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  1. They get out of the military and become contractors, just like the guys that get fired in the army,(me not included)
  2. The US extradited a guy I used to work with at the US Embassy in Kabul, Tim Kaufman, for murder in Angeles City. He supposedly killed a retired Irish policeman and his girlfriend in AC and was arrested in New York, extradited back to Philippines on an Interpol warrant and died in jail before his trial could start. Imagine that....
  3. I bought a Ford Everest last year, man I love that truck..we have a Dmax thats about 7 years old, its still a great truck as well, we use that for going out to the farm. The wife doesn't want to sell it as it was her first ever vehicle and the one she learned to drive.
  4. Nah, just walking around, but damn..
  5. I saw a couple of spinners in Manila that I'm sure would help me with stress...
  6. Cyber posts, cryptologists or other intelligence or high tech jobs with certain language skills are particularly rewarded. They can get between $50,000 and $90,000 by agreeing to serve another three to five years. Army special forces can also qualify for top level incentives. But more routine jobs — such as some lower level infantry posts — may get nothing, or just a couple of thousand dollars. Poor infantry, always getting shit on
  7. Thanks to everyone for the great advice! I've been talking to an electrical engineer and construction guy about adding a whole house fan inside, so we'll see how that works out. We do have plenty of overhang ventilation on the outside so hopefully this will work out. This place is like an oven. They'll be over in the next few days and I'll post what we come up with. Thanks again!
  8. Heres a question for all of you smart type guys. When we built the house in 2009, we really didnt take into consideration ventilation. I've been thinking about this on and off for quite a while and think I may have a solution, but wanted to see what you guys that are familiar with construction processes might say. The house: The ceiling above the truck in the carport: I thought maybe putting one of these 24 inch fans in the ceiling of the carport might move enough air to sort of cool the house a bit, putting vents in the ceilings in the rooms of the house as well What do you guys think? Would that work? Thanks
  9. Just bought a Huawei Mate 9 in Dubai, great phone, I love it.
  10. I've got an AFN box, but it isnt hooked up anymore, the wife says AFN is boring (it is, except for sports) When I finally quit working, I guess I'll have it hooked up, I love college football and baseball, but hardly ever watch NFL or NBA.
  11. We have actually. We keep the ones that don't make the cut for the buyers and they grow like you would expect a healthy chicken to grow. We normally let them get to around 1.8- 2 Kg and then eat them ourselves or give them to family.
  12. Our birds are raised for 25 days from drop off to harvest, and they weigh between 1.3-1.5 Kg when they are harvested, so yep, they are a bit on the small side, but thats what the company wants.