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  1. most likely they have chemical toilets and they dump it at night, ..
  2. he works on macs as well, but no expert, but this is just replace a battery, even i could do that, just look it up on youtube and follow the instructions..
  3. this guy done al my computer repairs, just call him, explain the problem and he wil tell u what he can do, he wil come to your house and fixes everything flat fee 1500 plus parts... I suggest u go with generic stuf as skywalker said i would not let them send your computer to hong kong.. let them order the parts and fix it here.... i cant link to his facebook, so here a screenshot, u can look him up yourself
  4. https://123movies.re great side for watching movies, it streams, even with fairly little bandwidth.. when u add a search query in the search box you always get a advert, just click it away. need to get used a bit how it works, but it's great side. it has all movies, series, etc.. latest movies are on CAM, but movies a few months old in very good quality..
  5. i been in several shops this week, the salesman are not pushy whatso ever.. it really feels like they don't seem to care if u buy or not. (i pay cash, so no need loan, that might be it) there is a standard discount on the cars and no change negotiating down in my experience. (could not even get a roof rack for free yet (5000 peso) u wil get the free tinted windows, floor mat and sometimes a seatcover but thats it. insurance is an other biggie though.. ford quoted 51000 per year, but my friend whom sells insurance quoted for the same car 34000 (or 29000 without acts of god involved) all cars needs maintenance every 6 months, (for a ford everest Aprox 9000 peso per checkup inc oil) only car with 5 years warranty is KIA, all others 3 years
  6. im also in the marked for a new car, i looked at toyota and the adventure as well, (the price is very good) but currently im more leaning towards a ford Everest trent,
  7. yeh exactly, as soon as your gone, it all turns to shit really, even with the best intentions .(there is a lot of unpaid love needed for this) we have been eating about 20-40 pc of salad over a 3 months period, (cut and second grow included) but i was more experimenting and not actively growing) we have been eating about 20 pc talapia till now, about two months ago we had a brownout for 7 hours and most of the fish died, (about 70%) inc hundreds of babys, so all the big ones got eaten and now we have about 40 talapia'a in varius stages of growth left. i wil purchase a 7000 peso smal generator in case next time there is brownout again..
  8. i negotiated it down ( in December last year) to 6000, (in talisay, )
  9. i was out of the country , and it turned into a mess.. last week i cleaned everything and decided just have fish only.. I need to leave again next week but wil be back in 2 months, i then will start again, with the lettuce how is your stuff going Paul?
  10. well, my understanding is, the government gives a subsidy to the local kids.. but not sure.. wife say about 130.000 per year, she has to pay this week anyway so i let u guys know..
  11. foreigner kid pays more, but my son has also Philippines passport, so we get local price (after negotiations) i need to check with the wife regarding the fee schedule
  12. my son goes there, he's just 7 now. i cant compere to any other school here, but my reason for sending him there is that the education level is reconised outside the Philippines, in case one day i move again to other country again. there is also a ''Singapore'' school close to parkmall, this might be a option as well for you, i looked at it and its slightly more expensive then CIE., but for me a longer drive from my house in Labangon, Tisa. i think i pay about 2000 dollar per year for my son,
  13. Hi , what exchange / platform u use to buy bitcoins?
  14. here are some of the parents, http://philippineslifestyle.com/blog/2017/05/21/watch-uk-documentary-catches-mothers-selling-their-children-for-sex/
  15. https://www.tunnelbear.com