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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.

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  1. I want to stay in Toledo on vacation for up to 30 days. Looking for info on prices and what amenities are available. Fan rooms, rooms with a/c, rooms with some sort of minor cooking privileges, in room free wifi is a necessity. Thanks in advance for any info. I hope I have posted this in the proper place so the marine moderator will not assess some kind of penalty points to me again and suspend my membership again.
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  3. visa names do change here occasionally. There has been NO "business visa"" for years. It is an "Ordinary Visa"". Takes time to get people to realize it is a new day.Work Visa" An "Ordinary Visa" is not a "Work Visa". There has NEVER been a "Work Visa". An "Ordinary Visa", previously known as a "Business Visa" is the visa needed to fullfill the requirements needed to obtain a 'WORK PERMIT". A work permit is required if you work either for someone elsde or for yourself in your own business, If you work for yourself YOU apply for the work permit, once obtained then you get your "Work Book". This is a record of where, when, etc you actually work/worked. If working for another person/company they are responsible for obtaining the work permit and work book for you. I know a few people work online and a few teach English online and to my knowledge NONE report their activities to the Cambodian government. All the ones I know with physical business do pay taxes, licenses, etc. Kind of hard to avoid this. Absolutely NO reason to worry about any "Retirement Visa" at this point. The entire concept is only in the talking about it stage in the Cambodian government agencies. When if ever, it is finalized and PASSED/enacted into law, then read it and see what it does or does not do for you.
  4. Went there 12 time. Absolutely disgusting the conditions of the animals and their cages/pens/enclosures. Giving them to someone else would be an unusual humanitarian, animal rights move by the city. Nothing living should be treated like those zoo animals/birds/snakes. Don't give them lhullier as they just might end up as expensive entrees at a private dinner.
  5. No people, no drugs, no money found/arrested??? Yep, must be the Philippines.
  6. Not sure I entirely subscribe to this potential help for those afflicted with the horrible physical condition - BUT - it is cheap/free and easy to try. I do not see any detrimental health effects from it.
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  9. Thanks Paul, I sent him a PM. If I ever see you again, the first beer is on me. Possibly even the second also.
  10. To:: Steve and Merlita. Thank you. I knew they were talking about extending the education process but did not know whether it became law or not. Then it is the same as in America paying until the 18th birthday and your schooling is not relevant.
  11. the paper work is definitely NECESSARY. Sole Custody means exactly that. One parent legally surrenders ANY right to the child. Immigration, etc has NOTHING to do with ""sole custody"". Where I may or may not reside has nothing to do with it, nor does which parent the kid lives with. i AM ASKING FOR VERY SPECIFIC INFORMATION FROM ANYONE WITH RECENT GENUINE KNOWLEDGE OF THIS, not KEYBOARD B.S. ABOUT WHAT IF, WHERE FORE ART THOU IRRELEVANT COMMENTS AND INPUT. Thank you, any actual factual contributors. John Bohn For Jawny. Not positive it is still the law, BUT several years ago you had until the adopted child turned 18 yr old to get a visa, take it to the states, guam or puerto rico to obtain American citizenship. Must be completed before the kids 18th birthday. Again has nothing to do with who the kid lives with, If you are on S.S the kid will get 50% of your monthly entitlement until (in the Phils) becomes 16 yrs old. If the chile goes to college the payments continue until the kids 18th birthday. This anomaly is because the law says that the child receives the money until 18 yrs in AMERICA. and or 12 yrs of school because kids are required to complete 12 yrs of school. The Philippines only has 10 yrs of school so unfair to the kid. right?? sO SOME YEARS AGO THE pHILIPPINES WAS GRANTED AN EXEMPTION if THEE KID CONTINUES IN COLLEGE, The final adoption decree must be at least 2 yrs old. Get a visa, take the child to America, citizenship is literally automatic. File the papers, request a passport, add the kid to your S.S if applicable. Used to take about 10 days total..
  12. Yes. BUT separated for about 8 yrs and I live in Cambodia. She has agreed to do it if possible. She will have to do the paperwork of course.
  13. I married a Filipina about 12 yrs ago. Adopted her daughter/ We have been separated about 8 yrs. She took the child when she left. Now suddenly she wants to get rid of the kid. Read here:: Possibly rich foreign boyfriend that ddoes not want a 14 yr old girl around. Anyyway to get sole custody of the child???? Unfortunately I am currently living in Cambodia. I DO like the kid and DO want to take her from her mother and give her a real proper life, education, future. Not to mention get her U.S.ofA citizenship. Understand mommy is not the best mother in the world. Is it possible she can initiate the legal proceedings by herself in Cebu?? In what?? Family court??? I will really appreciate any good, recent info on this subject as it is kind of needed immediately. Thanks for any help I can get John Bohn
  14. Put your partner/prospective partner on a boat for a few hundred and have her/him/it enter as an illegal alien. No extra cost and hundreds of thousands in freeebies.
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