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  1. update, `We have been eating salad for over a month now, we cut the salads, but left the roots, this is the 2nd grow once 'im back in Philippines i think i'l expand 2 times the size
  2. of course it goes to the top of his Facebook page. THEN you scroll down, to actually look.. I wil leave it with that.. glad we all understand now.. (My bad was, i did not think that some don't have Facebook) for all interested, have a look at tommy on facebook so now and then, informative and always fun to wach.. https://www.facebook.com/tommyrosmena/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
  3. no indication on his Facebook page? i might suggest you looked at the wrong page then..all day yesterday he has been reporting almost every few hours... not in the mood to start copy and pasting here... dont know where you get the vindictive stuff from, or why you seem to think that..but i guess your the expert or something.. Yesterday he has been hunting a fugitive whom shot someone, he has got it on camera, and he won't tolerate it! he don't care it's a rich kid, and even goes past a judge whom will not issue a arrest warrant, then he actually contact the president to get this guy on a list so he can't leave the country, today to make things even more intresting, (From his facebook post) This is mr Dumpit, i suggest google him...
  4. From Tommy Osmeña facebook page, late last nigt, he now mesages the girl who was with the shooter · Expanding search to one Tamae Takahashi - USC graduate of Psychology and Law and high school graduate of Maria Montessori Talamban. Please give any information to CCPO Homicide Division at 032 266 5494 or Councilor Dave Tumulak at 0917 722 6221. Ms. Takahashi, if you are reading this, please come in. I know you just took the bar. You have a whole future ahead of you as a lawyer. Do not throw away that future because you became an accessory to a capital crime. Do what's right. I will protect you if you just do what's right. Tom
  5. short explanation.. couple weeks ago some rich guy (Peter Lim) had a road accident, Thomas the Major been all over this, but the guy bought off the victims (legal in the Philippines) but apparently there are traffic violations as well, Thomas has been publicly following the case on Facebook to make sure the police are not bought of as well. last night, this guys son shot a nurse in a road rage case, the nurse got it on dash cam Video (he is in hospital now) Thomas asked a judge for a arest warant, but a judge refused, so he went to the guys house to look for him, while putting all ports and airport on notice for this guy the guy is not home, He now asked the president to intervene .... furthermore, he now expands to find the son's girlfriend as well.. she was also in the Video... Tommy Osmeña Expanding search to one Tamae Takahashi - USC graduate of Psychology and high school graduate of Maria Montessori Talamban. Please give any information to CCPO Homicide Division at 032 266 5494 or Councilor Dave Tumulak at 0917 722 6221
  6. Tommy Osmeña on facebook, Am not happy tonight. Text I sent Bong Go - ((AID TO PRESIDENT)) "Hi Bong, fyi lang, tonight I personally raided the house of David Lim, brother to Peter. His son was captured on video this morning shooting a nurse. The judge in Cebu refused to issue a warrant of arrest and the police refused to move with no warrant until I threatened to perform the raid by myself. Son not in house. Please tell the President that I need help getting an arrest warrant ASAP so a hold departure order can be placed. This is beyond me na. Need help"
  7. if you check his facebook page you can see what unfolded during the day, there u go!!
  8. Check his facebook https://www.facebook.com/tommyrosmena/?fref=ts
  9. in the veg department is a sales stand,next to the escalator/to parking, i think it's for that condo on top the new wing, you might pretend u wanna buy one and have a look..there is a (private, if i remember correctly) elevator going straight up to the tower from the Mall.
  10. i dont think the locals are so organized that they can actually work the Koreans out. Although the corruption is rampant.. money will do a lot of tricks, and therefore the locals are their own worst enemies. I wil find it very hard to believe that all criminal activities in Cebu/ Philippines is very organized .. these people just don't got it in them.. BUT there wil be some whom mixed there underground buisiness into the legal buisiness and they do well, And yes there will be a few kingpins, but i don't think they are very organized like the Sicilian Mafia or the yakuza one thing , the locals are shitscarred of Duterte, and it will give outside cash loaded ,very organized players the opportunity to move in..
  11. 500 a day , once a week is very good.. if she do a good job
  12. i had a Jeep grand Cherokee, and it works perfect, had to stand next to the car or sit in it to let it work. no complaints.
  13. my son just turned 7 and he is almost 1.40 cm, .. in a few years he be bigger then the average local adult.. and when he turn out as big as me ..some might be in for a whoop Ass if the teasing starts.. but i don't see the teasing to much happening.. its something from the past.. kids are more educated these day's And @ Edwin, your statement makes no sense..!!
  14. our doctor told my wife ; it's better because kids will peer pressure him'' i told my wife , no flucky way, what a bulshit argument that is.!! I agree with all Skywalker says!! for the Poster, Tell your wife, NO WAY!, in this case YOU should show who's boss!! my wife is very open minded, and she understand, and you might have to try reasonable arguments and kiddy style explanation to convince her..
  15. I'm just reading comments, some are very funny