busy offices around such as gisano mactan where you can get things done in a day...maybe if the jmall branch starts to lose its business they might have a rethink on this ... seems to me the place is being run by the same sharks that used to be in the old office near parkmall....old habits die hard.
  10. This to me is an admission that the police force is a mess and ineffective as they allow these guys a free run....the army is already paid for so it's an easy move to make ...it's a pity the funds weren't pumped into the police effort from the beginning .... I can't see the phillipine army being much use anyway against outside threat so better they just convert the army to a crack police force and have them operating all the time instead of bringing them in when the situation has gotten way out of hand.
  11. Yeah...ups units are great for sixth months and then they become a liability by randomly losing power for no reason and causing your raids to go into rebuild....the batteries are not up to the job long term and need constant replacing....
  12. Many years ago I was trundling round inner Bali in a hired Suzuki jeep....I was tailing at a reasonable distance this whole family perched on a motorbike. For some unknown reason the bike just flipped over ...adults kids and babies flew in every direction ... i came to a standstill behind the scene and my first thought was to go out and help ....but I almost immeadiately realised this was going to look really bad ....I just drove slowly past and continued on my way ...I felt bad for them but seriously I would have been an idiot to stop...it's not like other people weren't around to help them but it was still frustrating not to be able to assist.