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  1. I think it comes under the heading that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. I know that some people think that they know better than the powers that be, but these safety issues are mandated for a reason. I'd seriously consider having a totally separate circuit wired for the appliances to be powered by a genset, if the operator didn't understand the system. Foolproof has many different levels.
  2. Electrical installation is legally mandated. I'm sure nobody on this forum would condone breaking the law of their host country.
  3. Just use the plug that you have to make a pigtail. A short extension that has a regular outlet on the other end. The noise problems with a generator can be reduced by digging a hole with 45 degree walls, to bounce most of the sound directly up.
  4. Making money doesn't mean someone is smart. It just means there are plenty of other dumb people willing to pay him.
  5. The appalling quality of road manners here is most certainly down to the lack of enforcement. If there is no consequence for bad habits they become ingrained.
  6. I'm thinking to replace the beer case with a cooler box. Then it's perfect for those trips to the beach.
  7. I'm entitled to half of the road... and my half is the middle. Thats how most drivers drive here. As to the give way problem... it depends on how big your truck is.
  8. I once ordered Fish'n Chips, after a long wait I was served 2 plates of chips, the waitress explained that there was no stock of fish.
  9. Every sound you hear is an energy leak that isn't powering the wheels.
  10. Awesome, that's gonna be my next videoke hit. He's a crooner.
  11. It definitely made me laugh. NASCAR is religion, F1 is science. Both have stupidly restrictive rules that don't really improve the breed. I think that Formula E is the way forward.
  12. I think NASCAR is a religion. This might be in the wrong forum.
  13. If you can't fix it you shouldn't drive it! But seriously. SkyMan. Just buy a Japan surplus dropside with a diesel engine. Canter, Elf or whatever. No parts problems for a "real" truck. Any option you need is available, and people get out of your way. long wheel base is the answer to bad roads... and they are built like trucks. It will hold it's value and you can rent it to people for good money when you aren't using it.