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  1. I don't have reference to any law, But about year 2005/2006 i inquired of a resale in Winland towers the first building, I had gone down to the Developers office downtown near Colon and had talked with one of the ladies there that looked like she was in charge of the handling the paperwork. She knew what she was talking about, the unit i was inquiring about showed the owner was a supplier of some kind of materials used in the construction of the buildings, he recieved the unit and parking spaces as a part payment and it showed an area of 94sqm for the unit on his reciept, but the Title deed showed about 77sqm, and i had queried her on this. She had mentioned that was the way units were sold in the 90's in cebu that they included the hallway area, at that time Winland was only one of a handful of condo buildings available and the tallest for a long time. I had also looked at La Mirada/Soto Grande on Mactan and Tower Palace (now Avalon) they were all advertised with the hallways (common area) as part of the the Condo unit area, It may have broken laws to advertise this way but that is what was happening
  2. It all comes down to what the floor are actually is? In the past Condo units were advertised as a total floor area including balcony and a portion of common hallways to access the elevator. In the above case under the HLURB it points out that the survey was of the are with in the internal walls of the Condo unit only no balcony, no common area, Now if Mrs Ong wants to utelise the balconies attached to her condo units the condo corp may not allow her till she pays up for that area, Rules had changed on condo due collection ability and all common areas had to be owned by the condo corp, tax reasons and whatever other reason there was. 10 or 11 years of court proceedings, attorney fees and what ever other costs there were, and who is to know that the developer actually paid back the money or allows the condo dues to offset the owed amount. Something also to remmember when the Condo units were bought the exchange rate to the USD was 1USD=23PHP in 1995 when the court judgement was made the in 2009 the rate was 1USD=48PHP. 155sqm units became 127sqm, 94sqm became 77sqm
  3. If you have your title and tax declaration, The city hall does not send out a notice, You have to go to the city hall with your tax dec and then pay your realty tax, you will recieve a reciept, keep this for next year. If you pay before March 30th you get a 10% discount.
  4. I think times have changed, Part time employment is the same hourly rate as fulltime. Part timers also get sick leave and holiday pay, Overtime rates are also not what they use to be, Saterdays are 1.25x hourly and sundays are 1.75x hourly and then you have to check the EBA the company, agency, hotel has with the govt/unions on work conditions allowances etc. My wife works for a large hotel chain, @ $18/hr and works 5 hr shifts, 5days/week and she is happy with that. You dont need much to live on as long as your accommodation is sorted out.
  5. As for credit history report keeping agencies, they well and truely exist in the philippines, A bank manager had informed me of 3 major ones that were operating over the country and that was 10 years ago, This had come about as a result of talking about credit cards and loans that people would take out at a bank, the bank had run a credit history check before approval. I dont know the names of the agencies but any bank manager would know. Yes the credit finance rate on credit cards is high in the Philippines with most in the range of 2.5-3.5% interest per month.
  6. Yes BPI offered a credit card, i had not inquired but they rang me and asked that i visit a branch after holding an account with them for about a year, No tax record or proof of income, I am not a resident, but here on the balikbayan privilege. Was given a 70,000peso limit, but the catch is 3.4% per month credit charge. 1550peso/year annual fee. as for consumer protection: i dont think any comes with the card, but an insurance is offered at a fee each month to protect you if something goes wrong. All i could see as a benefit was travel insurance if the travel tickets were purchased with the credit card. Was also offered a credit card with HSBC, same kind of deal, hold an account with them for a year, No proof of income, etc. similar finance charge 3% per month, was offered 70,000peso credit limit also. They had some points scheme, privleges, didn't look into it much. Was told that i only had to visit the branch and ask. I don't know how they came up with the 70,000peso limit as have always left my income blank or N/A on bank detail forms
  7. i would send her back to the central post office near pier 1, you go in around the side and head upstairs and inquire who it is that delivers the mail to your particular condo, someone will know, then arrange a time to meet that person and inquire directly with them. i always tell the security to accept and sign for any mail/documents, so as to not go chasing mail later on. i also noticed that your tracking doesn't say ARRIVED in Cebu, just says attempted delivery PHILIPPINES. maybe hasn't arrived in Cebu yet.
  8. visited and moved here at 29 left at 39.
  9. Actually there are plenty of car wreckers around in cebu, but they are a combo of car wreckers (local cars/trucks) and 2nd hand jap import parts most shops have surplus in the name. though not like the way you are thinking that you go and strip the part you want, everything is already stripped and placed in certain sections of the warehouses (doors, engines, transmissions, boot lids, etc). Most are not located on main roads but in compounds, subdivisions, where you have to ask the guard at the gate where you want to go. A lot of forum members here think things, language gets lost in translation, but i have found that when it comes to car parts, mechanical services they understand english very well, most of the wreckers that i have visited are in the mandaue area (use to live there), but i'm sure with a little probing around they are everywhere in cebu. if you don't mind looking in mandaue look on herman cortes st near the cabancalan school, ask around, try Singsong village subd Subangdaku theres 1 inside the subdivision and 1 on the access rd to the subd, Nitto's at the Reclamation Area near SM mall its on the main rd. You need to get your feet on the ground and go around and ask what your looking for, ask spare parts shops, local mechanics where to get parts, its all word of mouth, very few advertise online or in yellow pages.
  10. i enjoy the seafood laksa they serve there, they have 2 branches, 1 at BTC the other at SM
  11. if you want 'How to' and 'What to expect' look at the website for SEC http://sec.gov.ph/ it's all detailed there, Yes minimum of 5 legal aged share holders, from memory i think upto 19 share holders to incorporate. Yes 60% of shares to be allocated to filipino's to be a domestic corp that can own land plus i think Secretary must be filipino citizen with some kind of bachelors degree and treasurer to be filipino also. If you can accept these basic requirements then investigate further. Now they have one stop shops so to speak where they will guide you through the whole process, its becoming easier to set up a corp these days, the it was say 10 years ago. the website says payments reduced to 13 departments, previously 36. things keep changing and getting amended all the time. You File a few things with them (SEC) every year ex. AFS, GIS, yearly meeting etc. You would want to visit the BOI (Board of investments) and DTI to see if you can get any incentives, holidays etc. BIR requires you to file and pay taxes monthly, quarterly and yearly Barangay requires Fees and permits, City hall requires permits and fees, Heath department, Fire department, the lists go on and on, Once you get your Business permit then you can apply for your permanent TIN for the corp instead of the temporary one they issue you on incorporation. Yes you can set it all up yourself if you are that way inclined, i had an attorney set one up for me, i had no idea at the time.
  12. From my experience i have noticed that if i withdraw less than 5000 peso's usually the last P1000 is a breakup of either 2x P500 or 1x P500 and 5x P100 notes, i don't think i have ever received all P1000 notes for a small withdrawal. i would be thinking it is the store trying to pass off the counterfeit notes.
  13. ii had some work done at Wellmade in Tipolo in Mandaue, they and reconditioned a cylinder head for me that required corrosion to be welded up, die grind the water jackets back in place, grind, new seats, valves, pressure tested etc (wasn't able to find a replacement head at a reasonable cost), i was surprised that the workshop had an ISO and TUV certification, and most importantly understood the terminology in English. They had all kinds of machines there but off limits. i would be pretty sure they would be able to do what you need. i was a few years ago that i had used their services. I was happy with the end result.
  14. the Certificate of Registration (CR) will have ENCUMBERED printed on top left side if there is a loan registered against it.
  15. i think its great to see someone with the patience to go about and do a job like this themselves, having a few years of mechanical work experience personally i would not have bothered, when you take in what the labour charges are. going back 4 years or so ago when i had a 2000 year model corolla. i had an overheating head gasket problem, after taking it to the garage in mandaue near all the parts shops on the HWY, they did the head job (sent head away for grind, pressure test, valve job etc), replace the water pump, crank seal and cam seals, plus do all the gaskets supplied in the VRS kit. timing belt, etc. R&R the starter motor for a rewind and new solenoid (sublet out). i had bought all the parts at the near by parts shops, and the labour charge was about 2200 peso's ($50) from memory. i was thinking that was cheap and for me to even think about buying tools, skinning knuckles, sweating profusely, swearing at the job, and really having nowhere to do the work, coughing up the $50 or so was well worth it.