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  1. We can't own land. Not even a plot. Maybe your wife could buy it. Of course they'll sell you one ....and the road in front of it.
  2. Learning proven job skills before working in the US is great. Retirement income and status at home. When you retire you have another surprise asset. Someone to push your wheelchair etc.
  3. Working is good for all of us. So is sharing. Raises self esteem and allows for self actualization. Spouse must learn the difference between family needs and wants.. All should be honest, sensible and truly appreciated. Can the family be trusted and satisfied? Can the spouse? Demands, whining and lies should force problems to solve themselves. If not, you're in for a long, hard and guilt ridden ride.
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  5. It's good you found out a bit of the truth. The big family thing can get old quick. Bohol has it's share of drugs. They shoot about one a week. http://www.boholnewstoday.com/
  6. Did the guard at the mall see anything?
  7. ....and free room and board for years.
  8. They left out Chicago.
  9. It doesn't hurt to put a small purse in the safe tea box....make them think your stuff's there.
  10. The US cares for every dollar you have in your estate.
  11. I'm shocked at all the guys who make their wives obtain car/house titles upon their demise. Many have separate checking accounts and fail to even add them as beneficiaries. Isn't sharing, preparing and learning an enjoyable and everyday thing? All love logically includes a tragic ending. Why not have a plan? It's provokative to see widows walking around malls in short skirts. Wealthy due to US laws or the great Balikbayan scheme. One could run away for a while to let the wife practice a 'Death Drill'. At the risk of being crematee upon return.
  12. Wow! What appeared as a downgrade was an upgrade. 'Others' are fun. Met mine through Cherry Blossoms. My wife pulled my letter to another girl out of her dormitory trash and answered. We had to use snail mail. Morse code was only for the rich.
  13. I agree. I often see kids with cells and mothers without. Many prefer older women...not as hormonally driven. I've heard 25 year olds call themselves antiques. Courting? Sounds scary. Planting seeds of control? Seems like they're training you to tap dance. I love the culture, but was never up for that. It will be fun to ask about the cell phone situation deep in the boondocks. I think there's probably an area with a historic lack of signal. Jurie's still out on how cells affect your head.
  14. A happy, simple, hard working, God fearing girl with no daddy issues saves one money on upgrades. Incessant family begging gradually fades after they burn the woman out. Her logic is 'why should they get free what I have to work so hard for' Family demands and not a single 'thank you' creates bitterness. I respect those who can manage living with their wife's family. Her career slowly becomes rewarding and precious to her. Her English slowly becomes way too proficient. We need only love, respect and look after her. Makes for a happy, simple, self acualized life.