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  1. I feel that he has been itching to do this; if I remember correctly, even before he was elected President, he was talking about it. That said, the reports coming out of Marawi City on social media sound bad; he may also have intelligence about other threats in the area so it may be justified. Who knows at this stage.
  2. I hadn't used pork fat (lard) for years; probably going back over 30 years until around a year ago when I read a few articles that indicated that it's probably not as harmful as we all thought. Until then I had mainly used olive oil and, since moving to RP, coconut oil. I still use the latter 2 but have now added lard to my diet and I do agree that food cooked in it tastes wonderful; particularly pork but also battered fish, french fries (chips to us Brits). I had forgotten just how good food tastes when cooked in lard. I usually buy raw pork fat at the market and then render it down to make lard; takes a little over an hour to make a months supply.
  3. Absolutely appalling; it's hard to express the how I feel about this tragedy. Manchester Arena is less than 1 hour from where I lived in the UK. I have been there many times; my kids, who are young adults themselves, often go to events there so I feel a personal level of horror about it all. My heart goes out to those kids and parents involved.
  4. Mike Stokes has some in stock; he's based in Leyte but has regular delivery runs to Cebu. http://www.mikesimportedenglishgoods.tk/product/marmite-250g/
  5. I hand over most of my monthly income to asawa to control; if I did not then for sure I would spend more. I would definitely buy more alcohol (ohhhh yes I like alcohol!!!) and I am a technology geek so would have bought stuff that I would like but we definitely don't need. I don't do cigarettes or gambling and don't need girls, although I have had a lifetime of being distracted by women and screwing up what I already have so if I had more money in my pocket, who knows!!! I retain control of the money because my income goes into my bank account from which I then transfer a monthly amount to asawa and I keep an eye, informally, on what we are spending etc but she acts as a filter to stop the excesses that I have always been vulnerable to, throughout my life! So it works for us!
  6. I don't know him; I take it he spoke Cebuano? RIP
  7. I know Bruce, or Screw The Goat, by his Hash name. A good guy who helped to open up Cebu for us ex-Pats, long before most of us had heard of the place. RIP mate, and thanks for looking after the Hash Booze for me (my last words to him a few days ago!).
  8. My other half managed to get one... applied for student licence, a few weeks later went down to LTO and came home with a full plastic drivers licence (despite never actually having driven anything). This would have been Sept last year; some weeks after I obtained a paper receipt for my full licence but, so far, the plastic version, for me, has not been available. This is despite the bullshit in Dec/Jan when they said they had plastic available and to text your details to them and they would produce it.
  9. My GF went through the process of getting a student licence and then a full licence. She has never driven anything but is now qualified to jump into the car and drive off unaccompanied!
  10. As is Magners when he has stock.
  11. http://www.mikesimportedenglishgoods.tk/
  12. I use Cignal Prepaid and, like you, go to a local outlet, pay the fee and the additional load is credited to my account. Until recently my monthly cost was P590; this time the girl asked for P600 but was unable to show me any evidence of the hike in price. Somewhat doubtful, I paid up and then went straight home and viewed Cignal's website; indeed the prepaid cost for the HD channels I require is now P600, a hike of P10. I can live with the increase as long as it doesn't become a habit!
  13. I tend to use Cignal in exactly the way you describe; I usually load it mid-month, which is around 2 weeks before the previous month's load is due to expire. I am not aware that anything has changed; certainly the last time we bought Cignal load (2-3 weeks ago) nothing had changed, other than a slight raise in price.
  14. Cebu Dairies Yoghurt has to be ordered in advance too; however it is well worth the wait, lovely stuff!