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      Hello. If you are a new member, and feel a bit apprehensive about posting in the "open" forums, or, just wish to get your "sea legs" prior to posting in the open forums, feel free to post anything you wish to talk about, in the Newbies Forum. No one will bother you, or give you any sort of grief. Everyone there is happy to help you get answers to your questions.

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  1. English Premier League (EPL)

    Eurohub shows EPL games; they appear to be live but as I am not much of a soccer fan I don't know for certain. I am sure there will be other bars that show whatever it is that Eurohub show.
  2. Spice and Bollywood Tandoor

    Didn't find the food at Spice to be particularly good; the opposite applies for Bollywood, food was excellent, tasted authentic (I do know!) and at a decent price; I recommend the place.
  3. How Do You Use This Site?

    Ah!!! That could indeed be the problem, thank you! I was starting to think there was a booze overflow issue!
  4. Tell me about Pawn Shops in Cebu

    I was in the UK mining industry in the late 70's/early 80's; we were on strike in '83; my marriage broke up so I tried to sell my 9ct gold ring; was told that it's almost worthless because the gold content is so low. Many years later, after travelling much of the world and occasionally buying proper jewellery, I realise that is true; us Brits are being shafted as far as gold jewellery is concerned. That said, many many many years ago I pawned some jewellery in UK (not silly UK 9ct stuff) ; bought it back out and then pawned it again. And again. Downward spiral but eventually I managed to get myself out of it. Not a good way to live but sometimes, if you are close to the bottom, and have a plan to get yourself out of the mess you are in (which I did) it's an option. If I were in a position to own a pawn shop, either here or elsewhere, if properly run I am sure it would be a very lucrative business. Just don't touch UK fake gold!
  5. Ferk me! According to that article, school classes and work were to go ahead tomorrow, but now now they are not! Our favourite clown states that 'There's a transport strike, rain, and no public vehicles to ride. Government employees and students might get sick if they get rained on and won't get a ride.' One of my early working memories was a winter in the UK (late 70's/early 80's) where the temperatures dropped to -20 degrees and lower. In those days I had only a motorcycle so decided that catching a bus to work was the best option. Bus didn't turn up for several days running; we were told that the diesel had frozen; so we walked to work (10km or so). Years later I was a manager in a call centre; the contract of employment stated that employees were expected to make their own arrangements to attend work; non-attendance was frowned upon and even punished; adverse weather conditions were not taken into consideration. Dear me! Not sure what has gone wrong with the font on this post but I don't seem to be able to correct it, hope it doesn't detract from the content!
  6. I am a former union organiser and very staunch socialist and so-called left-winger; but in the UK understanding of the term which seems to differ entirely from what most (non-UK and mainly USA nationals) on here see as being 'leftist', socialist or whatever. Different discussion for a different thread, I think. However, I do agree with you. In UK, for example, the government will always deny the impact any strike might have whilst taking whatever action is necessary (however expensive to the public purse) to minimise the impact; then afterwards denying that it made any difference whatsoever. Here, the government seems to magnify the strike action by closing offices, schools etc. Today, I went to J-Centre, manoeuvred around what felt like the normal number of jeepneys, noted that the Immigration and Pag-Ibig offices were closed and there were a lot more adult/kids milling around around than normal. Doubtless some of those adults should have been working but had to take the day off because the kids are not at school. Spoke to a guy who was wanting to renew his visa but couldn't because of the closure so has wasted most of his day as he lives a couple of hours away from Cebu City. It seems to me that few actually went on strike, causing a minimum of inconvenience, but the closure of government offices and schools caused a significant amount of inconvenience. This has happened many times over the years; I do wonder why successive Philippines government react in such a way (ie what's in it for them?).
  7. Graphite powder

    I would be interested for a few examples. I worked in engineering 30+ years ago and can remember using graphite-based lubricants occasionally but it was heavy (mining) machinery and a bloody long time ago so a reminder about this substance would be good!
  8. Me too; sometimes their beef is absolutely excellent. Unfortunately it is sometimes very similar to locally produced stuff, but is still marketed as imported (USA/NZ/Aus) beef and priced accordingly. I have bought lamb at S&R once; never again because it was absolutely crap!
  9. Outsider Motorcycle Club Philippines

    This. And I am a biker, started as a teenager in the 70's, wore colours and still ride now.
  10. And just what the feck do you mean by that? I have some very good friends in Birmingham which just happens to be a very good place to live; has some problems of course, don't all cities? You are seriously, seriously not funny!
  11. I went there a couple of years ago to a kids party; I tried my best to avoid it cos I DO NOT like kids parties but it was unavoidable so grudgingly went; ended up thoroughly enjoying myself; there is plenty of room for grumpy old gits to get out of the way of the kids and enjoy a beer or two. As others have said, it was clean, safe and everything was working. Recommended.
  12. Hahaha! That is exactly why I did not finish the course I was doing; I tried so hard, got to a stage that I could hold some conversations (depending on what they were about) in Cebuano; yet on so many occasions the replies would be in English! As Bud Brown said, to learn a language you need to immerse yourself in it; that's so hard here because most of the residents speak English reasonably well. I have that problem too. Even with my other half I sometimes struggle to understand what she is saying; I will often scold her for speaking Japanese/Chinese/Swahili but the reality is that she is speaking English rather well but this old fool cannot hear properly!
  13. Not sure but I was very happy with the course so wouldn't be interested in a refund. I agree. Once they know that you are making an effort to learn the language, or at the least have a few words in your vocabulary, then you are very much less likely to get ripped off. I pay local prices at my local market; at least with the stallholders who know me.
  14. Dunno. The man himself is OK; he has a YouTube channel and sometimes posts on there. When he said he was no longer supporting Essential Cebuano I emailed him asking if it was ok to distribute it (free) to others; he never replied.
  15. It can be either; we foreigners might call it Visayan, after all it is the language of the Visayas. However local pronunciation usually has it as Bisayan. Same difference. I used Bud Brown's Essential Cebuano course; unfortunately he stopped supporting it a while ago and the website no longer appears to exist which is a shame.