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  1. I think you need to source a cast iron manhole cover and surround and get some heavy duty hinges and a handle welded on. You can drill some holes in the cover and have a rotating plate to cover some or all of the holes for air control.
  2. Most members are paying for the extra bandwidth for the ads. That is like the "Service charge added" at the bottom of a receipt, that is the clue that you don't need to tip. People don't want to get ads and pay on top. Tipping is supporting deadbeat restaurant owners who don't pay their workers a living wage. In the US tipping may be a cultural norm, but in many cultures trying to give a tip is almost an insult. It is like saying "Your job doesn't pay you enough, so I will give you money because you need it." It puts the tipper in an elevated position and diminishes the worth of the person being tipped. It is like saying to the person that they aren't good enough to get a well paying job like the person giving the tip. It is the ultimate humbugero.
  3. I haven't been back to my home country since the first Bush was President, and I need to leave the country often enough that I can't even get an ARC these days. The visa system here isn't really set up for those who earn money abroad but want to visit on a very regular basis. I spend at least 5 months of the year here, and have done for decades. I'd like a 13 quota visa, but as only 50 are issued to each country each year then I don't have much chance. I don't do Facebook and don't trust any government agency that uses it.
  4. Well, listen to the linked podcast and broaden your knowledge on the subject. It's one of these problems of "Well we have always done it like that." The podcast explains both sides, and gives real world examples. Tipping is an anachronistic custom that is disliked by all involved and is bad for business.
  5. There is a lot of love for the A-10, but let's face it, it was a commercial flop. Single role weapons are not popular and it failed to find customers. The competition, the SU24 while being faster, more versatile with similar survivability and longer range sold very well. Notably the Israelis, concerned with enemies with a preponderance of armour and a history of close air support, never considered the A10. They knew that it wouldn't fare well in a modern encounter. https://www.quora.com/How-does-the-Russian-SU-25-compare-with-the-American-A-10
  6. If you listen to the podcast, it features US establishments where the practise has been dropped. It lead to happier staff and customers, and increased turnover and revenue. We all have lots of experience of being a customer, and the experience is much better when there is no pressure to tip.
  7. http://freakonomics.com/podcast/danny-meyer/
  8. Well it hasn't worked well or we wouldn't be having this discussion. It is just a convoluted way to attempt to deceive the taxman, and allows wait staff to claim benefits. Everyone loses out except the business owner.
  9. The staff in Japan do make good money. I have nothing against "voluntary" tipping for exceptional service, but trying to coerce customers, or calling them "stiffs" is just bad business practise.
  10. It would be nice if someone could explain these visas, and maybe pin that explanation. A 13A is a marriage visa isn't it?
  11. The customer isn't the stiff, the restaurant owner is for not giving the staff enough in wages. There is no tipping in Japan, but it has some of the best service in the world. Tipping is a broken system that needs replacing with proper wages for "all" staff.
  12. But people viewing new units would not be put off by garbage bags piled up near the stairs?
  13. It's impossible to tell from a photo, you need to monitor the land for at least a year and check any historical records of the local weather. To be self sufficient you really need "lots" of land, to try and cover every eventuality. Remember the climate is only going to get hotter and drier.
  14. Doesn't that depend on where the foreigners are from?
  15. That isn't all she want's just all she told you that she wants!